Amita Ka Amit 9th August 2013 Written Episode Update

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Amita Ka Amit 9th August 2013 Written Episode, Amita Ka Amit 9th August 2013 Written Update

Siddhant tells all the girls that only three will be selected for Gopi’s role and rest will realize that they have no talent to become an artist. Amita enters the audition room, late once again and seems very nervous. All the girls start gossiping seeing Amita. Siddhant gets angry. He turns and sees Amita. He asks her, you’re the same girl who came yesterday, right? and calls her to him. Amita goes to him and says, yesterday I came at wrong time for wrong role, but today I came on right time for right role. Siddhant tells his assistant to make sure Amita doesn’t make any mistake as they have no time to waste today. He leaves. His assistant tells Amita to go and get ready as Siddhant won’t wait. Amita and all other girls go to get ready.

One girl is saying that she cancelled

her marriage for this audition. Other girl says, she has been learning classical dance since months to pass this audition. Another girl says, all girls are here so pretty for Gopi’s role, imagine how pretty girl it will be for Radha’s role, like an actress type. Amita talks with a girl and says, you’re so pretty, you could easily become Radha. The girl says, others said same thing as well. Amita tells her, I am so nervous because I never danced along. The girl says, don’t worry, you can never become Radha, and in race if you don’t come first, then it doesn’t matter whether you’re 7th or 8th. Amita feels little bad. She says, you’re right that is why I didn’t come for Radha’s audition. The girl again says, you can’t become Radha anyways. Now please leave from here and don’t waste our time. Other girls laugh. Amita is leaving from there and sees herself in mirror. She recalls harsh words of that girl. She then remembers Amit telling her there is no point going for audition. She calls him and talks with him in anger without letting him say anything. She says, I know you came here yesterday and when you saw all the pretty girls, you said Amita can’t pass the audition. But I will get selected and prove you wrong. She hangs in anger. Amit calls her, but she doesn’t pick up now.

She comes to the audition hall and one girl is giving the audition. Siddhant gets mad as she’s adding her own steps. He tells her to do steps that she is taught. The girl resumes her dance and he is not impressed and gets mad again. He says, there is no rhythm and insults her and asks her to leave. The girl asks for one more chance. He insults her again saying seems like with dance, you can’t hear properly either. The girl leaves. Amita sees this and she is even more nervous now. She now thinks that Amit is right. She is leaving, but Siddhant’s assistant stops her. Amita says, I am not feeling good her, please let me go. She is leaving and he says, your husband was right.. no matter what, you will definitely come. Amita stops and asks him to tell everything what happened here. He tells her how Amit came and had argument with Siddhant. How confidently Amit told Siddhant that he knows his wife very well and she will definitely come. Amita now gets happy and says, Amit purposely told me not to go, so I go. She shares her stories with Siddhant’s assistant, how she used to do opposite thing of what others say. He says, he has to work. He tells Amita to get ready as it’s her turn after 3 girls. Amita tries to call Amit, but the assistant says phone is not allowed here. Amita goes to get ready. She says Amit knows me so well, then he must know I am a crazy girl. Why he didn’t come here. In his presence, I would be very confident.

She comes out and hopes Amit comes. Siddhant finally selects a girl and everyone is very happy for her. Siddhant’s assistant comes to Amita and says, she is next. She says, but you said my turn is after 3 girls. The assistant says, the girl who was supposed to go before you got scared and ran away. Amita gets nervous and sad as Amit is not there. She says, now he is the one who will be blamed when I get rejected. Right then Amit comes in a chaiwala (tea man) avatar. Amita gets happy and asks why he came like this. Amit says, I had argument with Siddhant and didn’t want to face him. Amita apologizes him for saying so much on the phone. Amit tells her, always remember.. I was with you.. I am with you, and no matter what I always will be with you. He wishes her all the best.

Amita gives her audition with full confidence. Amit is very happy and impressed. Amita awaits for what result Siddhant gives.

Precap: Siddhant criticizes Amita’s dance in every possible way he can. He then takes Amit’s name. Amit and Amita are shocked.

Update Credit to: Priyanka

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