Amrit Manthan 31st May 2013 Written Episode Update

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Amrit Manthan 31st May 2013 Written Episode, Amrit Manthan 31st May 2013 Written Update

episode starts with Indu coming towards nimrit nimrit was taking a turn when she opened her eyes she saw Indu , Karan was passing through Nimrit’s room when he saw her mom here , he comes , Nimrit shouted seeing Indu and Indu was trying to hit Nimrit with the knife but nimrit moved on and she was not able to kill her , Nimrit loudly shouted Amrit Di Amrit Di , while Indu escaped , Karan ran after her , and then Indu throw the Knife at the Palace wall ..

Amrit hears Nimrit shout and she ran to her room , every one also comes , Nimrit was crying loudly and was very scare , Yug said why is she crying like this ? While Karan enters , Nimrit sees him and got more scared , and went to him and starts beating him , Karan slapped Nimrit , and then Nimrit hug Sunita , Amrit and everyone was shocked on the behavior of karan , amrit hold karan’s shirt and starts shouting on him that how dare you to slap my sister , Karan let Amrit leave his shirt .

He told everyone that he slapped her so that she can be normal , and stop shouting and crying like this , Tej said whatever Karan you must be careful next time not to do such things , Yug said but what has happened to her ? why was she shouting like this ! so karan told everyone that he saw a lady trying to kill Nimrit , and he tried to stop her but she ran , Everyone was shock , TejAm look at each other ..

Amrit , and Tej were telling karan that how did Agam’s death happened , Amrit said i have a feeling that the lady who has killed Agam might be that who is trying to Kill Nimrit too , Amrit went to the security and scolds everyone that how they can be so careless , and said that because of you , there might be a murder today , Amrit looked at one guard she asked is he new ? so he said yes he has come 4 days before , and Amrit asked him to be careful or else he’ll loss his job ..

Indu told the nurse that Karan has planned very perfectly every thing , but i was not able to murder Nimrit and then i have to leave this city now … Karan was doing his work , while Nimrit comes and slapped him , he was amazed looking at Nimrit , he asked her why did she did this ? So she said because last night you has also slapped me that’s why , so karan said if its done then leave because i am doing my work !

Karan turned back to take some things , so nimrit wrote Thanku on his paper , Karan comes and see it and said if you want to say sorry to me then why didn’t you say it your self and see you have spoiled my work . Nimrit said this is not work its drawing and i can draw better than this , and she starts drawing on his papers , Karan snatch the pen from her , Nimrit said how is drawing ?

Karan said they are very beautiful , Nimrit starts telling him that what else she can draw
Amrit comes , Nimrit showed her drawings to Amrit and then Amrit said to Nimrit that Bani and Jojo are searching for you , Nimrit said oh yes i have to play hide and seek with them and she leave from there , Amrit said to Karan that the back side gate is with you and it might can be your work , karan said no i do my work honestly & showed her the keys .. Amrit leave ..

Karan was with his men , TejAm comes to him & told him that police wants to take his description about the lady , and he went with them , Police inquired about Indu , Karan said that lady also said that ” I will kill Nimrit ” so Amrit said why didn’t you told me so he said because you didn’t ask me ..

Karan was outside , he saw the keys and hold them in his hand and then hold the knife with which Indu tried to kill Nimrit , while Yug comes with the police and asked him to give this knife ,

Amrit and Yug were discussing while Amrit said i’ll search Deep’s room , and then when she went there she saw tej and she asked why is he here , so he said to search for evidences , amrit said i am for the same work , both searched and then they got a camera and they saw that Indu is feeding Sweets to Deep for going to get married to her daughter , Indu’s face was not shown , so she said that don’t ever harm my daughter so Deep said how can i ever …

And if any one do it so i know you’ll chew him , amrit was shocked , then Deep said that Karan i will take your video also that how much you are happy for your sister , but karan ran and his face was not shown .. Amrit said this lady’s voice is same as of which talk to me when she kidnap me and Agam and said that her name is Indu and her son name is Karan Chabra , and episode ends …

Precap : Tej Amrit & Yug were in Karan’s room and Yug was having the glove in his hand which he caught when a thief at their house arrived , and told Tej that same glove they also have of that theif …

Update Credit to: Mehak

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