Amrit Manthan 8th April 2013 Written Episode Update

Amrit Manthan 8th April 2013 Written Episode, Amrit Manthan 8th April 2013 Written Update

Amrit tells Yug that when God closes one door , he opens another door and it is her responsibility
to find the door he opened and in this case it is Bani. Amrit tells Yug that Bani likes her and she likes her very much too. She feels she can give Bani more love than stupid Nimrit and says that she is Nimrit’s daughter but has style, attitude of hers.Yug tries to explain that she is legally Nimrit’s daughter and her khoon but Amrit shuts him up by saying why he is taking side of Nimrit and asks if only Nimrit exists in this world and not Amrit. She asks Yug what is so special about Nimrit
that she received everything where Amrit received nothing..She goes on saying how Nimrit got
her palace, Agam’s love and now Bani and she will never let that happen. She will have
Bani for herself and Yug says Nimit will not let that happen and not to forget Agam is alive too.
Yug asks her to stop dreaming and tells her that if Nimirt knows that they both are alive they will be in jail. Amrit tells him if he is concerned more about his freedom, he can stay away from her and her life but she will make Bani hers at any cost even if she has to go through hell
At palace, Nimrit and Bani photo on the wall falls down and breaks. Nimrit gets worried seeing that and while touching the photo gets hurt by a piece of glass that broke. Bani who comes over asks her
to take care and tells her mom not to worry as they will get a new frame.
Nimrit tells that it is bad shagun as the glass broke and Bani says that her teacher told that there
are no bad shaguns and it is a superstition which she shouldn’t believe. Nimrit hopes that nothing happensto Bani and says that she will make sure she will not leave her alone.
Amrit painting and when Yug asks what she is doing she tells him that Bani like drawings so she
is decorating the room with paintings. She says that Bani will be happy after she sees the room and she will do anything for her smile. She asks Yug what he is doing here and why he is not packing his bags and Yug replies that he will not leave her ever and he will do whatever she says.
Yug tells Amrit that they cannot bring Bani over here but they need to kidnap her. Amrit says she cant give such dangerous life to Bani. She says that she wants to give super life to Bani.
She wants to give her Ipad,world tour, and all that Nimrit could never give.She says Bani will be
my princess only mine. Yug says that Nimrit is a good mother and she can’t change that truth . Amrit says that she will proove to Bani that Nimrit is not a perfect mother
Bani at her school excited that her exams are over and shares the same with her friend.
Her friend tells that she is going to Shimla with her family. Bani gets sad when her friends dad comes nad picks her up.Amrit comes and hugs her and gives lot of gifts and asks how her exams went.Bani says her exams are over.Amrit asks Bani that she must be going on a vacation with her mom and dad then. Bani replies that her mom is busy and her dad is not here and is very busy. Yugam tries to instigate Bani by saying that however busy parents are they need to take time for their kids and blah blah blah.
Amrit tells that when she was Bani’s age , if she needed anything she used to be very stubborn and not eat anything,nor talk to anybody and she used to get whatever she wanted.(Is this how she is planning to raise Bani ?? well, what can we expect from her) She tells Bani not to follow what she said,Bani leaves as her driver comes to pick her up. Yugam happy that Bani will use their formula and TejNi will do as they want.

Bani at palace does not eat anything and says she needs her dada. Nimrit says that her dad went to London.Bani says that she wants to go to holiday with her dad as all her friends are going. Jojo says she won’t eat either if bani is not eating (Aww glad to see my dramaqueen..She will rip off Amrit and Yug if she knows of their plan )

Amrit calls Bani and tells that they both will trace her dad’s number and will call him directly. Bani likes the plan and Amrit says not to tell anybody. Bani comes over to Amrit’s place.
Bani asks if she has her number to which Amrit replies she will call Agam’s office and find that out. Bani excited hugs and kisses Amrit and tells she is a wonderful person.Amrit calls Agams office and asks about him and the guy at other end tells that Agam died seven years back.Bani gets shocked (Stupid Amrit, wanna kill you for this ).
Amrit tells Bani that her father is dead and Bani says that the guy is lier and her father is not dead. Amrit tells that her mom must be lying to which Bani says that her mom is not telling lie but Amrit is and the guy on phone is telling lies. Yug shows a video where Tej is shopping toys
and says that Tej shops for toys and Nimrit lies that her father has bought her. Poor Bani she defends saying her mom is not a liar and tries to run away saying Yugam are mean and rude.Amrit tells Bani to ask her mom to promise on Bani and tells her where her father is and this will reveal if her mom is telling truth or not

Precap: Bani asks Nimrit to tell the truth and Bani not happy that everyone in th ehouse lied
to her about her father . Saying so she falls on ground

Update Credit to: saina

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