Amrit Manthan 29th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Amrit Manthan 29th July 2013 Written Episode, Amrit Manthan 29th July 2013 Written Update

Yug calls and asks someone to enquire who the guy is who gave information to Karan and Tej. He disconnects the phone and starts beating Rajjo’s bhai Raja saying that because of him they are in danger of going to Jail.Rajjo defends and starts beating Yug asking him not to go near his bhai and tells that her brother is not well and that Yug is a Jerk. Yug says that he knows that he is a jerk and he will not leave anyone posing danger to him.

He tells Rajjo that he will lock them and go out and that they should stay put. Rajjo says that she will not listen to him and will take her brother to hospital as he is not feeling well.
Angad on call with Nimrit telling her that Yug escaped within few minutes.Karan is frustrated that Yug escaped and Nimrit tries to convinces him not to be tensed or angry as it will further deteriorate his health. She tells that if they escaped in such a close gap they might have not gone far. Nimrit then asks him if he has taken his medicine and Karan says that he forgot his medicine at home as he was in hurry. Nimrit tells him to open his wallet and check as she has put medicines and reminds him not to be tensed as doctor has asked him not to. Karan asks if she remembered what doctor said and Nimrit playingly says that she has to remember everything as he is very careless and stops herself remembering that she is getting playful. Angad is amused and asks her to continue.Nimrit says thay she was saying Rajjo/Yug might not have gone very far and that Yug will not allow Rajjo to come in front of everyone as Amrit escaped. Karan playfully asks Nimrit if her concern is for Rajjo then he should give medicines to Rajjo or if he should take them ?Nimrit smiles and asks him to take the medicines and bids good bye.Karan amused looks at his phone.
Nimrit comes to Amrit and tells that Tej and Karan will find Yug soon . Door bell rings and Nimrit opens. 2 guys come and look at Amrit and tell that they will get award if they take her with them . They try to come towards Amrit and Amrit grabs a knife and starts defending herself.Nimrit also grabs a knife and both sisters injure the guys who are attacking them.A third guy comes and aims a gun and tells that police needs Amrit alive or dead..So he will kill her and can still get the award.

Mahiji attacks the guy and kicks them away from home. Mahiji driving Nimrit and Amrit in a car looking for a safe spot but Amrit says thay she is tired of this hiding game
and that she will find Rajjo and will proove herself innocent. She says that she is not a rat to hide and that she is a tigress and Princess Amrit who is brave and can find
Rajjo. she says that she doesn’t care for her life but she will fight upfront and not hiding. Nimrit tries to convince that it is not safe but Amrit tells Nimrit that Nimrit could have done the same if she was in her shoes.Nimrit tells that she will also come with her and will support her in this fight and the duo hug each other.
Rajjo searches Yug’s bag and finds money.Yug comes home and sees that the money bag is missing . Rajjo and her brother escape with the money bag. Rajjo’s brother is shivering with fever and Rajjo is sad that she is helpless even to call doctor. She tries to get medicine as her brother is having severe cough but realizes that she left the medicine at hotel.
Yug asks a guy to kill the girl in photo and tells that the photo is one but girls are two and he needs both dead .

Amrit and Nimrit comes to where Tej and Karan are (in the hotel from where Rajjo and Raja escaped).Tej is glad that Amrit and Nimrit came . Tej and Karan notices sisters injured and Karan nurses Nimrit and Tej nurses Amrit. Tej says that they found TB medicine in the hotel and that someone is suffering from TB.Karan says thay he noticed Raja very weak and he must be having TB. Nimrit says that Rajjo loves her brother very much and she is sure that se will take him to doctor and Amrit says thay they might not have travelled far as Raja is sick.They divide into 2 groups to find Rajjo first.

Yug also instructs someone to look for Rajjo in medical store or hospitals as her bhai was coughing severly.

Tej and Amrit searching for Rajjo and KarNi seperately searching for them.
Amrit standing alone and a guy stares at her. Amrit tries to cover the dupatta on her face and Tej comes to take her . Tej notices the guy and asks why he is staring at his wife and shouts at him to go away. Tej tells Amrit that she needs to be at a safe spot as it is risky to be on the road. She convinces Tej that she will fight and will not hide and sit in some safe spot Amrit tells Tej that he and her need to search in different places so they can cover wider areas.

KarNi searching for Raja showing his picture. Karan in pain holds his hand and searches and Nimrit notices and asks him to sit and take restKaran tells that every min is precious and he cannot waste time.Nimrit say sthat they have searched all hospitals and medical stores but no use. She asks a guy who is passing by if there is a medical store nearby and he tells them a place.The guy sees the picture in Nimrit’s hand and tells them that he has seen him nearby in a small room. Nimrit asks Karan to go and that she will come in 5 mins and Karan leaves.

Amrit starts asking people if they have seen Raja. Some people spot her and starts chasing her. She goes into a room and closes. They address her as Rajjo and asks her to open the
door. Amrit thinks that she needs to play the same game that Yug played on her and make them believe that she is Rajjo. She ties her hair in a bun and speaks in haryanvi saying that time has come to catch you

Precap: Rajjo comes ruuning to look at her brother and sees Karan giving him water to drink. Rajjo is shocked and Karan tells that her game is over and that she needs to go with him.Rajjo denies and points a gun at him.

Update Credit to: Saina

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