Amma Ke Babu Ki Baby 16th April 2021 Written Episode Update: Babu confronts Kaushalya for throwing Baby out of house

Amma Ke Babu Ki Baby 16th April 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kaushalya asking Baby to make tea. Baby says tea. Kaushalya asks her to make tea on Chula. Babu thinks don’t know why Amma asked her to make tea? He signs Baby. Baby goes to make tea on Chula. She brings tea, sugar, and milk in pan. She thinks I can’t burn the stove and can’t make tea here. Somehow she lights the Chula and makes tea. Sukanya says Baby bahu can’t serve the tea. Baby serves the tea and says Amma, tea is ready. She thinks of her words that Babu will win in the elections. Kaushalya throws the tea pot and tells that I have ruined Babu’s life by getting him married to you. She says you showed him dream of becoming sarpanch, but you yourself can’t make tea. Baby says she is not claiming to be world’s best bahu, but she will learn the things. Kaushalya says you will be punished and will not stay here anymore. Babu says Amma…Kaushalya asks him not to interfere. Jagannath says you want to make her go away from home, being bahu of the house. Kaushalya tells that she will never forgive her. She says babu went to jail for standing in election and got the stamp of the murderer. She tells that you had said that you will bring him out proving as innocent.

Babu asks Kaushalya to listen. Kaushalya says since baby came, they are destroyed. She tells that she can neither become a good bahu or wife, and tells that even a Servant can do this work. She tells that you would have stand with babu, but you have given us pain. She asks her to go right now. Babu looks sad. He says you always taught me to fulfill my dharm, so how can I leave it incomplete. He apologizes to her and says if Baby leaves from here, then I will also go with her. Kaushalya tells Baby that this is values and asks her to learn from babu. She says I have taken a decision and it can’t change. Babu says Amma. Baby stops him. She says you are not wrong, but upset and I understand the reason for your anger. She says I can’t be a good wife or bahu, but I have the passion. She says I will try to become his life partner and this time I will not lose. She touches her feet and starts walking. Babu tries to go behind her, but Kaushalya stops him. Oh Ranjhana ve plays……She recalls their marriage etc.

Kaushalya looks at Babu and leaves his hand. Babu runs to baby and asks her not to leave. He asks her not to go and says I will convince somehow. He says I have always accepted your sayings, but can’t agree this time. He says Amma is upset and sad. Baby says Amma said right, I don’t want to convince her, she said right. I am going to become competent and will return. Babu asks where will you go? Baby says Banaras. She leaves from there. Babu thinks he won’t let Baby go away from him, her place is here with me in this house. He tells Kaushalya that he never imagined that he will say this with her, but for the first time, he is saying and says you have done wrong Amma. He tells that bajrang Bali is the witness, and tells that he always thought that his Amma can’t take any wrong step, but he was wrong about her. He says when I used to fight with children, you showed me the right way and today you have forgotten the teaching which you have given me. He asks why did you leave baby alone.

Precap: The rescued girl fills her maang with color holding babu’s hand, when the villagers come there. Babu is shocked. Baby takes the avatar of the villager woman.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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