Amma Ke Babu Ki Baby 21st April 2021 Written Episode Update: Babu brings Bindiya home

Amma Ke Babu Ki Baby 21st April 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Babu telling baby that there is a magic in her hands. Oh Ranjhanave plays…..He pulls her closer and says you have done my seva for the first time. Baby says you knew it. Babu says if I had not known then why would I wash the utensils so that you get the job. Baby asks really? Babu says yes and tells that Bindiya got ready to give statement in his favor. Baby says it is a good news and hugs him. He says you don’t have to stay outside the house, I will talk to Maa. Baby stops him and tells that Amma will forgive me today, but will scold me tomorrow. She says she wants to learn from Amma and become a good bahu. She says I don’t have any good chance than this, to win Amma’s heart. She asks him not to say anything. Babu says you are talking like Amma. She asks if something happened between Amma and you. Babu says for the first time, Amma was wrong and that’s why I was upset with her and complained to her. He says I was not with her for the first time, but can’t forget her teachings. Baby says why she did this, so that we can become suitable for each other. Babu says I don’t want anything to change in you, and likes you as you are. Sukanya comes there and asks Jalebi to do the work fast, as Rani and Akhilesh are coming home. She asks Babu not to do anything wrong. Babu goes. Sukanya asks her to make so many dishes.

Akhilesh comes to Rani and asks if she is eager to go mayka or want to go away from him. He says you have to spend all life with me and asks her not to love her mayka more. He says I will make you get habitual to me. He pulls her closer. She asks him to move back. Akhilesh says you want to run away and says I will run with you. He teases her and says he will take her to mayka. He asks her to wear the jewellery, but Rani refuses. He hurts her and makes her wear forcibly.

Later Sukanya welcomes Akhilesh and Rani home and compliments their Jodi. She asks Rani to smile and likes her jewellery. She tells that her daughter is looking as Rani. Akhilesh says when she walks, people shall say that sarpanch’s wife is going. Babu says you are not yet Sarpanch. Akhilesh hugs him and says you are my brother in law now. He calls Baby bhabhi. Sukanya says we are relatives now.

Bindiya goes to commit suicide in the well. The villager tries to stop her. Baby goes out to buy the things which Sukanya asked her to made. She sees Bindiya about to jump in the well and takes her down. She asks why she wants to die? Bindiya says this is my life. Baby asks her to think of her family. Bindiya says my husband left me and my enemies want to kill me. Baby promises her and says someone will help you. She takes her to a house. Babu gets shocked. Bindiya says she will go. Baby stops her and tells that she has to go home. Bindiya tells that she didn’t know that she will bring her here. Babu says our marriage is fake, as my whole life is dedicated to Baby. He promises bindiya that Akhilesh or his men can’t touch or harm her here.

Sukanya tells Akhilesh that Baby went to her mayka. Akhilesh asks where is Babu, if you all are planning to kill me. Baby brings the things and serves them. Babu comes there with Bindiya and tells that she will stay here. Sukanya asks why did you bring her here. Babu says Bindiya will save his life. Kaushalya says you had gone to jail due to her. Babu says bindiya will save me, and I will protect her from the evil men. Akhilesh says even I will stay here. Kaushalya and Jagannath talk to Babu and tell him that they can’t let Bindiya stay here due to Akhilesh. Babu says if Akhilesh tries to do something then I will catch him red handed. Kaushalya says we shall find out about Bindiya’s husband to close villagers’ mouth.

Precap: Babu asks Bindiya why is she applying sindoor in her maang. Bindiya says she is wearing it for herself and asks him not to stop her. Baby hears them.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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