Amrit Manthan 14th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Amrit Manthan 14th March 2013 Written Episode, Amrit Manthan 14th March 2013 Written Update

Episode starts with Banjo deciding to go on hunger strike without telling Nimrit and leave from palace to agam’s place.

Agam talking to real estate agent that he needs the land in from of Nimrit’s dhaba. The agent tells him that there is one more land little farther than the dhaba which is nice and has good view but Agam insists that he needs the same land. Nimrit who comes to the real estate office stands at the door and overhears the conversation. Agam orders his worker to get the land ready for a nice family restaurant and it will be worth watching when Nimrit’s dhaba goes bankrupt. Saying so he starts to leave from the office and comes in face to face with Nimrit. Nimrit tells that he can do whatever he wants but he cannot do any thing to her dhaba. Agam says that he will sell all kinds of food for half the price of her dhaba even though it is a loss for him . He says that their restaurant food is free for Nimrit and her parivaar and leaves

Agam in car calls Amrit and gives her update on what he is upto. Outside the car Banjo protests with boards and hoardings to stop troubling their Mamma . They keep saying “Band karo Band karo Mamma ko Trouble karna band karo “. Agam gets out of the car and asks what they are doing here. Bani says that she is fighting for the truth like Gandhiji did and that her teacher had taught . Jo says yeah exactly how Munnabhai the MBBS wala had fought and which she saw on the TV. They hand him over a flower bouqet and says get well soon. Bani says that they will fight with love , peace and hunger strike and Agam says that he will do what he feels like and Bani says “Jo let’s start our strike”. Saying so both go and sit on the car front part and BanJo asks Agam to hand over the board which is on the floor . Agam confused hands over the board and asks them to go home as their mom will be worried but Bani says she won’t leave until Agam promises them that he won’t trouble their mom and won’t build that Big restaurant

Agam says that he understands their feelings but this is a business and they should not interfere between elders. The kids wouldn’t listen and say that they will not eat or drink anything until he promises and he says that he will call their mamma.
Agam takes the phone out to call but Jo stops him and both request not to call their mom as she will come and take them away. Agam says that he is not a bad person and Jo hugs Agam and says that Bani di also thinks that you are not bad uncle and if he agrees to their demands they can eat ..Agam emotional and confused between the kids talk when Yug comes and takes him away that he has something urgent to talk .

He takes Agam inside that it is urgent and when Agam asks what about kids he says he will take care.Bani tells Jo that he is the same bad guy that was with Bad aunty ( Amrit ) when they left her alone on the road.

Yug sees that Agam’s heart is melting and he says that Nimrit is using the kids and this is all her plan as she know the kids are his weakness.Yug reminds Agam that Nimrit blamed him for poisioning food inspite of him helping her at the competiion.Agam says that might be true but he cannot leave the kids alone and says he will call Nimrit. Yug stops him and says that this is what Nimrit wants and you are getting trapped in her plan and stops Agam from calling. He asks him to leave and Agam agrees to leave so Nimrit will know that her plan failed but only on one condition. He makes Yug promise that he will take care of the kids , be with them and leave them home safely. Yug agrees and Agam leaves

Banjo sitting in the sun and sweating . Jo asks Bani if they can use the umbrella and Bani says that they should sit in the sun as they are on strike. Bani looking that sun is right on Jo’s face gives her board so she covers and Jo offers her board to Bani so they both are covered ( Amrit needs to learn from this kids on how sisters should be )

Jo says to Bani that in the movie it was not this difficult and Bani says that it is very difficult to do hunger strike and this is just the beginning. Jo asks what if he doesn’t come and Bani says that bad guy (Yug) must be upto something who took Agam uncle insde.
Jo says that her stomach is making noises and she did not bring her biscuit also as she thought that agam uncle will agree easily. Bani tells Jo that their mom used to ask them to think about happy things when they are scared and starts reciting all their rhymes to forget about hunger.

Yug comes and asks what’s going on ? Bani says that they are waiting for Agam uncle. Yug says that Agam left to office and they should get going to their home like good girls do and stop all this protest. Bani and Jo look at him and starts reciting their poems again

Agam in car and his worker gets him food as he did not eat. Agam takes it and starts to eat when he remembers Banjo’s words that they will not eat until he agrees.
Agam calls Yug to enquire about kids and if they ate but Yug disconnects saying he is getting call from Amrit and he needs to take it as she is not feeling well. Agam gives back the plate to worker saying he is not hungry and asks the driver to go to Gurudwara.

Nimrit gets food to her customers at the dhaba and her customers praise her food. Nimrit says that it is all due to their trust that her dhaba works hard in delivering good food. The customers say that she needs to work even more hader as she is getting a competitor as they saw the ad of new restaurant..the customers talk to each other on how the new restaurant is offering good price at low price and Nimrit gets worried.

Nimrit then calls her kids to see what they are doing and they lie that they are at their friends place and on enquiring if they ate they say they had stomach full with lots of varieties. Nimrit senses that Bani’s voice doesn’t sound as if she is having fun at her friends place but Bani denies saying that she is having lots of fun. Nimrit tells them to call whenever they need and she picks them up while returning from Gurudwar and kids agree.

Yug comes and tempts the kids with lots of food and Jo gets lil tempted seeing Pizza, cake and all other items.Yug offers jo a piece of chocolate cake and she takes it. Bani asks her not to take and says that they need to be strong. Yug asks not to listen to her sister and asks her to eat and starts eating his piece. Jo stops him saying that piece is not good and offers him to eat her piece as he is very hungry ..Yug angrily goes away from there and bani hugs her saying she is world’s best sister( Awww both are cutie pies)

Yug gets a call from Agam and he lies that the kids left home and he should not worry about them . Jo warns Yug not to take panga with them as they are on hunger strike and they wont give in so easily ..She also scolds him in her filmy language (Yikes couldn’t understand the words but it was tooo funny hearing from her ) Yug orders the servant to throw all the food in the trash and leaves from there Bani and Jo happily hugs each other that he left

Precap : Nimrit comes to Agam’s place and Bani sees her. She scolds Agam that he has no value for humanity , no value for love and he is and Agam closes her mouth with his hand (My heart skipped when he did that )

Bani and Jo were mindblowing in the hunger strike scene . They were all geared up with boards and dressed in white with caps on their head which had “Save mamma Andolan” written on it
Their boards had ” Bad uncle please be Good uncle ”

Bani and Jo stole the show and were total adorable …

Update Credit to: saina

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