Amrit Manthan 10th April 2013 Written Episode Update

Amrit Manthan 10th April 2013 Written Episode, Amrit Manthan 10th April 2013 Written Update
Episode starts with Nimrit entering the hospital room in which Bani was admitted , She comes to Bani and said that every time when you make mistake i always forgive you , and now when Mama made a mistake so why are you not forgiving me , please get up … Jyoti enters the room , she said to Nimrit that Mama Bani Didi is not getting up ! Nimrit said she’ll get up soon Tej comes inside the room he said to Nimrit that they has to go to Chandigarh to find the match bone marrow of Bani .

Yug said to Amrit that please take care , Bani will be alright . Amrit asked him that reports have comes yet ? Just then Tej and Nimrit come out of the room and Amrit and Yug turned around .. Tej said to Nimrit that don’t worry Bani will be fine. Nimrit went to Mata and she got a chunri and went to bani back , amrit comes to meet bani , and after she left nimrit tie the chunri in bani’s hand and said that mata will take care of you ,

Nimrit said the locket which she gave in childhood to amrit , it was lying on Bani , Nimrit hold it and remembered that the old woman was wearing it , while Amrit went outside the hospital and call yug and said i am going now , and as soon as reports come please inform me , she turns around and she saw nimrit holding her locket in her hand and standing infront of amrit , she said to amrit , you are still alive , you are the murderer of my love my agam Ji , and Mahi , Jojo and Sunita comes there , Jojo said Bad aunty , Nimrit turns and see them , Sunita said to Jyoti that Bani is alone so we must go to her .. and they leave ,

Nimrit said to Amrit , you are still alive , amrit said yes because i am princess amrit and no one can kill me , and see today i am in front of you . nimrit said that now why have you come to our lives again ? why ? why ? to spoil our lives again , amrit said that nimrit this was happened only because of you and you . Amrit said no one can understand me but only Bani she can only understand me .

Nimrit said stop don’t even take my bani’s name in your tongue , amrit shout bani bani bani , she said i’ll take her name thousand of time , because i love her . Nimrit and Mahi in shock … Amrit said bani is so cute , she always make me happy and you also know that how much she love her bad aunty ..

On the other hand , the nurse comes to yug and said that agam malik’s bone marrow is not matching to bani , yug starts walking and saying to himself that may be amrit’s bone marrow will match , he got hit by tej . tej turns and yug said sorry , both turns again , tej stopped and said yug .. yug starts running , tej caught him and both start beating each other ,, while the doctor and nurse comes to stop them , the nurse asked them who is yug mehra ?
Nimrit said to amrit today i won’t let you go any where !! i’ll call the police , amrit said no nimrit don’t call today my bani need me , nimrit call police and said that 7 years before the murder . while tej said stop nimrit , he took the phone from nimrit and said sorry it was misunderstanding , everyone was very much shock … nimrit asked him why did you did this ? so just then .. Yug said i will tell you , he comes and said that only if any one can save your daughter she is amrit … everyone shock and amrit was happy , yug said tej Ji tell it your self , … Tej said that yes Nimrit because Only Amrit’s bone marrow match with Bani’s bone marrow …

And the epi ends..

Precap : Amrit said to Nimrit that i’ll donate bone marrow to Bani but i have also some demands , Nimrit said that say how much money you want ? Amrit siad no nimrit you cannot give money to a princess , so nimrit said then what do you want ?

Update Credit to: Mehak

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