Amrit Manthan 11th April 2013 Written Episode Update

Amrit Manthan 11th April 2013 Written Episode, Amrit Manthan 11th April 2013 Written Update

Today’s Epi starts with Tej telling everyone that only Amrit’s bone marrow matched with Bani …
Nimrit said how can it be possible i am Bani’s mom and my bone marrow doesn’t match with her ad amrit’s bone marrow matched

Amrit and Yug left , and then Tej said that we cannot do anything ..
The most important thing for us is Bani and for her we can do anything

Amrit went to Bani and she said Bani i’ll make you fine .. Don’t worry
At the same time , Nimrit enters … Amrit hold the locket and tried to tie it but was unable , she asks nimrit for help .. Nimrit helped her tie it .

Then Doctor come and he said to nimrit that you are very lucky that this woman is donating bone marrow to bani … he said to amrit that go and register her name as donating bone marrow .

Amrit went to register her name , she was filling the form , nimrit comes .. amrit closed the file and she stand up .. she said to nimrit that isn’t it weird that i am donating B.M. to bani and you are not thanking me .
Amrit said if any one would be there in my place who had donate B.M. to bani you would be thanking that person , wishing him , and would have done lots of things for that person and for me not even a word .

Nimrit said thank you … AMRIT SAID THAT’S NOT ENOUGH FOR IT …

Amrit said nimrit you cannot give money to a princess , i helped you , i saved ur bani andthat’s not enough for it … nimirit asked then what do u want … she said i want bani to live with me … nimrit said how can it be , that will never happen amrit said then its ok then i have to come to the palace .. go and tell it to ur family .

At that moment the nurse come and told that bani had woke up ..
Nimrit rushes … every on was sitting with bani .. nimrit comes and said bani i m sorry , bani turned her face and said i dont wont to talk to u .

Bani said i will not talk to anyone , every one lied to me …
nimrit said no bani if u want to be angry so be at me because i told every one not to tell u the truth .. so bani said then i wil not talk to u

Amrit comes na dshe said thank god u r fine now , doctor comes and said that bani this woman helped you to be fine … amrit said to bani that from today i will live with u as ur family want me to live with u . every one was shock /

Nimrit told them that amrit said this because she said that she’ll donate bone marrow to bani but she will live with bani in the palace .

Doctor said they cab take bani at home again .

Nimrit cooked soup for bani , and she asks sunita to make bani drink it ////

Tej bought some dresses and toys for bani and said that nimrit had bought them specially for you … jojo said wao didi they are so beautiful bani kept them at a side

Tej said that bani if some one makes mistake so we should forgive them . At the same time amrit comes and brought some new dresses for bani ..

and bani was happy …
Episode ends here .

PRECAP : Amrit said to Yug tha i will make such a situation that Nimrit will give bani to me .. yug said how ? she said that tomorrow for the frst step of donating bone marrow , when i will not reach at the time , then nimrit will surely listen to me

Update Credit to: Mehak

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