Amrit Manthan 18th June 2013 Written Episode Update

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Amrit Manthan 18th June 2013 Written Episode, Amrit Manthan 18th June 2013 Written Update

Epi starts with Sunitaji emotional..Mahiji asks her why she is sad … she replies she is remembering Agam..he had promised to recite the holy verses for her..Amrit is shown coming downstairs reciting the Guru Granth sahib and Sunitaji feels happy..Amrit says she wished Agam was here with them.Nimrit listening to her and sunitaji says God has taken away a son from us but in his place has given us a daughter..Jojo sees Nimrit and says pretty Dolly..Bani replies not pretty Dolly but mama..jojo is happy Nimrit is back to Normal..She hugs jojo ..Amrit asks Nimrit where has she been?..Nimrit just stares at Amrit in thought saying she has changed so much ..if i tell her about her past sins she will be shattered.

Karan in his room talking to his mom telling her not to worry..Amrit walking

in the corridor sees Nimrit entering his room..she is perplexed saying Nimrit room is this one but why she is going in angad’s[karan] one.about to follow Nimrit sunitaji calls her for some work..Nimrit enters karan’s room and asks her why she is here..Nimrit replies to return his laptop…He asks her if she has found the real culprit or coming up with some fake story.Nimrit says i’m here to tell you the comes our mahaan Nimrit once again ..saving her sister..she says you are right i did all that for money..i’m in front of you i’m ready for my request to you my family does not know about it ..please dont tell them anything and i promise you i wont say anything to want to kill me i’m ready ..karan says death never ..your punishment will be worst than death..Nimrit asks him what …

All family in hall waiting for karan and Mahaji says why he asked us to come here..Nimrit arrives there and Karan coming downstairs.he thanks them for coming and says he has something important to tell them..Amrit asks him is it related to Nimrit.she went to meet you and later went in your there something private going on ?karan asks her to relax ..karan finally says they had a convo at his site and considering it he wants to change Nimrit life.brings colors in her life again..Next he tells everyone he wants to marry Nimrit shocking her and the family too..karan continues how he cant see the pain of Nimrit.marrying her, he will shower her with happiness and make every single day memorable for her.Nimrit knows what karan pointing at his punishment to her..Karan goes on one knee and holds Nimrit hand proposing her to marry him..Nimrit helpless completely..Amrit tells karan to stop he crazy cant he see Nimrit pain for losing her husband..karan replies thats why i want to marry her to reduce her pain..he keeps on convincing everyone and in the end holds Nimrit hand again to take her time and gives him an answer..he goes away and Amrit asks Nimrit to forget about it..Nimrit tells her she needs some time alone..

Amrit in Yug’s room..he brought champagne to celebrate..Amrit not happy about it and Yug tells her you should be happy ..karan must love Nimrit to marry her though being a kid’s mother..Amrit not convinced and Yug tells her dont ruin your sister’s happiness..Amrit angrily tells him how dare you say this that i will ruin my sister’s happiness..they have an argument and he goes away..

Karan in his room counting waiting for Nimrit arrival..reaching 25 Nimrit enters the room..he says i thought you will come when i will count up to 50..he tells her what happened missing me ..come in afterall you are going to be my wife..Nimrit closes the door.she tells him is that your punishment to me and folds her hand asking him not to do it..she tells him how hers and Agam soul are still connected to each other and feels him with her..dont break this bond..Karan angrily tells her your dead husband still means a lot to you and what about my sister forced her to commit suicide..her death means nothing to you..this is your punishment and Nimrit tells him worst than death then she will kill herself..karan says dont you dare..if you die then your family will die too except your daughter..helpless..orphan ..its better you say yes..

Amrit and family in hall..Tej tells Amrit he has talked with karan and he is genuine about it.Amrit says thats not the matter as Nimrit loves Agam very much..she is sad without him ..she wont agree to it…Nimrit comes downstairs ..she says the answer to all your questions and hesitantly says is my yes..

Precap..Indu tells Nimrit this wedding will bring pain and unhappines in your life.. instead of shagun ki chunri ,she puts a black chunri on her head and black bangles in her hands.Indu says This is not shagun but its a curse from your M-I-L son will be your suhaag and makes your life hell..
Karan..Nimrit wedding is going to happen..why… is it destiny or this revenge will turn into something else..Will indu curse be true?will karan truly make Nimrit life hell or the reverse?.

Update Credit to: saveeta24

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