Amrit Manthan 10th January 2013 Written Episode Update

Amrit Manthan 10th January 2013 Written Episode, Amrit Manthan 10th January 2013 Written Update

Nimrit tells Agam that he buys potatoes more than they are? He replies that it’s because the aloo’s he brings are big, she says that’s why it’s so sweet! Nimrit says that’s why she’s the best when it comes to buying. Amrit comes in with Yug saying she’s the worst. She gets angry and tells Nimrit that why is she interfering in her life and why did she go to the women’s office? Agam is shocked to learn but Amrit doesn’t let Nimrit explain. Amrit says that be aware otherwise next time, she’ll fall further and no one will give her a new face ( How can she say that?!). Agam shouts that if she wasn’t a woman then he’d – Yug stops him and tells Amrit to leave. Agam shouts at Nimrit saying that she keeps doing what she want despite his wishes, he says that he doesn’t even want to listen to her.

Tej and Shivangi are having dinner when he tells her to rest as her blood sugar is low. She says don’t worry and that she’s happy that she’s not pregnant. Tej asks why? After all he did get happy at the news. Shivangi says that first she wants to concentrate on her career: acting. Tej says he has no problem but he would also like children as his job is quite dangerous and who knows what would happen and when? Shivangi gets upset saying that he is emotionally blackmailing her and runs into the room and shuts the door.

Nimrit brings food for Agam but he says he doesn’t want to eat. She tries to tell him that she didn’t make the complaint as someone else had done it before her. He says so that meant she did go there? Nimrit says that she wanted to give justice to those women who are having atyachaar on them, Agam says she cares about other women whilst he only cares about her. He talks about how Amrit had nearly killed her and that she is dangerous to Nimrit. Agam says that she doesn’t listen to him and that she’ll only fall into more trouble. Nimrit wonders who actually made the complaint.

Amrit and Yug talking. She says that she needs to make sure Rudra’s attention is on her so that their plan would work. Yug says that yes, as now Agam doesn’t believe Nimrit. Amrit tells him that now Nimrit should know that it was him that made the complaint.

Next morning, Nimrit deliberately takes the string off her blouse and looks at the sleeping Agam. She places her wet hair over him and he wakes up. He pushes her off and Nimrit tells him to tie her string but he leaves. She is upset.

Bubbly comes!!! (WOOOP!) She talks about how she was with Ribban but Ribban went and so she was alone and therefore thought she’d come here. Bubbly notices that something is wrong and Sunita too asks what happened. Nimrit tells them about her and Agam and how Amrit came before. She goes to the women’s office thing to ask them who had made the complaint as she wants to thank them. The woman tells her if she is her sister? Nimrit says yes. The woman says she should have shame that her sister is in trouble and she didn’t do anything but a stranger did! Nimrit says she knows but why didn’t they arrest Rudra? Woman says that because Amrit denied it. Nimrit says that Amrit is scared that’s why. She leaves.

Nimrit sees Yug there and realises that he was the one that made the complaint. She confronts him. He says yes as he can’t bear the tortures on Amrit anymore and that she is only with Rudra because she doesn’t want to go back to jail! Yug says that she doesn’t realise that she is going near her death by being with Rudra but at least he has tried. He tells her not to say anything as Rudra can do anything.

Yug and Amrit in car driving somewhere. He jokes saying what a performance he gave! Amrit says that look at her as she is giving blood but its all for one reason to ruin Nimrit.

Precap: Nimrit in the palace and hears Amrit’s screams. Agam calls her, she says she’s in the palace to give some files. Agam tells her to go home now. She leaves, Yug looks behind.

Update Credit to: ZAHARA

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