Amrit Manthan 7th June 2013 Written Episode Update

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Amrit Manthan 7th June 2013 Written Episode, Amrit Manthan 7th June 2013 Written Update

Episode starts with Tej telling bani that this picture is very important for me , he was talking about Nimrit , Bani , Jojo and Tej picture … Amrit comes and she said well , Nimrit is ready , so bani said ok i am going too , so Tej said i am also coming so Amrit said you have to go to your duty , so Tej said that yes but today i will attend night duty ..

Everyone was sitting in business talk , the buisness person from whom Yug took the place , he did not gave the keys to Yug , but finall the deal , Tej went to him and ask him why did he did this ? so he said because i had often heard rumors about Yug and Amrit , that they are very bad , and so i am little confused about it , Amrit was hearing this all ..

Tej said you are right , but don’t you agree that this was past and now our present is totally different , though Amrit and Yug’s sins are not forgettable but , Amrit has changed now , so Tej asked him to give the keys .. Amrit smiled seeing this ..

Everyone was going out , nimrit saw ice cream shop and she ran there , amrit asked her to stop , tej said to amrit that i will bring her , tej’s wallet was dropped down , amrit went to pick it , she was just about to pick when a thief came and took it , amrit ran after him and that person hit amrit’s hand and it was bleeding , Yug saw it …

yug beats that person , tej sees and come and asked amrit that why did she do this ? she is not a super woman and i think this is your old enemy , Amrit throws tej’s wallet , tej was amaze that amrit saved his wallet .. he said sorry to amrit ..

he saw wound in Amrit’s hand and did first aid , Nimrit and bani took photo of them and then showed them that they are looking nice together , Yug was getting jealous , yug an everyone went to yug’s gym place , yug said i want amrit to open the gate , so amrit said it would be good it Tej me and you open the gate together and Nimrit and Bani will step first ..

So as amrit’s will yug does this , then a person come in and bring some things , Karan/Angad also comes , every one said hello to him , the flower man said that u r the one who took flowers form my shop today so angad said yes because i was wanting them to buy before only …

It was a party thrown by Yug for his gym celebration , he was cutting cake with amrit , while nimrit said that i like to cute cake so can i cut also , ? amrit said yes , so Nimrit and Bani also cut cake with them , yug thoughts that nimrit is like a bone between me and amrit …

Yug and amrit fed cake to each other , yug went to give to others also , Amrit gave cake to tej , nimrit comes and said i want to eat cake also , both were giving cake together , so nimrit ate pineapple and said that now both of u fed cake to each other ..

Bani was standing with Sunita , Mahi and Yug and said that Tej and Amrit looks nice together and they are good friends also , Yug got jealous and he went to drink and said to angad that bani is a child she don’t know how cna combo of Tej Amrit can built , tej is very boring and amrit very beautiful and a princess ..

Precap : karan went to jail to meet indu and said that mom we are going to take revenge from nimrit for the death of my sister ..

Update Credit to: Mehak

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