Amrit Manthan 29th April 2013 Written Episode Update

Amrit Manthan 29th April 2013 Written Episode, Amrit Manthan 29th April 2013 Written Update

Nimrit tries to search for the keys and Bani and Jojo requests Yugam to feed them so they don’t catch Nimrit.An unknown person fully in mask comes tries to open the locke when Nimrit goes inside to search the locker code in Amrit’s diary.Nimrit finds the code and enters the locker room but sees the person in disguise and screams that a thief has entered.
Yug comes and holds the person but he manages to get away but the glove remains in Yug’s hand.Amrit comes listening to the screams and sees that the locker is open . She asks what happened and Nimrit explains that shesaw a thief entering and Yugam notices that they lost everything.

The masked guy calls somebody and informs that he found Agam’s address.Nimrit calls Tej and tells about the incident that how the documents got stolen. Nimrit tells Tej that she will not let this stop her and will find for some clue that could lead to her Agamji. she searches in the laptop and makes some calls and falls asleep.
Nimrit wakes up and realizes that bani needs to be taken to the doctor. she gets ready and goes in search of kids and yug says that Amrit has taken Bani to hospital. Nimrit wants to go to hospital but Yug stops her saying Amrit is in the hospital and no meed for her to go and do the work at home.
Nimrit realizes that Jojo needs to get vaccination for chicken pox and calls Amrit.

She asks ehat to make for lunch and enquires about Bani. Then she tells that Tej called about
Jo’s vaccination. Yug asks Amrit to come to the bank as he needs her sign to put jewellary in the locker but she says she needs to go to Jo’s vaccination. Jo says that her mom will take care of her and asks her to return to which she agrees.
Banjo comes home and Jo gets fever and chicken pox . Nimrit says that she will call the doc.

Amrit comes and sees Bani sleeping on sofa and Bani tells that Jo has chicken pox. Bani says that Nanny has called doctor and says thay she should have taken to the hospital.Amrit calls Nimrit and asks to take Jo with her. Nimrit tells Amrit that she called to inform them and why she
did not take care of her. The doctor says that Jo needs to take complete rest. Amrit gives Nimrit(Nanny)money and requests to take her home. Jo cries that she wants to stay at Bani’s place and the nanny takes herinside. Bani requests not to hurt Jo as she likes her and tells that a mom will never do this and if she wants to be a good mom she needs to behave as a mom as well
Amrit asks bani for maafi and promises that she will take care of Jo.The nurse who is
taking care of Agam gets a call and she informs that she is taking care of him and she joined here
for the same purpose. The masked man on the other side says that she is doing a good job and
the nurse says if he orders she will kill him but he asks her not to kill him.

Sunitha and Tej comes to meet Jo and they tell that Amrit called them. Nimrit thinks that she called them so they can take them home and Amrit comes and tells that she and Nanny
will take care of Jo and they can stay here with Jo..All 3 gets surprised hearing Amrit’s words.
Amrit asks JoJo Maafi as she is the reason Jo got Chicken pox and Nimrit overhears the conversation and is happy to hear Amrit’s convo.

Precap: Nimrit finally finds Agam’s number and calls him..The phone rings and Agam ji becomes restless hearing the voice of telephone ringing even in his unconscious state

Update Credit to: Saina

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