Amrit Manthan 7th January 2013 Written Episode Update

Amrit Manthan 7th January 2013 Written Episode, Amrit Manthan 7th January 2013 Written Update

Rudraksh is outside when he asks Yug that he is putting a party this evening. He tells Yug to get Nimrit’s Dhaba to cater for it as he wants his guests to experience what he is investing in. Amrit brings him juice but Rudra drinks from elsewhere. She tells him that he is not talking to her nor punishing her. She brings out a whip and tells him to punish her. She says that if he won’t, she’ll do it herself as it about to whip herself when he stops her. Rudra tells her that how dare she tell him what to do? He will decide what happens to her. He tells her that she doesn’t have the right to do what she wants with herself and he won’t do anything to her as he wants her to look good for the party. Rudra tells her to get ready.

Shivangi tells Nimrit that the Amrit who didn’t hear to anyone is now under Rudra’s power. Amrit has completely changed. Shivangi tells her that can’t they do anything? Nimrit is confused as to why Amrit is so changed, even if things aren’t her fault, she still accepts it? Nimrit says that no matter how bad a woman is, this abuse is not good. She says that she accepts Rudra’s beating but not their help. She tells Shivangi to pacify Tej.

Nimrit sees Amrit with blood on her face begging for help. She goes to her but then realises that it was just her thinking.

Tej is talking to Agam when Shivangi comes and says sorry. He is still angry even when Nimrit comes. Nimrit looks at Agam, sighing and he nods his head. Agam tells Nimrit that this will only happen when a husband is concerned for his wife. Nimrit says what is this? How was it Shivangi’s fault? They bicker whilst Tej watches. Nimrit and Agam get angry with each other (it’s a joke by the way) and stand on the opposite sides. Shivangi tells Nimrit not to argue for her sake whilst Tej does the same to Agam. Shivangi and Tej say sorry to each other whilst Nimrit and Agam wink. Nimrit says that they will not argue on one condition: Tej has to break Shivangi’s Vrath with his own hands.

Yug calls Agam about the catering but Agam is against it as it’s on a short notice. Rudra tells Agam that it’s to promote their business whilst Agam says no one will ever taste any better food than their Dhaba. Agam tells Nimrit about the problem but Nimrit says that together they can do anything. They get the equipment and everything sorted. Agam in his suit (aw!) tells Nimrit that he’ll be fine alone as he doesn’t want her to mix with Rudra, Yug and Amrit.

Agam in the party looking over the catering. Amrit is brought down by Rudra. He praises Agam for his work but Agam doesn’t care about it. A few guests compliment it. Rudra tells her to eat but Amrit says that she doesn’t want to eat whatever has been made by them (Nimrit etc). Rudra gets angry and tells that she is again doing what she wants. He pushes the bite of food that he had taken from the plate and pushes it into her mouth. She coughs. He tells her that he needs to make her understand who Agam Malik is. She tells him sorry, she didn’t think. He tells her sometimes she thinks too much and sometimes she does things without thinking. He says that he needs to make her understand by another method as hitting her isn’t working.

Nimrit gets a call that chicken or something has been left in the Dhaba. She says she’ll get it.

Rudra playing cards with a few guests. One of them says something about not playing the game as there’s nothing interesting to bet against. Rudra says he knows what he (the other man) wants and turns to Amrit. He brings Amrit over, who is oblivious.

Nimrit brings the dish to Agam who is looking over the catering. Nimrit asks him how are things? He replies that everything is going well. Nimrit tells the waiters to take care of everything.

Amrit is shocked to learn that she is taking part in Rudra’s game. Rudra tells the man to bet as much as he wants as if he wins then…he looks at Amrit who is shocked. Nimrit and Agam are there as well. They play the game and at the last minute, Rudra seems to lose!

Precap: Nimrit threatens Rudra that if he does anything to Amrit then she will call the police.

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