Amrit Manthan 16th April 2013 Written Episode Update

Amrit Manthan 16th April 2013 Written Episode, Amrit Manthan 16th April 2013 Written Update

Amrit in the kids room with her fake drama as how she cares for Bani..She is feeding her and tries to instigate Bani against Nimrit..her mother has no time for her only her work is more important..look at me i have cancelled all my work to be with you as its your holiday..really what work that lazy woman does?..only conning people as she is so hungry for money. Jojo glaring at her and refuses to take a bite of her food..Amrit tells Bani she has brought a cartoon DVD and goes to fetch it in her room..Bani tells jojo how caring and sweet is Amrit aunty..jojo replies but not as our mom..Bani says yes our mom is the best..

Amrit with the DVD turns around and comes face to face with will love her in that scene how she confronts Amrit..dont miss it as she is sure doing what we viewers cant do to Amrit..she tells Amrit..hey Hello why you did not let my mom meet Bani and gone to work early..Amrit replies your mom is not a kid .she has a brain and goes on talking mean about she dont care for Bani…jojo replies to her our mom made cards for us..dupatta.bought gifts if this not fikar ..caring then wat’s fikar..your natak…fake acting.i know you have prevented my mom to give us gifts..i can go and tell this to Bani Di understand. Jojo continues i wont as i have promised my mom thats why i’m quiet..Amrit says its because your mom is an idiot and does stupid are just like your Army father and this ill manners i’m sure your mom has taught you..your mama and you are good for nothing..look who is telling this to that angel Amrit who is good for nothing herself..she turns to go but jojo holds her hand..she snatches the DVD and breaks it with her feet..she gives the broken pieces to Amrit and tells now say what you have to say..Amrit about to talk rudely to her changes her expression in a sad one seeing Bani in the room..She acts hurt and tells jojo why you did this ..jojo goes out and Amrit with her fake drama..she succeeds in brainwashing Bani against jojo..she tells Amrit not to cry and jojo will say sorry to her..

Bani comes downstairs and asks jojo to say sorry to Amrit..jojo replies no as she is a horrible aunty..the grandparents try to pacify her but Bani adamant that jojo should say sorry to Amrit..jojo in tears but stay put that she wont say sorry to the bad aunty..well done sweetheart.Finally Bani tells jojo she wont talk to her till she dont say sorry..jojo goes upstairs in tears..Amrit with a smirk on her face..Nimrit comes home in a hurry asking her M-I-L wat’s the matter..she relates to her in mute and Nimrit knocks at Bani’s room door..Bani says she wont open it as she will force her to talk to jojo..Nimrit remembers jojo and goes in search of her..she enters her room and hears her crying..jojo hugs Nimrit and tells her she has destroyed all the gifts of Amrit as she is behaving bad with her..she has not say sorry to you then why should i say sorry to her..Bani Di dont want to talk with me..Nimrit consoles her and promises to patch them up and they will be friends again..Just then Bani enters the room ..Nimrit tells jojo see your Bani Di too missing you..jojo walks towards Bani but drops all the things in her hands on the floor and says here is your toys and clothes..i dont want to share a room with someone who behaves bad with Amrit aunty..Jojo in tears but Nimrit tells her not to worry..jojo says i will wait outside Bani’s Di room..

Tej enters the room and tells Nimrit wat’s going on in this house..the kids had a fight something that had never happened before..Nimrit knowing the reason keeps quiet but Tej says i know who is behind all this Amrit..whereever she goes she spreads hatred..we have to patch up the kids..Nimrit knocking at Bani’s room door but Amrit says she wont open it..she is angry because of me.. Nimrit tells her what kind of woman are you..break a little child heart for your selfishness..Amrit replies jojo was a hurdle in my path to fulfill my purpose..Amrit continues today she has taken my side and this proves she loves me more..where has gone your lecture about the strong bond of the two sisters …same will happen if any member of your family try to interfere between me and Bani.. today was a small trailer ..i will distance Bani from you all and she will be mine third person..she continues either you make the situation worse or ask that Army officer ill mannered daughter to say sorry to me..

Amrit walking away … jojo in the corridor gives her an angry glare..she walks up to Nimrit and felt so bad for that angel…she tells Nimrit i cant stay away from Bani Di..i want her to talk with me .holding Nimrit hand says mama should i say sorry …she is bad but i will say sorry to her for Bani Di…Amrit all smile thinking jojo will say sorry to her..she got a shock when a determined Nimrit tells jojo you wont say sorry to the bad aunty..jojo replies but Bani Di wont talk to me..Nimrit consoles her and says you trust your mom..your Bani Di loves you too and must be missing mama she will talk to you..go to mama’s room and wait there.. jojo tells Amrit my Bani Di will talk to me and if my mom has said it she will do it..She pushes Amrit away saying excuse me..oh that was too good sweetheart….

Amrit comes up to Nimrit and taunts her.and says what are you so proud of …Nimrit replies i have taught my kids how to respect relationship.taught them good values..Amrit says fine if you want the situation to be worse then Bani wont talk to jojo ever.Nimrit tells her a few moment more and i will have to teach you a good lesson for your cheap act..karara jawab milega..a bitter answer..i trust the way i have brought up my kids.. my motherly love and upbringing cant be wrong.

precap..Nimrit telling Amrit dont ever try to break my family it will only give you pain..Amrit says oh really keep your advice to yourself..i know what to do..dont forget our will stay away from Bani and be rude to her.Tej enters and says Amrit…

Update Credit to: saveeta24

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