Amma Ke Babu Ki Baby 14th April 2021 Written Episode Update: Akhilesh to marry Rani

Amma Ke Babu Ki Baby 14th April 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Baby returning home. Sukanya scolds her for making Babu’s life more difficult. Her husband asks her to calm down. Jagannath asks how did this happen, bahu. He says if anything happens to that girl then? Sukanya says she has ruined babu’s life. Baby tells Kaushalya that she has given her today and the day is not yet over. She asks her to trust her and says I will take him out of the lock up. Kaushalya says according to your promise, babu will have dinner at home. She says she will make food of his choice, but if he don’t come home, then nobody will be bad than her. Chacha ji asks how will you take him out? baby asks did you talk to the lawyer? Chacha ji says yes, but bail couldn’t be done. Akhilesh comes to Babu and tells that he will be hanged for the attempt to murder. Babu says the girl is alive. Akhilesh says if she dies then? he says you couldn’t make your wife understand, you will get punished by me and the law. He says you are going to be my brother in law as I am marrying your sister Rani. Babu gets angry and warns him. Akhilesh says your sister’s life will get better, as she is marrying future sarpanch. He says he will marry her today itself. Babu feels helpless and thinks this marriage can’t happen. Kaushalya and Baby oppose Akhilesh and Rani’s marriage. Sukanya tells that she is not enemy of her daughter. Rani tells that she will die, but will not marry Akhilesh. Sukanya says she knows well, what to do and what not to. She says it is better alliance for Rani, as Akhilesh will be would be Sarpanch of the village. She tells Baby that she has let her take their decisions once. She then tells Kaushalya that she don’t want her to interfere in her children matters. Baby thinks she has to free babu somehow.

Akhilesh gets ready for the marriage. Sukanya comes there and asks him not to ruin her daughter’s marriage, and tells that she agreed for her daughter’s better future. She asks him to do whatever he wants with baby and babu. Babu tries to make a phone call, but Constable refuses. Some goons enter the lock up. Baby tries to talk to the lawyer, who tells that bail is not possible. The goons hit babu. Babu says he don’t want to fight with them. The goon says if you don’t want to fight with us, then your sister will come to your funeral. Rani gets ready for the marriage, but tells that she wants to study. Sukanya scolds her. She goes to welcome Akhilesh. Rani takes the poison bottle and is about to drink. Chacha ji comes there and stops her. Rani says she don’t want to marry and hugs her. Jagannath tells Kaushalya that everything depends on Baby now, if she brings babu then..The goons stabs Babu and hits him. Baby asks the doctor about the girl who is critical in the hospital. Baby thinks only her statement can save Babu. She comes to the hanuman temple and tells that his big devotee is in trouble, asks him to save Babu. The goon throws the pot on babu and it hits the electricity box. Baby lights the camphor on her hand. The goons hit each other and tell Babu that they were acting so that Inspector thinks that he has beaten them. The fire catches in the lock up. Babu rescues the goons. Inspector watches them.

Baby gets a call from Pratap. Pratap asks if she is fine. Baby asks for a favor and asks him to take Babu out of jail. She says she has a feeling that he is in danger. She tells that she needs lawyer. Pratap says I will send the lawyer, but you have to divorce him and return Banaras. Baby is shocked.

Precap: Kaushalya tells that she has forgiven baby till now, but not anymore. She asks her to leave from their house. Akhilesh laughs. Baby starts walking out. Oh Ranjhana ve plays….

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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