Amrit Manthan 17th June 2013 Written Episode Update

Amrit Manthan 17th June 2013 Written Episode, Amrit Manthan 17th June 2013 Written Update

Tejam worried that Nimrit is not home yet and Nimrit comes over.Upon inquiring where she was Karan comes and says she was with me at site to thank me.Nimrit not happy leaves from there. She looks at Agam’s picture and asks him to forgive her as they killed
him because of her.Karan enters the room and shows all the mails received from Nimrit Malik’s id.Karan hands over his laptop and asks Nimrit to look at all the mails she sent inspte of his sister begging for mercy.Nimrit tells karan that she did not blackmail his sister but cannot prove her innocence as yet. Nimrit reads all the black mail emails from karan’s laptop and wonders who used her name.
In kitchen at night

Tej making cake for JoJo and Amrit bumps into him in the kitchen and says she is attempting the same.Both make cake and Amrit puts salt in place of sugar.They both think that BanJo will be happy when they see the cake.Amrit says Great Job Captain Tej and Tej says thank you Princess. They both have an eyelock while the cake is baking and then they both
bid each other good night.

At technical support office
Nimrit tries to find out from some bulakkad technical guy who hacked her computer. The guy replies that her system was not hacked but the mail id is fake and the account was made from Mumbai and the name is Amrit.
My Darling Jojo is back from her field trip. She tells Bani that she missed her. She asked where mamma is and if she is still in hospital.Everyone plays along and says yes Nimrit is in hospital as they want to surprise her.Bani and Jo share gifts they bought for each other. Bani is upset that she did not bring her favourite fruit cake but Tejam comes and surprises them by bringing the cake they made.
Nimrit returning in car and very sad that it is Amrit who has created a fake account in her name and upset that Sony’s family is shattered because of her and even Agam is killed because of Amrit. Same time Nimrit gets call from Amrit but she does not respond.
Yug comes and gets fruit cake from a bakery and he sees that there is already a cake. Bani says Tejam already made a cake for them in the night and Yug is not happy hearing that.
All Parivaar in the hall
Bani, Tej , Jo everyone eats the cake but no one says it is salty and every one says it is good as Tej signals them. Tej takes one more piece and Yug is all Jealous.Amrit gives a piece to yug but he denies. Tej asks her not to force him and Yug tells that I will eat since you have made.Yug tastes it and throws it off saying it is too salty. Tej says that the kids have shown maturity but he hasn’t and what was the reason to hurt Amrit. Yug says that he and Amrit shares no formality in their relationship and he will not give jhooti tareef like him.

Tej’s room
Amrit comes to Tej’s room and he is packing his stuff as he is going out for a meeting.
Amrit asks why he told her that cake is tasty and he says that sometimes it is good to lie to make others happy.Tej forgets his watch and Amrit reminds him and gives him his watch. Karan who sees this thinks that he needs to keep Amrit busy if he has to hurt Nimrit.

In the hall
He goes to Yug who is cleaning his revolver. He asks if he is planning to use it on him and Yug replies that he is his friend and can never do that. Karan instigates Yug that Tej is trying to impress Amrit and that he should be careful and kind of makes Yug think that he needs to fight for Amrit from Tej even if he has to use his gun

Precap: Karan propsing to Nimrit’s parivaar that he wants to marry her

Update Credit to: Saina

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