Amrit Manthan 5th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Amrit Manthan 5th March 2013 Written Episode, Amrit Manthan 5th March 2013 Written Update

First i will repeat again i find Agam revenge on Nimrit come this guy behaving so badly with his wife.his life..Agam is acting like a fool with the brainwashing of yug.

.A request to Agam start using your brain and get a reality check about who is wrong and who is right..just felt really bad for Nimrit today and Agam the day you will know whom you have been hurting ..saying so much bad thing about you will cry your heart out…

Epi starts with Yug on his brainstorming of Agam..talking bad about Nimrit and tells Agam just visualise that scene in the hotel room..Agam gets angry and drink his glass of champagne and says she has betrayed me,,made fun of my love..i will not spare her whatever she says now..Yug happy that his plan working perfectly..

At home Jyothi says she will pray for her Ranbir and Bani says i will pray for my angel hero uncle..she decides to call him but his cell is switched off..Jyothi asks her to call the home number..Amrit picks up and hears Bani’s her thought she says Bani That Nimrit’s daughter..Bani asks to call Agam but she rudely replies to her..Bani asks her to call vishal but again she replies rudely to her..Amrit says both dont want to talk to you ..listen stupid girl there is no angel..bani replies ..there is angel and chudail also..saying so she cuts off the phone on Amrit face..she gets angry saying if she was here i would have taught her a lesson..what a horrible person ..dont spare kids also..

At the Dhaba Nimrit in thought preparing the prasad for pooja..Tej switches off the stove telling Nimrit its already done..Nimrit says sorry i dont know where was my mind..Tej replies its me who should ask you this..Nimrit then relates what happenned at the Dhaba.She tells Tej about Agam coming here and trying to bribe the workers..he dont wont to understand anything how much we are emotionally attached to this Dhaba..Tej tells Nimrit dont worry we wont let him take it and its for Bani this will see once grown up Bani will continue with the legacy of this Dhaba..

The kids arrive and all ready to help for the pooja.The punditji asks who will be sitting for the pooja..Sunita tells Nimrit to sit but she says you both should sit for the pooja..we could feel why Nimrit said no as we know Agam is not by her side and its always a jodi who does the prayer..She tells Bani..Jyothi to sit as the Dhaba will be theirs one day..Nimrit asks the punditji to start the prayer and Agam arrives with the officers..they say they cant do the pooja..Tej asks why..the officer says in this place you cant do commercial you cant operate the Dhaba from now on…you can asks him..Sunita also says Nimrit cant do anything wrong..she tells Agam son we are doing a pooja here..Agam absentmindly replies MA dont worry..then he changes his word saying dont worry mataji once i get the Dhaba i will do prayers here..Nimrit looks on at him..Nimrit tells the officer she has papers and its with her project manager ..a certain Mr jain .Agam says Mr jain is out of town..the officer says we are not sealing the Dhaba but will give you a notice wont be allowed to cook food here nor have customers..

Nimrit is helpless and Bani tells Nimrit will their Dhaba closed now.Nimrit consoles her and asks Babli..sunita to take them home..Agam moved a bit far away ..tej consoling Nimrit and his hand on her shoulder with Agam staring at Nimrit..Just when Nimrit looks back he looks away..the officer gives the notice to Nimrit and Agam walks to his car..Tej says i will talk to him..he confronts Agam saying this Dhaba is everything for Nimrit..her most precious thing and i wont let anyone take it away from her..Agam angry asks him to take his hand off..Tej continues its my brother’s nishaani..Agam gets angry and pushes Tej away..mahaji comes in between them..Agam staring at Nimrit rudely says how much someone want to hide its past it will come has to pay for the bad thing of his karma and today wat’s happenned here its not my fault ..Agam you will disgust yourself soon..entering his car he keeps staring at Nimrit face ..

At home Agam coming out of shower..Yug all happy opens a champagne bottle telling Agam its time to party..Nimrit ka Dhaba is closed..Agam sits down in thought..yug gives him the glass but he does not react..yug says take it but Agam says no as i’m feeling very strange..i’m not feeling happy at all but feeling bad..yug says she deserves it that woman..Agam stares at him saying i’m going to sleep..Amrit happy their plan going on perfectly..she says i should have been there to see Ram..laxman fight.. They continue their Blah Blah..Amrit next tells Yug she is going out with vishal and Yug not happy..

Nimrit in laws tells her why she is not eating anything…she replies she is worried how will she fulfill the order of catering for a client..Bani.jyothi comes in..Bani tells Nimrit you always say that to have good brain to think one should eat..she makes her mom eat and continues you know what my friends says that our Dhaba food is like home made why cant we cook Dhaba food at home itself..Nimrit is perplexed by her idea and says but its lot of food..Bani replies mom there is the Dhaba chef..Dadi..Dadu..Babli maasi and we both ..we will do it..Nimrit emotional hugs both saying i’m with you all also and Tej says captain Bani i’m in your team also..end on Nimrit face hugging her angel kids…

Precap..The family together cooking the food for catering..the client giving Agam money for his catering service..arriving there the client refuses to take the food as he has heard her Dhaba is closed..Nimrit replies but i fulfilled your order.he says he gave it to Agam..he walks towards the door but Bani asks him to stop..she says sorry uncle should not have done that..Agam touches her cheek saying its between the elders you should not interfere..Bani replies my mom says if something is wrong you should not stay quiet..ok sweetheart give your Dad a good lesson about wrong and right .he is completely lost ..bring him back on track..dont let him hurt your mom..

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