Amrit Manthan 3rd March 2013 Written Episode Update

Amrit Manthan 3rd March 2013 Written Episode, Amrit Manthan 3rd March 2013 Written Update

Epi starts with Yug telling Amrit the issue of Agam is settled now..he will forget Nimrit like a bad dream ..Amrit tells him we should concentrate on vishal now..just then Agam on phone booking his ticket for Amritgargh..Amrit..Yug shocked and she tries to stop Agam from going there..Agam says no i should go there and see Nimrit reality myself..dont worry i can take care of myself..what she has done to you..Yug and my family i wont spare her..Vishal comes and tells Amrit he is right he should go there..Amrit instantly tells him then take Yug along with you..he knows Amritgargh and Nimrit also..Yug packing his bag but not happy at all..Amrit tells him i hate Amritgargh and if someone sees me it will not be good..i have a plan and she tells him in mute..Amrit says after that Agam himself will get his revenge..

Children room Bani is smiling in her sleep.Jyothi wakes up and kept on staring at her smiling..Bani laughing quietly in her sleep and Nimrit comes asking them to wake up..Jyothi signals Nimrit to look at Bani..she tells jyothi Bani didi is having a nice dream..she wakes her up and Bani tells Nimrit where is Daada..she felt sad and tells Bani it was a dream..Jyothi tells Bani your dream will come true as its a morning dream..Bani gets happy and prays that her dream really comes true..The photoframe of Agam falls down..Nimrit picks it up and Agam with Yug in car entering Amritgargh..Nimrit feels him and runs outside..Agam looking everywhere and tells Yug how is it possible i’m not remembering anything..Nimrit feeling restlesas she feels Agam closer..A drop of tear falling from her eye and its shown dropping on Agam’s hand.he too is teary eyed..Agam asked the driver to stop and he enters his old home yard..Yug panicks saying what if he remembers everything..Agam getting flashback of his family but not a clear picture..he comes to the car saying why i cant remember anything..Yug is relieved.

Agam tells him lets go the palace i want to see my family..Yug takes him to the back door and sees his parents .Tej ..jyothi also there..Mahiji tells his wife to give him the sweet dish first or else Bani will not allow him to it..she comes saying you can eat Dadu as i’m very happy today..Agam watching them and then Nimrit coming with a bowl of rasgullas.the wedding mantra is being played in the BG and Agam keeps watching Nimrit..well creatives to create more confusion in Agam’s mind shows Tej.Nimrit kids happy together..Yug poisons his mind more.

Amrit tries to do same but Agam insists to meet Nimrit..He decides to go the Dhaba..Nimrit giving her list of groceries to the shopkeeper..Agam steps out of the car and Yug asks him to cover his face giving him a magazine..Nimrit going away sees the Raju churi wala shop..Nimrit looks at the colored bangles..the salesboy shows her new ones but she says no i want only these ones..shopkeeper tells him madam is our old client here ..her husband always bought her these colored bangles ..Nimrit staring at the bangles and emotional…Yug tells him what an actress ..she has even fooled the bangles shop owner..Agam keeps watching at Nimrit..nice scene..Agam in front of Nimrit putting the bangles in her hand..her dream breaks hearing the shopkeeper voice..Nimrit keeps looking at her hand without bangles..she gets emotional and goes in her car..they followed her to the of the helper tells her he will put Agam pic and chandan haar on the photoframe..she snatches the pic and says no..Yug tells Agam see she dont want even want your pic here..Nimrit tells the helper my husband is not dead but alive ..he is in my heart and every breath..this Dhaba is his gift of love for me..i still feel his presence here with me..Agam gets emotional but Yug keeps on poisoning his mind..

Agam on phone convo with Amrit..i dont know why Agam has to keep that witch updated..Amrit tells him Nimrit is like this and she has to keep her good image ..Agam says i have to meet Nimrit..Amrit all angry says Agam heart can’t melt for Nimrit ..they cant reunite..i wont let this happen..i have a plan with a smirk on her face..a character who just have plan..plan..and plan..creatives is torturing us with this crap of Amrit now..

Nimrit gets a call to go meet some mrs Bedi in a hotel for business..Yug takes Agam there and Nimrit arrives there asking for the lady’s room..Tej gets a call also..Agam tells Yug you told me Tej ..Nimrit meets here but she is alone and just then Tej arrives there..then what we saw in the news segment..two goons molesting Nimrit and Tej comes to the rescue..Again our famous creative mind Agam sees and hear Tej.Nimrit convo..he misunderstands everything and decides to get his dhaba back..he tells yug Nimrit has backstabbed me but i will do so face to face..i’m going to meet Nimrit..The helper comes in palace and tells Nimrit that he is leaving his job as someone has threatened them it wont be good for them if they work at the Dhaba..Nimrit is shocked who can do this..Tej says may some other dhaba owner..Bani tells him let them come these bad people..i know how to tackle them..thats it angel Bani give a good lesson to that Amrit chamcha Yug first who is poisoning your Dad’s mind..

Agam in disguise is shown walking towards the entrance of the palace..Bani walks with attitude towards the door and father..daughter face to face staring at each other..all the family comes there and Bani with authority asks him who are you?..Agam looks on and says Agam..Nimrit and all family keeps staring at him..Ends on Agam..Bani staring at each other..way to go Bani are the one to show your Dad your mom is a real angel and Amrit a witch..

Precap..Bani asking Amrit on phone to let her talk to her angel hero .Amrit rudely tells her neither he dont want to talk with you nor vishal uncle also..listen to me stupid girl there is no angel..Bani hats off to you for this reply..made us happy..there is angel and chudrail..witch also..i have met both..

Update Credit to: saveeta24

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