Amrit Manthan 25th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Amrit Manthan 25th March 2013 Written Episode, Amrit Manthan 25th March 2013 Written Update
Episode opens with Bani convincing a person to take Amrit on a cart. the guy says that it is going to be hard to push as it needs lot of strength and the road isn’t clear. Bani tells him that God showed us a way and he will also help us.The guy agrees and both lay Amrit on the cart.
Agam meets Yug and says that TejNi shares a great friendship and there is nothing more to it.Yug says that they are acting and Agam denies saying if they are indeed acting , they would do in front of others and not when they are alone.Yug says that Tejni are very smart and they might know that you are listening to them. Yug tells Agam that he is innocent and falling in their trap.
Agam says that he might be innocent but he will try to know the truth and leaves .
Tej and Nimrit at Nimrit da dhaba when Tej excuses himself as he gets call.
Nimrit looks at Agam’s picture and tells him that today is Dhaba’s 1 year anniversary.and she decorated the dhaba just like the way he used to. She tells Agam (in photo) how she thinks about him every second and how much she misses him and wished he was here to see this day.Agam secretly watching all this gets emotional and questions himself how the tears Nimrit is shedding for him, how the love annd emotions she is showing can be fake ? He further questions himself if Amrit is taking advantage of his memory loss and thinks he is unable to understand anything.
Bani and the other person both start to push the cart with BG music of Arti playing.Bani inspite of getting hurt , tries to push the cart to take Amrit hospital fast.JoJo crying where her bani di is ?
Agam ji drinking remembering Nimrit’s words.Nimrit comes and takes the bottle from his hand.
She tells that no one is allowed to drink in their house as her kids live in that house.
Agam says that the kids are not in the house at present and says that drinking might help reduce his pain .Nimrit says alcohol doesn’t reduce one’s pain to which Agam replies that she has no idea in what state he is and what’s going thru him and tries to take the bottle from
Nimrit. Nimrit says that alcohol will not help a person who is in immense pain of getting cheated or to loose someone who they love from their soul and bottom of their heart.
Nimrit tells Mr Sehgal how her Agam ji has listened to her and left drinking. Agam Sehgal says that he is not her Agamji and tries to take the bottle from Nimrit and Nimrit trying to stop holds the bottle tight and touches his hand in the process. Both share an eyelock with BG of Gayatri mantra playing and then Nimrit realizes and tries to leave.
Agam stops her from going and seems to remember traces of similar past incidents and both AgNi feel emotional and restless towards each other and Agam takes his hand away.
Nimrit tells him that hope he understands what she is trying to say as she has no right on him to make him stop drinking but requests him to leave alcohol as a friend.
Nimrit leaves and her saree is stuck in Agam’s watch and both remember past incident when trying to remove it. Nimrit leaves and Agam start to drink again but couldn’t as he remembers Nimrit’s request to stop and slams the bottle on floor.Agam frustrated and wonders why he likes listening to her..
Yug angry that he has to do something before Agam finds out the truth and he calls and instructs someone.
Bani tells doctor about how Amrit fainted .Bani asks Amrit to be brave and not be scared of injection
Mahiji doing Yoga and he tells Agam that it is Bani’s order that he do Yoga daily. Sunitha ji asks mahiji to walk with her after he is done with his yoga and mahiji says that
he is tired after doing yoga and can’t come for a walk and asks her to do yoga instead.. Agam takes sunitha ji for a walk and he stops looking at the motorbike and asks if it is Tej’s bike.
Sunitha ji tells that it’s her son’s bike and Nimrit has kept it as a memory .Agam walks towards the bike and seems to remember some past incidents.
A worker comes and tells sunitha ji that oil is ready for her massage and Sunitha ji praises Nimrit on how well she takes care of her to Agam.Agam questions her , if they ever tried thinking of Nimrit’s remarriage.Sunitha ji says that they wanted Tej and Nimrit marry but Tej rejected because he and Nimrit are just good friends and Nimrit rejected because only Agam lives in heart. ( Is this proof enough Agam Ji or are you looking for more ).
Screen freezes on Agam’s surprised wala face

Precap : Amrit gives a rose and thanks Bani (Awww glad to see this avatar of Amrit )

Update Credit to: saina

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