Amrit Manthan 4th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Amrit Manthan 4th July 2013 Written Episode, Amrit Manthan 4th July 2013 Written Update

Epi starts with Karan telling mahiji that what happened to Tej is wrong but they have to deal with the situation..not seeing Nimrit around he asked where is she when mahiji replies she has gone to get something for the kids..Jojo says Mama said she will get us a surprise for breakfast..Yug replies what surprise it will be either pasta or pizza..Nimrit enters and says no i have not got that but i have some other surprise for my kids..a surprise which not only the kids but you too will be perplexed Yug..Tej enters and kids and mahiji happy to see him..the girls hug him with karan..Yug looking on ..Karan asks him how did they release you..Tej replies its because of Nimrit..mahiji asks her how and replies she has met Tej senior she has explained to him about Tej honesty and to check his track record.he gave permission to release him on condition..Mahiji praises Nimrit how she always look after the happiness of the family first..she looks at karan and Yug saying i will never let anyone snatch our family happiness..

Amrit searching for that woman whereabout but the house is locked..she gets Bani’s call telling her Tej has come back home because of Nimrit talking to his senior..she tells her they are planning a party for him and she must help them..Amrit promises to do so and will meet them after their school over..karan angry about how Nimrit has gone against him..she is planning a party for Tej she will get a big shock during dinner..Tej searching on his laptop who have created his fake ID and Nimrit looks on helpless..Karan comes there and asks Tej if he has found something.he replies nothing yet.. karan puts his hand around Nimrit shoulder and says till she is with you nothing bad can happen to you.he angrily in a low voice tells Nimrit now you will see the result of this tonight Nimrit chabra..

The kids waiting for Amrit when indu comes there…Indu approches the girls and try to convince them to come with her..kudos to Bani ..jojo the smart angels who reply in negative saying they will wait for Amrit..indu tries again saying she is Amrit friend and she herself has sent her to pick them up..Bani still says no and they will first ask their teacher if they can go with her..indu stopped them saying she will ask the teacher till then wait for her in the corridor..she gets karan call relating to her how he has sent the woman away who testified about the security being her son karan..just then Yug enters the room and he disconnects the call..Yug asks him who was he talking to and he replies my mother is going to kidnap the kids..Nimrit will get a big surprise tonight…Yug happy and says its good as because of her Tej is back…

Amrit arrives at the school and meet up with the kids..they ask her why she sent her friend to pick them up..Amrit says i did not send anyone..Bani replies she is talking to the teacher.she asks them to wait and in hiding sees Indu ..she is angry about how dare she planning to kidnap the kids..Amrit calls the driver inside..she asks him to take the girls home from the back door safely..Indu not aware its Amrit as she had her back to her..she asks her about her two kids..Amrit turns around with Indu shocked..Amrit tells her your two dare you planning to kidnap them.she drags indu with her..Amrit tied Indu’s hand and an argument between both going on..Amrit shocked to hear Nimrit is responsible for soni’s death..Amrit convincing indu about Nimrit being many times she has harmed her but not once took revenge..something fishy somewhere..indu says she has herself confessed it to karan and she will pay for it..we are not bad people but we have lost someone too dear to us..karan calling Indu when Amrit picks it up..she is shocked to see karan calling .she answers the call threatening him that she will find him out when indu shouts Amrit has kidnappened her..Amrit sees Karan..indu.soni pic on the cell..she is shocked again angad is karan..Amrit says i will go to the palace and tell karan he is misunderstanding Nimrit..Indu if we did not have proof against Nimrit do you think we would have done this to her.Amrit asks her what proof.Indu tells her asks your sister,,Amrit says before i ask her why she is lieing i must find about it first..

Yug enters karan room and asks him what happened..he tells him Amrit has kidnapped my mother.Yug tells him about the journalist and karan gets the DVD from his cupboard..Yug asks him wat’s this and he replies Nimrit DVD..Tej.Karan coming downstairs and he is surprised to see the journalist..he asks karan why is he here with him replying i called him for you..the media should know about your honesty and bravery..Nimrit saying to herself seeing the journalist wat’s karan new plan now..she is anxious Amrit has not returned yet.she tells the family she is going to get dinner with karan ready to help the kitchen Nimrit asks karan what he is up too as she knows he wont do anything good for Tej nor her family..Karan tells her the opposite of good is when yug interrupts them ..he tells karan the DVD is in the player ..Nimrit asks him which DVD .karan replies your special one which you viewed already and now your family will watch did same to my sister and now your family too will go through this humiliation.Nimrit pleads him not to do so but he drags her out with yug saying its fun time..

Tej is shown with the remote pressing play and Nimrit looks on helplessly at all their faces who had a shocked expression ..definitely its a misleading ending as i think its another video playing on ..

precap..Amrit is shown with her laptop Nimrit telling her how in her past sins she has done a DVD about soni..deep to blackmail her later.Amrit tells Nimrit she has not done such thing ..Nimrit replies it was from your laptop..Amrit replies only one person could do this with my laptop..yug..

Update Credit to: saveeta24

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