Amrit Manthan 13th June 2013 Written Episode Update

Amrit Manthan 13th June 2013 Written Episode, Amrit Manthan 13th June 2013 Written Update

Epi starts with Karan..Indu convo in jail..Indu says why cant you kill her ..her memory is back.Karan says i cant do it because it will be a grace to her from us..Indu angrily says are you crazy?Karan replies no my mind is going on the right track now..Nimrit is broken from the inside and without Agam her life has no meaning.if i kill her she will get peace forever and not go through any pain..She wont feel the loneliness and death will be like a Blessing for her..Thats why i wont kill her and she has to live to die every moment..Agam memories will shatter her and every breath she will take will curse her why she is not dying..I will be the one to do this to her and indu says how..Karan tells her he has a big plan and in which Nimrit life will be hell..then he says i will marry Nimrit..everyone there thinks i’m her wellwisher..her protector and i will chose this in my advantage..I will destroy her life and torture her that she begs for mercy..i will make Nimrit cry Khoon ke ansoon..i dont know the exact translation for it ..may be shed tears of blood..

Amrit talking to someone on phone and not to take any order for catering for the Dhaba as its already full for a month..Tej on phone taking order for catering..Amrit signals him not to do so but he keeps on talking to the person saying even if its for 100 persons we will do it.later both have a Tit for Tat argument about it..cute scene of Tejam..Nimrit comes there saying please you two dont start again..Amrit asks Nimrit if she wants to do any work for the Dhaba..she says no as you two doing it but i want to do something and Today itself..

Amrit asks Nimrit if she really want to do this to meet Indu..Nimrit says yes as i want to know who is that woman who has snatched My Agamji from me..his family…she has destroyed my family by killing Agam..Face to face meet of Nimrit with Indu..she taunts Nimrit and pours full venom on her.Nimrit tells her i’m here to get an answer to my question why you killed my husband..he has never harmed anyone in his life..Indu reminds her how she has destroy soni’s life and how she is responsible for Agam’s death herself.her past sin is the reason of it..Amrit replies my sister has never done any harm to anyone..Indu says then you dont know your sister well..she has a very dark past ..she smirks and goes away while Nimrit completely shattered..she is in tears saying i’m responsible for Agam death..who is that soni i dont know her..Amrit consoles her saying she is mad telling fake story..Amrit raises the spirit of Nimrit and asks her to be brave ..She continues you have fought for justice and overcome so many it again .dont be weak ..she wipes Nimrit tears and asks her to fight…Nimrit says yes and Amrit smiles saying i know my sister is strong..

Angad comes at the palace and Yug showing him some property for their business..he is not interested and asks where is Nimrit..Yug says Amrit is with her..Mahiji comes with sweets and says its for the kids..Karan asks him where is Nimrit and he replies she has gone to meet Indu in jail..

Amrit.Nimrit meeting the police inspector …he says indu dont talk much but always asks if we have safely kept this giving them a box..Amrit opens it and in there is the bridal red saree.. Both goes to meet indu and she is shocked to see the saree with them..she says dont you dare touch it..Amrit says Nimrit too dont want to touch it..She throws the saree down and comes in with a gallon of Gasoline and pours it on the saree.. Amrit gives the matches to Nimrit .. she lights it and drops it on the saree..Indu breaks down emotionally and Nimrit tells her this saree was very precious to you.. close to your heart watch it wanted to torture me now its your turn..Karan comes there helpless seeing her sister saree burning and his mother in tears.he goes away from there..End on Indu crying for soni..

Precap.. karan telling Nimrit keep this with you and see the shameless shadow of your existence in it..Nimrit says who can this be who took my identity…

Update Credit to: saveeta24

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