Amrit Manthan 10th June 2013 Written Episode Update

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Amrit Manthan 10th June 2013 Written Episode, Amrit Manthan 10th June 2013 Written Update

Angad comes to the police station and tells cop that he came to give statement on Indu Chabria’s case.He meets Indu and calls her Maa. (It would have been shocking for us viewers if it was not for spoilers ). Indu and Angad/Karan discuss how Sony died today. karan apolozises as he had to bput her in cell to gain the trust of the family and he is mad that it is all
due to Nimrit. He further says that they Killed Agam but now it is Nimrit’s turn.
Indu asks why he is delaying as they already trust her to which karan replies that it is because of Nimrit’s mental condition. Karan wants Nimrit to know why she is being suffered and tells that he wants to see fear of death in her eyes.

Amrit comes to policestation and asks if cop had called Angad as well and the cop replies that Angad came by himself to give the statement and he is still with Indu.
Here in the cell, Angad tells his mom that he gave Nimrit’s Pictures for Antim Ahuti for havan. Angad/Karan says that he will make Nimrit suffer so much that his sisters soul will be in peace that her brother has taken revenge of her death. Indu gives his blessing and Angad takes leave from her and sees Amrit coming towards him. He is shocked to see her and Amrit asks what he is doing here. Indu chimes in saying that this fool has come to make confess for my crimes and I would not confess whatsoever. Angad says that this woman is very clever and Amrit asks why he is taking interest in his family matters. Angad says that he knows in what condition Nimrit is and would like to help her. Amrit says that Nimrit is safe and this woman will rot in jail.Amrit tells Angad that the lady is in jail and her son died and she cannot do any harm and asks him not to worry.

Nimrit asks Angad to fix one of the toy and he fixes it. She is happy and says that she will give a painting gift as thank you. she takes him upstairs by hand. Angad is mad and tries to pull his hand and Nimrit slips from stairs but falls on Angad. Amrit comes running and Nimrit is happy that Angad saved her and hugs him.Nimrit takes him to show painting. Amrit tells Tej that she still cannot trust Angad completely and thinks something is fishy. Yug on call frustrated and when Amrit asks what happened he says that the property is not legal and having issues. tej says that he has some contacts and can help him but Yug denies his help. Amrit asks why he isn’t taking tej’s help and he says he wants do it by himself.

Nimrit comes to Bani’s room and sees she is asleep. She wonders with whom she can play now as she is not feeling sleepy .She turns around and sees Angad. She tries to shout in shock but he closes her mouth. He says he will make her sleep . He says that he will tell a story and that she should not tell anyone.He tells story about her sister that there was a girl (Sony ) who had a loving mom and brother. The girl loved a guy named Deep and both were happy with each other.Then one day a bad woman entered her life and took all the happiness away . Sony couldn’t take the agony and died. Nimrit asks who the bad woman was and Angad gets up in anger and tries to tell her and then Yug comes.and interrupts. Yug asks why Nimrit is tensed and Nimrit says that Angad was telling story of a bad woman. Yug leaves and Angad tells Nimrit that the bad woman is very near to you and she won’t go away until you sleep.Nimrit scared sleeps covering her face in bedsheet .

Yug tells Angad about the property and Angad says everything will be fine .Yug says that he can’t wait anymore as he want to be settled with Amrit soon. Angad tells him for everything right time has to come. Yug thinks to himself that he needs to get Amrit even if he has to do anything for her. Angad thinks to himself that he can’t wait and wants to kill Nimrit soon regardless if she gets her memory back or not.

Great acting by Angad

Precap – Angad points a gun at Nimrit and tries to shoot her. Nimrit defends herself and in the event the gun gets fired and both look shocked.

Update Credit to: Saina

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