Amrit Manthan 22nd March 2013 Written Episode Update

Amrit Manthan 22nd March 2013 Written Episode, Amrit Manthan 22nd March 2013 Written Update

Episode starts with Amrit wakes up , she sees Bani lying with her , she gets up , roam every where , and she sees that the storm had stopped , She starts walking and stops for a while and remember that Bani said to her that Aunty you will not leave me this time as you left me the previous time , So now amrit thinks that if she get Bani with her she will get into troubles , so she leaves from there and walks out . Bani gets up and see that amrit is not there she calls bad aunty bad aunty she search every where but she did not find amrit , while she goes out , and she sees amrit walking she said to amrit that why did you left me there , please take me with you , amrit still walks and suddenly she feels unwell and fells down , Bani comes and said what happened to you , she calls for some one but no one was there , she said to amrit that i’ll surely help you , while a man comes , Bani said that kaka she is unwell , and both takes amrit inside , amrit was shivering , she had a bad fever , so Kaka said that i’ll call the doctor , and he went away …

Everyone was sitting in the dining table while Nimrit comes and tells that that the phone of the kids is not reachable and i heard its a bad storm where they went , so tej said to her don’t worry the teachers are with them , he he tells nimrit to sit , agam gets jealous , while nimrit asked agam that mr.sehgal have you eaten your medicines before food , so agam said yes , and she asks mahi also and he said yes yes i have taken , tej brings cookies , mahi said what are these , so he said this is captain tej’s special cookies .

Bani was waiting for kaka to come , she touch amrit’s forehead and said she had fever , and went to the kitchen , and gets cold water in a big bowl and get a piece of cloth , and dip it in water and kept it in Amrit’s forehead and rubs amrit’s feet .
doctor comes and said that we have to take her to the hospital but i had given medicines to her ..

Agam was walking while he heard tej talking to some one in phone and was saying that there is a gift for nimrit as its the anniversary of their dhaba , agam thought to himself what can the present be , so tej sees him, agam said that i was going outside , so tej said i can give you lift , if you want Agam said no thanks ..

Agam calls vishal and said that he needs help and vishal said to yug that you go agam needs your help , so yug said that but we have to search for amrit so vishal said i’ll find her and if amrit knows that agam needed your help and you did not went so she’ll get angry …

Amrit opens her eyes and asked for water , Bai fetches water for her , out of lots of troubles , and amrit was staring at her …

Agam followed Tej , Nimrit comes and tej gifted him , Nimrit opened the gift and sees its Agam’s photo she gets very happy and thanks Tej … Agam got tensioned

Bani and amrit went out to get a lift but no one was giving lift , bani and kaka prayed together and bani sees something and she smiles ..

Precap: Agam was drinking wine , nimrit snapped from her and said kids are in this house , she turns around , and amrit kept his hand in nimrit’s shoulder , Nimrit feels bad

Update Credit to: Mehak

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