Amita Ka Amit 9th April 2013 Written Episode Update

Amita Ka Amit 9th April 2013 Written Episode, Amita Ka Amit 9th April 2013 Written Update

Amita’s friends tease Amit that Mr. Shah your wife Mrs. Shah is waiting for you upstairs. He nods ok and bids them good night. He doesn’t get up to go so they tell him to and smile.

Amit enters the room. He is very nervous on how to go to Ammu. Ammu is smiling seeing him this way. He comes to her and shushes her not to say anything. Amit is removing Ammu’s jewellery one by one while she is feeling shy. He turns her to face him and then she realises she was dreaming when Amit actually enters opening the door.

Amit enters and quickly turns off the lights. She becomes happy and removes her veil. But becomes sad when she sees him lying in the bed ready to sleep. She switches on the light. Amit questions her what she wants to do now its so late. She replies that she cant sleep in dark. Even back her home whenever light used to go at night, Atul used to come with a candle asap.
Ammu says that he too needs to adjust after marriage. He mocks that he already has.
They have an argument over this and he tells her a little rudely that she needs to adjust. It is not her home where her every whim will be taken care of. Switch off the light and go to sleep now.
She shares what her papa used to tell her. Everyone has to adjust after marriage….if we keep ourselves involved in our individual things then how it will work. Amit retorts that if he would have decided on his own then his marriage wouldn’t have happened at all.

Ammu is shattered, gets up and goes to the balcony. Amit follows and asks why she is crying. I dint do anything. I told you everything beforehand only then don’t know why you are behaving like this.
She replies you cant even imagine what a girl goes through when she doesn’t even know if her baraat is coming or not. I know that you left right before the wedding.
He says but I came na. She says yes because his family members brought him back…forcefully! Would you have come otherwise? He rubbishes it and asks who tells her things like this.
She asks for the truth.
He replies the truth is that I couldn’t decide at home so left without telling anyone anything.

Amit shares how Rohan and Falguni were telling him to inform Hemant bhai. His dad reluctantly agrees to inform but right then Amit walks in telling him not to call them.
Falguni tells everyone was worried for him. Where did he go without telling anyone?
His father says I thought you don’t want to marry so you left. He agrees that he doesn’t want to but he cant go like this, not today. He left home thinking why cant he go.
Her mother asks him if he found out the reason. Amit replies yes he found out the reason for not leaving the wedding. It was you…my family. I thought that it was my life, my decision. But then I realised that it was my selfishness. My one decision can create so many problems in both the respective families. Ma, I have decided.

Back to present, he tells her that no one forced him. It was his decision…a simple and intelligent decision. Ammu wants to know now what next?
He replies we have got into this alliance not for love but for our families. This relation wont start or continue with love. You have to remember this. It is only a compromise and nothing else. There wont be any pain or heartbreak this way. Neither of us will expect them to shower each other with surprises and gifts or love and care. Neither you will be that kind of a wife nor will I become that kind of a husband. But in front of the family we have to pretend that we are a happily married couple.
He is about to go out when she asks him where is he going. He replies don’t know but there where it is dark. He leaves and Ammu breaks down next to the sofa crying. Sad background music is playing.


Ammu’s dad is not able to sleep. He gets up finds his wife sleeping so checks his & Ammu’s photo on the phone. He kisses it lovingly and just then Varsha switches on the light.
He says he is feeling weird….can he speak to her once?
Varsha says its already 12 he shouldn’t be calling now. He replies he only wants to speak to her for 2 minutes. Whenever she used to stay at her friends place in night, she always used to call him before going to bed even if for 2 minutes.
Varsha says yes but now she is with her hubby not friends and she wont be coming back in the morning or ever. She has to stay away from us so that her new family happily welcomes her.
He shares that he doesn’t know how he will get the habit to live without her. She very sweetly replies that he must not make it a habit ever. She only prays that Ammu gets habituated to them and to live without us.

Scene shifts to a crying Amita who is looking at a photo album and recalls everyone’s words one by one. Her dad considered Amit Kumar to be her prince charming who will take care of her like a princess. Amit’s words of how he has adjusted to her and married her even though he dint want to. This is a relation of compromise not love. She is removing her jewellery one by one while feeling hurt at everyone’s different expectation of their relation. She cries holding the mangalsutra.

Amit enquires the manager if another room is available who wonders if any other guest is going to join them. Amit is about to clarify when Rohan & Ria come and asks what is he doing outside on his suhagraat. Amit manages the situation and answers before the manager can say anything.
Rohan tells that he has brought his wife on a dinner date. He asks Amit to get Ammu here too so that they all can enjoy together.
Amit says that she is tired and resting. Ria teases him about suhagraat. They leave after telling the manager not to disturb them tomorrow morning either.
Amit is back outside his room. He rings the bell but gets no response. Opens the door knob and enters inside. He looks around and doesn’t find Ammu anywhere. Goes to check in the bathroom as well and doesn’t find her there. He wonders where she would be at this hour.


He calls her but the mobile rings up in the room only. He removes the blanket and finds it there with her bridal dress.
He wonders where she would have gone leaving her things behind. Why should I worry? She did it on her own and will come back on her own. He is back on the bed and tries to sleep.
He recalls Ammu’s words of how everyone must try and adjust after marriage. How she was wondering whether the baraat will even come or not.
He is not able to sleep and is worried for her. Where would she go at this hour? He has to find her.

Precap: Amit is asking the guard if he has seen his wife. She is a little fat and small in height. The guard replies that he had seen a girl who goes by his description. She seemed very worried and was crying. She left in a hurry.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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