Amma Ke Babu Ki Baby 16th February 2021 Written Episode Update: Kaushalya decides to let Babu go to City

Amma Ke Babu Ki Baby 16th February 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Pratap telling Baby that sons are like fixed deposit and daughters are like long term investment. He says daughter’s love is always in father’s heart like a memory. Baby says if you get so much emotional then I will not marry. Anuradha comes there and tells that your papa will get you married to Preet. Pratap tells that my daughter likes her Papa’s choice, which is Preet. Baby says like you both, who are completely opposite of each other but loves each other so much. She hopes that same thing will happen with her. Pratap says I don’t know if your mummy is happy with me or not. He goes. Anuradha asks baby to get ready. Baby asks why do you think that I will not be happy with Preet. Anuradha says you makes me feel that. She says I felt that you want to skip your engagement, when you left yesterday. She says I want your happiness, I will be happy if you are fine. Baby hugs her and says she may have love after marriage. Anuradha prays for her happiness.

Babu sings song to cheer up an emotional Kaushalya. Kaushalya cries in the room. She asks babu if he will go. Babu says I don’t go out even from this house without your permission. He says how will I go to city without your permission. He says I am hungry and asks her to feed him. She asks him to get habitual to stay without her. Babu says ok, I will sit here and will not have any food now. Kaushalya comes out and hugs him. Babu asks her not to think that he will go away from her. Kaushalya smiles.

Baby thinks of her Papa’s choice. Anuradha reminds her that tomorrow is her mehendi and asks her not to go out. Baby smiles. Anuradha asks her to get ready. Lata comes there and says mummy ji told me that you are going on a date with Preet today. She selects dress for her. baby says she is Baby and always look super. She goes out from there. Lata worries and thinks if she would have loved Preet then would have got ready for him.

A girl tells Babu that she got ready for him. Babu closes his eyes and asks the other girls to tell her nor to talk to them like that. He runs away. Baby and Preet are in the car. She gets bored. Baby sees gol gappa stall and runs to have it. Preet goes behind her unwillingly. He sees a couple feeding each other and asks her to say I love you. Baby coughs and eats more golgappa. She tells Preet that she has to go to Nisha’s house, sits in the auto and leaves.

Babu continues to run and meets Kaushalya on the way. kaushalya asks did you see ghost? Babu says girls are behind him. Kaushalya scolds the girls and asks them to run away. Babu gives jalebi to Kaushalya. Kaushalya says she is going to market and will have it with him after coming home. She says she has decided not to send him to City. The villager men come to Kaushalya, whom babu had punished that day. Sarpanch’s son comes there and greets Kaushalya. He says he came to know that Raju has troubled them a lot. Kaushalya says whenever there is wrong, then babu will do justice. Sarpanch’s son says they are there to do justice and threatens to ruin their business. Kaushalya asks him to move from his way. Sarpanch’s son threatens to smears cow dung on her son’s face. Kaushalya is about to slap him, but Sarpanch’s son holds her hand. He says your son is not here.

Babu’s friend asks him why did he refused to go to City. Babu says my world is on Amma’s feet. Kaushalya shouts babu. Babu hears her voice, even though he is miles away from her. Sarpanch’s son holds Kaushalya’s son and makes her vegetables fall down. He says your son will not come hearing your shout? Babu comes running there. Kaushalya sees him. Babu comes there and beats Sarpanch son and the villagers. Someone breaks the pot on his head. Kaushalya looks on worried. Babu beats the goons and makes Sarpanch son fall on Amma’s feet. He says your father must be Sarpanch, but nobody is great like his Amma. He asks him not to insult his Amma again and asks them all to apologize to her. They all apologize to Kaushalya. Kaushalya says I don’t want their apology and asks babu to come. Sarpanch son gets up and says your son is useless and can’t do anything. He says your son is a goon, everyone has seen. Kaushalya says my son is not a goon, my son will go to city and will earn the name. She looks at babu.

Precap: Babu’s father writes a letter to Pratap, saying he is sending his son to his house for few days. Anuradha reads the letter and gets shocked. She looks at Babu.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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