Amma Ke Babu Ki Baby 20th April 2021 Written Episode Update: Bindiya marries Babu to save his life

Amma Ke Babu Ki Baby 20th April 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bindiya giving statement to the Inspector that she was forced to accuse Babu in exchange of money. Inspector asks who gave you money? Bindiya says she don’t know. Inspector says you can’t stay alone for security reasons. Babu offers to go with her. Bindiya and Babu are on the way to her house. Bindiya thanks him for saving her life. Babu asks her to give statement in his favour and asks why you didn’t tell Akhilesh’s name infront of Police. Bindiya says you know how dangerous is he, I will give statement in your favour, but can’t take his name and invite Akhilesh’s enmity. She tells that she will give statement in his favour tomorrow. Some villagers come there and accuse Bindiya for having an affair with Babu. They tell that they shall burn her alive in the middle of the village. Babu says this is a misunderstanding. The villager asks others to beat him until he dies. Bindiya stops them and tells that Babu has saved her life. She thinks she has one way to save his life, she gets aarti plate and fills sindoor in her maang holding his hand. Babu is shocked. Bindiya says he has filled my maang and is my husband now. She takes the gardener’s wife and says if anyone dares to look at my husband then I will not leave you all. She ties thread to his hand and says he is my husband now. The villagers leave. Babu says Baby is my wife, how will I live now. Bindiya tells that the rules and regulation of her tribe is strict and asks him to go. She says I will leave from this village and will not show my face to you. Babu says what about this marriage and sindoor. She says I have saved your life and you have saved mine, forget other things.

Babu worries for Baby and thinks house is empty without her. Baby comes there dressed as a villager and collides with him. She asks shall I get inside and says I will go to my home. Kaushalya and Sukanya stop her and ask who is she? Baby is shown in the veil and tells that she is Jalebi. Sukanya says she seems to be twisted like jalebi. Baby says she is very straight and wants work and place to live. Kaushalya asks what you can do? Baby says she is the only bread earner of the house and is burdened by the responsibilities. Babu says we don’t want any maid. Kaushalya says will you do house work then? Sukanya thinks Babu and Kaushalya don’t agree for one work. Kaushalya asks Baby to grind the masala. Baby lifts the wooden log to grind the chillies. Sukanya goes near and the chilli powder get in her eyes. Baby tells that she will do the work and asks for the chance. Babu says I have understood that she can’t do work. Kaushalya says I will give you another chance for your family and says if you don’t do nice work then I will show you door. Kaushalya asks her to sweep the floor. Baby says she can clean the floor well. Baby throws the peels on the floor and asks her to sweep the floor. Baby sweeps the floor. Sukanya says she has failed even your Baby bahu.

Babu says atleast baby had the wish to learn the things. Baby says every human has some good qualities and says she can wash the utensils well, so that their face can be seen in it. Kaushalya says lets see. Sukanya asks her to go and wash the utensils. She says she has back pain washing the utensils. Babu says you was wasting time. Kaushalya asks her to go with Sukanya. Sukanya shows her utensils to be washed and asks if she can wash them all. Baby is shocked, but nods her head. Sukanya goes. Baby washes the utensils and thinks she can’t do more work than this. She goes to call Kaushalya. Sukanya checks the utensil and says my face is clearly seen. Chacha ji says she has done good work. Babu says let her go. Kaushalya says jalebi will stay here.

Babu says ok, you will remember when repent. Baby says I will do the work nicely and you will praise me with the first salary. Kaushalya says ok. Baby thinks to take Babu’s class and goes to his room. Babu asks her to clean his room and asks her to keep his wife’s things out as she went, and asks her to take it if she wants. He says your height is like my wife, may be you are beautiful like her. He says I have so much pain in my head and asks if she will massage his head with oil. Baby says Massage? Babu says if you refuse then I will tell Amma. Baby thinks he wants to romance with Servant behind my back and gets upset. She massages his head fastly. He says he will rest on sofa and asks her to massage slowly. He enjoys the massage and smiles. He says he never experienced hair massage by his wife and says he got it from a Servant. He praises her hands. Baby gets upset and is about to go. He pulls her and she falls on him. He sees her face. Oh Ranjhanawe plays….

Precap: Baby stops Bindiya when she goes to commit suicide and brings her to Kaushalya’s house. She asks babu to save her.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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