Amrit Manthan 12th April 2013 Written Episode Update

Amrit Manthan 12th April 2013 Written Episode, Amrit Manthan 12th April 2013 Written Update

Epi starts with bani saying to amrit that the dresses she has bought are very beautiful & then she took out a pink dress & said that this is very beautiful , amrit said that i have bought it for baisakhi . then nimrit said to bani that u r not well u must be tired so come and go in ur room , bani didn’t let nimrit took hold of her , tej said bani what are you doing .. you must not do it nimrit is ur mother , nimrit said to tej that tej ji its fine leave it .. amrit looked at nimrit with a very evil smile on her face …

morning occur , tej and jojo come in bani’s room to wake her up , tej had some flowers in his hand , bani wake up tej said that these flowers are for u bani took the flowers and kissed tej . jojo said that this one i have bought specially for u , bani kissed jojo too . jojo said that mama has also helped us to took out these flowers so will u kiss her too ? bani kept the flowers .tej said bani nimrit is ur mom and you must not do this with her . bani stand up she threw all those toys and dresses which nimrit gifted her saying these are sent by daada .. and she lied on the bed . tej said bani please get up so she said to him that please leave me alone . tej took jojo along with him too ..

amrit come and she fed medicine to bani and said u have done right with everyone , they cheated with u and so they must be punished . nimrit was listening all this , amrit stand up & turned she saw nimrit in the room so he said oh u have bought medicine , but i have already fed medicine to bani and will always fed her in future too ..

Nimrit was cooking food , khicdi and tomato soup for bani . amrit come and said o u r cooking khicdi for bani , she said that well i want to make cake for bani , nimrit said that that’s too heavy for her and i have already cooked food for her dinner , amrit said well then i’ll cook vegetarian soup for her . amrit said that lets see whose food she will eat . amrit said that nothing has changed nimrit i am here , u , every one .. but only one thing is changed that is bani . amrit said i love bani & u saw it urself that how she regected ur dresses and accepted mine’s nimrit said what ever but bani is my daughter ..

every one was sitting in the table , nimrit asks jojo to bring bani with her .jojo calls bani and said that mama has cooked soup and i will definitely eat it all , so bani said ok jojo u eat it because i am not coming . jojo said please di come and have dinner . while walking out of room jojo told bani that u r angry with mama r u happy then , bani said no , she said just like mama is too sad and always cry . bani said but she lied with me , so jojo said we has also lied with her , bani said no , when ? jojo said when we decided to do a hunger strike . bani said that we did it for mama and to make her happy so jojo said just alike mama did it to not make u sad that u can never meet ur daada ..

both went to the dining table . amrit bough the soup for bani and said i have made it specially for u , bani kept nimrit’s food at a side and tasted amrit’s soup . nimrit went crying , bani hold her hand , she said i just tasted it because bad aunty cooked it for me, but i will eat ur food only , nimrit smiled and she went to the table .. amrit was going with anger .. bani hold her hand and said that my mama has made food for me so i will eat her food . bani asks amrit her real name amrit said my name is amrit

bani said oh amrit nimrit both names look same like sisters .. she said totej that i am right ? tej said i have important work to do i have to go ..
nimrit said bani come i will make u sleep amrit said no i will take her nimrit u have not eat food so have it , nimrit said no u eat it i will take my daughter with me

Precap : amrit said to yug that i will make such a situation that nimrit will give bani to me , when tomorrow i will not go for transfer then nimrit will come to me .

Update Credit to: Mehak

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