Amrit Manthan 1st August 2013 Written Episode Update

Amrit Manthan 1st August 2013 Written Episode, Amrit Manthan 1st August 2013 Written Update

Epi starts with Jojo saying now its your turn Angad uncle..when did you started to like Mama..he is a bit hesitant to say something..finally he relates how he hated Nimrit at first thinking she was bad..coming in the palace he saw everyone praising her..he thought she was faking and did so much harm to her.she had the chance to get rid of me but instead took care of me..then i realised she cant be that bad but a good hearted person..Then jojo says its your turn Mama when did you like Angad uncle..Nimrit feels a bit awkward but says when he had the chance to go away and live his life..he chose to stay back and took care of sunitaji..she continues saying the day when Rajjo tried to shoot me and he saved me..

Amrit comes in Tej room saying she has something with her that belongs to him..she shows him the engagement ring and Tej asks to put it back herself..then both have a cute sweet moment together..Amrit says she is happy happiness is back and she wants Nimrit also to be happy day Amrit visirs yug in jail..she tells him she has no hatred for him but instead pity him..he had the chance to be a good person but his greediness of money and to get a love that was never his to stoop so low..In the end yug repents of all his sins done to thenm esp Nimrit..he says he will pay for his sins in jail..Yug tells Amrit that Nimrit can be happy again in her life..he relates how Angad thinking Rajjo was Amrit and poured his heart feeling to her..he loves Nimrit a lot..Amrit is happy hearing it..

The girls watching TV with Angad..Nimrit enters the room saying i dont know how the movie heroes always survive after getting shot.are they superheroes?..jojo says just like Angad uncle..he is superhero..Bani asks him how he survived..He replies that he had to be back as he had to reunite her mama and Amrit..jojo gives him a flying kiss and both leave the room..He walks up to Nimrit saying my job is over i must leave now..Nimrit in dilemma..Tej telling sunitaji Angad is leaving and they cant stop him..Sunitaji hearing this is agitated ..Tej tells her he is going to leave Angad at the station..Just then sunitaji says something and Tej al happy to hear her talk..she says all of you have taken care of me thats why and asks Tej to stop Angad from going away..She continues saying he loves Nimrit a lot same as my Agam..i’m a mother and i cant forget him but Angad also has done the duty of a son to the family…i have forgiven him and you were saying about new beginning then it should be with Nimrit…life is giving them both a second chance..Amrit comes saying its true and happy to see sunitaji all fine.sunitaji says all this also is because of Angad ..if Tej had not said about him leaving then how could i have the strength ..Amrit tells them their relationship was based on hatred but now it can take a new turn..Tej says will Nimrit accept it?..

Nimrit in thought and amrit enters the room..she asks Nimrit what she has decided for her life ahead..on the other side Angad looking at Nimrit pic..Tej enters the room asking him if he loves Nimrit..scene shifts to Nimrit telling Amrit he loves me but this is not his repentance,,he has already accepted his mistakes long ago..he has saved my life..he has helped the family in proving you innocent..scene shifts to Angad telling Tej she knows wat’s my heart feeling for her..its her goodness that she has let me stay around her and let me do something for the family…thats enough for me..Amrit tells Nimrit he loves you so much and can give his life to protect you..i want you to give a second chance to life..wat’s stopping you to reciprocate to his love..Nimrit tells her Agamji..Tej tells Angad my bullet has left a void in our life but to an extent you have filled this void..

Amrit tells Nimrit you have lost Agam but you have got Angad ..his love is genuine and has depth same as Agam..he is doing all Agam’s duty and in return dont want any praise or Thank you..i know how much you love Agam but i’m not telling you to forget him but to accept Angad..whereever Agam is seeing so much emptiness in your life he must be sad..God has given you a true lifepartner who loves you not for your but for your goodness and simplicity.Amrit tells Nimrit you did told me that one should move on in life and there is nothing wrong in it..Tej tells Angad all the wrong that happenned is past now.Bani needs her papa and Nimrit a lifepartner on whom she can trust..dont go away..stay back with Nimrit forever..

The girls helping sunitaji to come downstairs..Amrit tells her she has called a photographer for a family photo..she asks Amrit if she talked to Nimrit and mahiji asks same to Tej about Angad..Amrit says they have talked to them but now its up to them..Nimrit is shown coming downstairs without sindoor and mangalsutra..the family is perplexed..Angad too comes there staring at her..Nimrit faces him and says if you want us to stay as lifepartners forever ..we should start our relationship in the true sense and then put her hand forward with the sindoor box and mangalsutra..Angad is surprised but happy also..he applies her sindoor and ties the mangalsutra for her..all family very happy ..

Finally they all have a family photo..

Precap..Amrit very happy that Nimrit is going to be a mother again ..Doctor tells her not to jump like this in excitement as its not good for her..Doctor gives Tej Amrit health report to read with Nimrit..Angad looking on a bit worried

Update Credit to: saveeta24

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