Amrit Manthan 19th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Amrit Manthan 19th March 2013 Written Episode, Amrit Manthan 19th March 2013 Written Update

Epi starts with the punditji asking Nimrit if she wont stay for the Arti..she replies No as her M-I-L not feeling well..Tej tells Nimrit dont worry he is going to the head office ..he will drop them at the palace..Mahiji tells Nimrit its a tradition you respected every year..stay for the Arti..Nimrit agres and with the shivji mantra in BG she enters the Temple..Agam also there praying and asking for his answers to shivji..ringing the temple bell in his inner thought saying, i dont remember my past.. if i take revenge my dear ones will be hurt.if i dont i will not be at me the right path..that small kid has told me to come here as you have answers to any problem..outside the temple snakecharmer asking devotees to come and give milk to Naag devta..Agam still ringing the temple bell today you cant stay quiet have to give me answers to all my dilemma..itsshown the snakecharmer counting his notes and the snake coming out of the basket..entering the temple and comes near Nimrit..Agam turns around and sees the snake near Nimritwho is praying with herveyes closed..Agam instantly rushes towards her and shield her from the snake bite.instead its Agam who gets bitten by the snake..Nimrit shocked and someone tells her Agam has saved her from the snake bite..she asks them to help her to take Agam to her car..

The doctor tells Nimrit Agam is out of danger and he should take rest for some days..he gives some tablets to Nimrit to give Agam every 4 hours..Sunitaji tells them why seeing him i feel that he is someone dear to us..She tells Nimrit we should call his family.Nimrit agrees to dio so once he gets consciousness.. Agam wakes up and perplexed to see Nimrit..he asks how he is here..Mahiji tells him about snake bite and Nimrit brought him here as it would have been late for his treatment at hospital..he wants to step out of bed to go home but Nimrit stopped him with her hand on his shoulder..She gives Agam the tablets and makes him drink water..a few drops spilled frommthe glas and instantly Nimrit wipe his mouth with her saree pallu..Agam feeling awkward and turns his face.Nimrit says sorry..Sunitaji asks Agam about his family..what’s the name of his mom..Dad..Agam gives a look at Nimrit and angrily says my parents has been snatched from me..i have noone..Mahiji tells him seems you have a big grudge against relationship..Agam stares at Nimrit and says because its full of betrayal..Sunitaji holds his hand and tells him i’m like your mother and today you have saved Nimrit..a relation that is very precious to me..stay here and you will know what’s relationship..Nimrit tells Agam please stay here and we will take goodcare of you.i wil teach you what’s the meaning of true relationship ..Agam replies you will teach me what’s relationship. .Nimrit replies yes and please give a chance to love and trust..Agam agrees to stay and in his thought says i will have my eyes on you now Nimrit to see all your chaal..your real relationship…

Yug on phone call with Amrit..she is angry hearing Agam staying at the palace.she tells Yug i’m coming to Amritgargh and will do everything right or else if Agam gets to know the truth staying with them it will not be good for us..she is driving at full speed and to prevent an accident with a motorcycle her car bumps with a tree.she is hurt on her forehead and her car damaged..the caretaker of the Amritgargh school requests her to stay at the summer camp as her car is damaged..

The kids playing and having fun..a few girls bullying a little boy snatching his chocolate..Jyothi tries to stop them ..she calls Bani but in vain..Bani tries to teach them a lesson..she throws a plastic snake near them scaringthem ..she succeeded in getting back the little boy chocolate of the girl says this Bani i will get back to her..the caretaker brings Amrit in a room..she complains as there is no AC in the room..the kids playing making noise and Amrit gets irritated closing the door in anger..

Agam walking in the hall looking at all the photoframes.sunitaji comes and tells him if he wants something special for dinner just say it.Agam asks her there are so many pics of all the family but why no pic of Nimrit husband..Sunitaji repliesNimritdid notwant it..she tells him hoeTej..Nimrit has beentaking care of the kids..really thecway sunitaji was talking Agam was getting everything wrong..then Tej comes and starts praising Nimrit..then Nimritcomes downstairs asking Tej why he has not freshen up yet..Agam getting flashback of Amrit tellng him Tej is Nimrit real love etc..Truly Agam got everything wrong about Nimrit..

Agam in full confusion and still having doubts about’s Epi was more about shivji miracle..its all his doings..the snake biting Agam to him coming to the will have its result soon and Agam will get all his close to Nimrit he will realise her real value soon..

Amrit car damaged and not reaching Amritgargh is again shivji doing.she goes to the place where Bani is staying..there will be a purpose for this lets wait and watch..

Precap..Amrit meets Bani and both says You..

Update Credit to: saveeta24

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