Amrit Manthan 27th June 2013 Written Episode Update

Amrit Manthan 27th June 2013 Written Episode, Amrit Manthan 27th June 2013 Written Update

Epi starts Nimrit hellbent to get Bani’s hair cut even though all family against it..a verbal confrontation of Nimrit..Amrit… some bitter ..rude words Nimrit says for Amrit..despite this Amrit tells Nimrit she will leave if she continues being stturborn..Nimrit replies its good decision for you and us all..go Amrit Di and live your life..this amazed her in laws and Amrit also ..Nimrit gets Bani’s hair cut done when Amrit again tells her if you dont stop our relationship will break..Nimrit dont reply and asks the guy to continue his job.Amrit leaving and mahiji tells Yug about it..he ignores everything and go upstairs..Karan with a smirk watching everything..

Amrit leaving the palace when jojo stops her.they have a long convo and end Amrit says its a secret dont tell anyone.i’m not angry with your mom as i know she loves me a lot..your mama is in a big problem and she is hiding it with all of us ..She asks me to leave by saying Amrit di..that Di confirms she wants my wellbeing and loves me..Now i will find out why she is doing so and whoever is the one who is doing this to Nimrit i wont spare that person..from now he is an enemy..jojo gives thumbs up to her..

Nimrit crying in her room asking sorry to Bani and Amrit..Karan enters saying what a good acting even for a minute i thought you are angry with Amrit..Nimrit tells him why he is doing all her punishment not her family..Karan replies for this good performance i want to give you something.. Nimrit chabra i want to take you for dinner..Nimrit replies i know there must be a plan behind all this..Karan says dont look at me with doubtful eyes ..i’m going to introduce you to my friends..He throws a packet on the bed asking Nimrit to wear it and he will be waiting downstairs..Nimrit shocked opening the packet..

precap..Amrit meets shamsher the one who kidnapped karan..Amrit tells him i’m Nimrit sister..he returns Amrit the money as only half work was done.he continues saying Nimrit asked them to keep Angad till the mahurat over but he escaped ..Amrit says Nimrit did not want to marry Angad..

Update Credit to: saveeta24

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