Amma Ke Babu Ki Baby 3rd March 2021 Written Episode Update: Babu feels bad seeing Baby’s marriage stopped

Amma Ke Babu Ki Baby 3rd March 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with the guest arriving for the marriage function of Baby. Anuradha blesses Baby. Pratap comes to Baby and asks her not to worry, says God shall keep her happy always. Lata tells Anuradha that baraat will reach here soon. Preet is coming there with the baraat. Anuradha asks the lady to give the flower plate to someone and asks Nisha if she saw Babu. Nisha says no. She wonders where is Babu? Baby gets upset. Babu packs his bags and tells Lalu that they will leave soon. Preet’s baraat comes. Nisha tells Baby that Preet is looking handsome today. Anuradha thinks where is Babu? She comes to him and asks him to welcome the guests along with her. Babu goes. Pratap and his sons welcome Preet and his family. Babu and Lalu shower flower petals on them. Anuradha does Preet’s aarti. Preet touches her feet and takes her blessings. They go inside. Pintu comes to Baby and asks her to come for Jaimala ritual. Babu turns his face seeing Baby coming to the mandap, though he is happy seeing her about to marry. Baby comes and stands with Preet. Pandit ji asks them to go to mandap. Nidhi tells her mother that the marriage is happening. Babu asks Lalu to come with him. Kamini waits for someone to arrive there. Pandit ji asks Baby and Preet to exchange garlands. Preet makes Baby wear garland. Baby panics.

Preet waits for her to make him wear garland. Lata and Anuradha ask her to make him wear garland. She is about to make him wear garland. Babu and Lalu take their stuff and are about to leave. He prays that his marriage shall happen peacefully. Baby is about to make Preet wear the garland, when the Police arrives there and says this marriage can’t happen. Inspector says we came to arrest Preet. Preet asks what did I do? His father asks what did my son do? A girl comes there, who was hired by Kamini to stop Baby’s marriage. The girl accuses Preet for abandoning her for rich girl Baby. Preet says she is lying. Pratap tries to stop the Police, but they take Preet with him. Baby panics seeing Preet taken away by the Police. She faints, standing alone in the mandap;. Babu gets teary eyes seeing her shattered. He runs to hold her as she falls down. Anuradha comes and holds her. Kamini signs the girl and shows thumps up. A fb is shown, Kamini recalls hiring the girl to stop Baby’s marriage. Fb ends.

Pratap comes to baby. Anuradha rubs her hand and asks her to get up. Babu tells that he don’t like the guy and tells that he was not right for baby. He says whatever happens is for good. Pratap calls the doctor. Kamini tells that they have to take the plan to next level. The guests tell that marriage is not in her life. Doctor tells that they have to take her to hospital like last time. Babu asks what happened to her last time. Kamini tells that last time, her groom didn’t reach to the mandap and met with an accident and died. Babu feels bad. Kamini tells Anuradha that it is baby’s destiny. Anuradha says my daughter is not responsible for the accident and Preet’s arrest. The guest tells that nobody will marry Baby now. Kamini asks what will you tell baby now. Pratap asks can’t you see we are trying to save her and tells that she will get any guy. Pandit ji tells that if marriage don’t happens today then there is no yog for her marriage again.

Pratap tells that baby will marry today itself and asks his friend Narendra for his son’s marriage with Baby. Narendra’s wife refuses to risk her son’s life for Baby. Anuradha asks what are you doing Pratap, will you get her married to anyone. Babu tells Lalu that the parents are helpless. Pratap asks the guests to leave. Nidhi tells Kamini that Baby will remain unmarried. Kamini says she is planning for Baby’s marriage and then they will feel pain when she kicks out of her sasural. Kamini asks Pratap if he remembers that Preet agreed with much difficulty. Doctor tells that she is not recovering and tells that if her marriage don’t happen then she might not survive. Kamini asks Pratap to get baby married to babu. Babu gets shocked.

Precap: Anuradha asks Babu to agree to marry Baby. Babu tells that he can’t break the promise given by his mother. Anuradha calls Kaushalya and asks her to agree for babu’s marriage with baby.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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