Amrit Manthan 28th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Amrit Manthan 28th March 2013 Written Episode, Amrit Manthan 28th March 2013 Written Update

Nimrit starts to leave from the office but feels dizzy. Agam S(Sehgal) watches her as she is leaving. Nimrit due to the influence of medicine is about to faint when Agam comes and holds her. He asks her if she is fine and she repies that she is having a terrible headache and is feeling dizzy. Agam makes her sit on the bench and gets some water for her. Nimrit sees Agam in Mr Sehgal when he gives her water and tries to take her home and calls Agam ji.

Agam S gets shocked when Nimrit calls him Agam.Nimrit who sees Agam continues to say that she knew that her Agamji would come for her.Mr Sehgal says that he is not her Agamji but Nimrit says that she know he is her Agamji as no one can take care of her and protect her like her Agamji. Mr Sehgal continues to say that he is not Agam but Nimrit says that she is feeling the same emotions as she felt for Agam and so he cannot be different person from Agam and saying so she hugs him. Mr Sehgal gets emotional and hugs in return when Yug comes and sees them both hugging
Nimrit tells Agam not to leave her alone and she faints. Agam makes her sit and Nimrit who comes to her senses sees Mr Sehgal and gets embarrassed and leaves from there.

She runs to her room and she cries on how she could hug Mr Sehgal. She looks at Agam’s picture and says sory to him.She says that she misses him a lot and may be that’s the reason she must be seeing him and she confesses to the picture that Mr Sehgal acts the same way as he does and it is making her feel that her Agam ji is very close to her.She asks him to forgive her as she did a big mistake today and she thinks to herself that she needs to stay away from Mr Sehgal.She hears a knock on the door and it is Mr Sehgal. He asks to open the door and enquires if she is ok.Nimrit tells him that she is ok and says sorry for her behaviour earlier at the office.
Mahiji peparing for holi outside the palace puts color on Saveetaji and Tej.Agam Sehgal comes in white kurta and Sunitha ji applies color wishing him happy Holi and blesses her
Mahiji applies holi and gives him a hug .Nimrit comes in a white chudidhaar holding a tray and distributing Gujiyas. Agam starts to look at her. She comes in face to face with Agam Sehgal but leaves from there trying hard to ignore him.

Mahiji asks Agam if he ate Gujiya (Sweets prepared on the day of holi ) which Nimrit prepared and he says no. Mahiji asks Nimrit to offer Agam some gujiyas.Nimrit gives him gujiya and Agam takes it. He says that they are good and she leaves.
Yugam both talking to each other when Vishal applies color on Yugs face. Yugs get irritated saying that he hates colors. Vishal tries to apply color to Amrit but Yug stops him saying she hates colors.Amrit says that her skin is sensitive and don’t like colors as well. Vishal tells Amrit if not colors shecould atleast dring Bhang. Yug says No and Vishal tells why he keeps stopping evertime saying No No and takes Amrit with him. Vishal tries to take Amrit and Yug tries to keep stopping.Amrit in the middle and both men fighting ,Yug grabbing one hand saying not to go and Vishal grabbing another hand to take her out. Amrit gets irritated and asks them to leave her and both Vishal and Yug says sorry to each other.

One worker comes and tells Vishal that he needs to leave as someone in his kids school mixed chemicals in the color and all the kids are hurt. Amrit hears the name of the school and gets alert.She tells Yug that it is the same school where Bani studies and asks Yug to call Palace
and enquire if Bani went to school or not. Yug tries to rub it off but Amrit insists that he call.

Yug changes his voice and enquires about bani and tells that Bani and Jojo both went to school.
Amrit gets worried that chemicals might impact Bani also and tells Yug that she needs to go to school immediately.Yug gets shocked and asks what the hell is wrong with her.
At the palace Tej gets a call about the kids and leaves in rush without informing Nimrit.
Mahiji drinks Bhang and hugs Sunitha ji. She gets embarrassed and mahiji calls agam and asks what’s wrong if he hugs her wife? Agam gets amused looking at their parents nok jhoks..Mahiji sees Nimrit standing far and asks Sunitha that he noticed that Nimrit isn’t talking much

since past few days and is keeping to herself .Sunithaji says that Nimrit is missing Agam a lot .
Agam notices that Nimrit has no color and asks if Nimrit is not playing holi and Mahiji says that Nimrit stopped applying colors since Agamji left. Mahji says Nimrit prepares for the festival and all for the sake of kids but excuses herself saying she has allergy when it comes to kids applying colors to her.Episode ends with Agam looking at Nimrit.

Precap : The same Holi song that they are trying to show since yesterday..Sigh i thought it will be played today but have to wait one more day now

Update Credit to: saina

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