Amrit Manthan 1st July 2013 Written Episode Update

Amrit Manthan 1st July 2013 Written Episode, Amrit Manthan 1st July 2013 Written Update

Episode starts with Bani complaining about her mom and Jo consoling her.Bani says that she misses Amrit Maasi and Tej who comes over calls Amrit Maasi and asks her to visit the palace.Tej gets all hyper and angry when Amrit denies and Jo takes the phone and tells Amrit that her dad does this when he misses Jo.Amrit says but you are in the palace and to which Jo says that her dad is missing Amrit and not her. Amrit laughs it off and enquires how everyone is at home.She asks Jo to take care of everyone.
At dining table, Daadi serves breakfast to Bani and says she needs to go to school. Bani says she won’t go to school because of her hair. Bani and parivaar is angry at Nimrit and Nimrit is shattered inside to which Angad/Karan is feeling happy.

Amrit in Mumbai goes to Angad’s place and finds the door locked. Amrit enquires about Angad by showing his picture to watchman and he says he is a very nice person and that he lived very happily with his mom and sister. He also says that he has some letters which are coming to this address and he is holding on to them. Amrit tricks the watchman into giving her letters saying that he is getting married to her sister and she will personally hand it over. Amrit reads the letters and thay all look weird to her as they state to hand over money and if the work is completed in Amritgarh.

Bani in her room is sitting sad and Jo requests Bani to eat. Nimrit comes over and asks for forgiveness. She tells Bani that she had no intention of hurting her but had to do it. Jo says that Nimrit has to cut her hair as well if she is sorry

Bani says thay you should not answer with a revenge and forgives her mom and the trio hugs crying.
Nimrit comes to her Father in law as he calls her . Mahi ji asks if she really wants to give all the property to Angad and Nimrit gets shocked. Mahiji says that someone sent the papers over to his office and when he enquired Angad he said he isn’t interested in the property.

Nimrit goes to Angad’s home and asks Indu and him why they are suddenly hungry for money. Nimrit says thay she will never sign on the property papers. Angad says that the property is built on all the sins of black mail.Indu asks her to look at a DVD before she decides. Nimrit gets shocked looking at the video.Indu says that she made the video on Nimrit when she came over yesterday to their place. She further adds that the sympathy she showed was all fake in order to gain trust of her. she says that this DVD will ruin the mallik parivaar as she made lots of copies of DVD and will distribute them if she does not sign the papers.

At palace Mahi ji gives the document and asks Tej to sign as he says Nimirt decided to write the property in Angad’s name. Tej is surprised that Nimrit decided to write the property on Angad’s name and not Bani but he signs saying if this is what Nimrit wants and Jo overhears it..

Precap: None

Update Credit to: Saina

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