Amrit Manthan 11th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Amrit Manthan 11th July 2013 Written Episode, Amrit Manthan 11th July 2013 Written Update

uEpi starts with Amrit saying how they reached there late and yug ran away..Nimrit says i pray Yug stay far away from us..Indu..karan coming downstairs..Indu asks for forgiveness to the family…She tells Nimrit she has gone through lots of pain and she will pray that God gives her lots of happiness in her life..from now on she will do what she has suggested to her.. ..mahiji tells karan what has happen let it be bygone ..i pray your wound heal soon..Karan replies that his mom only leaving not him ..he will stay in the palace.Nimrit not happy nor Amrit..Tej tells her let him stay ..this hatred.revenge should stop now..Nimrit leaves from there and Amrit doing same..Tej stopped her saying Nimrit too gave you a return she got her dear sister back..karan too should get a chance.

Yug..Rajjo convo and she all ready to be Amrit..Yug tells her first i must change your look..Rajjo has hers and his brother name on her neck..Rajjo..Raju..she did it because they kept separating them in the orphanage and torturing them…thats why she ran away and to get lots of money to free her brother from there..yug tells her you will get lots of money but i must change your look..Nimrit enters her room and very happy to see Agam’s pics on the bed..Karan enters the room and tells Nimrit he went to some photographers in Amritgargh ..they had extra copies..he brought what he could when Nimrit tells him why he dont go away from are helping everyone but this will not heal my pain..i cant change your decision but i want to say something..i dreamed of a happy life with Agamji but it got wont be able to fulfill that dream again so better you leave from here..karan reading Agam’s diary about what he wanted to do for his family..How Tej has always been there for him and Nimrit..he feels bad for Tej as he is lonely and first thing he will do get him married with a good girl..karan says this is what i will do..he goes in the girls room and asks Bani for her help..jojo too wakes up..karan shows Bani the diary and she says Daada wanted Tej chachu to marry..karan asks jojo if its fine to have a new Mama.our cute jojo replies i have already a new Mama..karan surprised says who and she replies Amrit maasi..all three makes a plan to get them married..

Nimrit tells sunitaji i dont why Amrit di asked us to wait here..just then Tej in uniform with the kids come downstairs..all are happy seeing Tej back in uniform..Mahiji asks him how did it happen..Tej replies its because of Karan..Amrit..they talked to my superior and gave him the proof of my innocence..Nimrit tells him this uniform looks good on you..Amrit says no something missing..Tej walks closer to her saying i have all my medals so wat’s missing..Amrit goes on one knee with the ring box in her hand..sjhe tells him Princess Amrit never bow to anyone but i will bow to all your wishes..will you marry me captain Tej.holding her hand standing her up and Amrit slids the ring in his finger.Tej says i dont have a ring for you when karan signals the girls to bring it…they give it to Tej and smiles saying so it was all planned..jojo says papa we thought you will keep being shy thats why we asked maasi to propose you…he puts the ring on her finger and karan gives thumbs up to the angels and they does same to him..Nimrit hugs Amrit saying congratulation and to you too devarji..She tells them it was Agam wish to see Tej married again..wherever he is today ,he will be happy his wish is fulfilled.. sunitaji blesses them..Bani says Mama we knew it was Daada’s wish thats why we planned all this..mahiji asks her how you knew Agam told you about it.jojo replies no dadu Angad uncle told us about it..

Romantic moment of Amrit..Tej..very sweet scene and both so in love..well Tej was really romantic with his lady love watch this scene rose petals falling on Amrit and their hug..

Rajjo is totally confused about the names of the girls..karan..Agam..etc..yug not happy about it..later he brings her to someone for her makeover..much later Rajjo is totally a duplicate Amrit..yug is is glad seeing her as Amrit..

Precap..yug in Amrit’s room..he tells her its wedding atmosphere so you deserve a gift..he shows her Rajjo and Amrit sttuned ..Yug gives Rajjo her outfit and shuts Amrit mouth for her not to shout.. outside the room Nimrit calling Amrit to open the door for her to see how she is looking..

Update Credit to: saveeta24

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