Amita Ka Amit 6th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Amita Ka Amit 6th November 2013 Written Episode, Amita Ka Amit 6th November 2013 Written Update

Nani is welcoming Amu and the baby by doing their aarti but the diya blows off. Amu recalls the priest’s warning and is tensed. Everyone else gets worried too. Amu wonders what kind of an ill omen is this. Baa dismisses it. You always get emotional and speak like this. She tells Tina to light the diya once again. Nani does their aarti once more but Amu is still tensed recalling the priest’s words. His stars are very strong but there is a problem. You will have to be extra careful towards the baby for a few initial years. There is a danger lurking nearby only.

Amu is still tensed in her room but Amit tells her she is taking it a bit too seriously. The diya getting blown off can be a coincidence. She counters why only when we came back with the baby. It cannot be a coincidence. Nani was about to do our aarti. You remember the priest had told us that there is some danger for the baby. Fallu comes there. She adds the good part. The baby will be very bright and bring prosperity to the family’s name. amit agrees with his mom. I am trying to make you understand this since so long but you are not even listening. We all are here to take care of the baby then why you are worried. Fallu calls her lucky. We have got this happiness after so long. This time wont return ever. Live happily and trust you Kanha ji. Make as many memories as you can. Amu smiles. You are right. I was getting unnecessarily worried. Plus when you all are here then I shouldn’t be thinking like this. Amit is relieved. I am a little mad. Fallu agrees and everyone enjoys the moment. Amu hugs her MIL. Outside, the woman with the snake tattoo is looking at Shah House very intently.

Next morning, both the babies are in their respective prams. Everyone is smiling widely as they look at them. Amu thanks Riya. You got so much stuff for my baby. Riya corrects her. I did all this for Pari’s brother. Don’t give yourself so much importance. Amu nods. Nani is serious. Fallu asks her what happened. Nani says looking at everyone now it feels like we all will live together forever just like one big family. No evil eye can touch them. Just then someone rings the bell….the same lady with the snake tattoo. They all wonder who it could be at this hour. Amu goes to check. Amu asks the lady who she wants to. She replies that she has heard that they (Shah Family) need a nanny for the babies. I am searching for some work so thought to ask you. Amu gets thinking. How does she know that we are looking for a nanny? We haven’t told anyone yet. The lady walks in saying wont you call me inside? Amu was thinking so doesn’t have time to react. The lady walks up to where everyone else is. They are all confused to see her. Amu stops her. I dint say anything to you plus I haven’t even hired you yet. We don’t even know you or anything about you then how can we hire you? Amit asks her about the same. Amu tells him what that lady has told her and her inhibitions. Amit tells the lady to wait outside a while. We will talk amongst each other first and then call you.

Just then the baby starts crying and the lady is instantly alert. Amu rushes to the baby. He keeps on crying even after being in his mother’s arms. Fallu suggests calling the doc to consult. Everyone is trying to calm the baby but in vain. Amu tries calling the doc but the phone is busy. Amit tells her to calm down. She is hyper. I cannot be quiet till he is crying. She is shocked to see the lady holding the baby in her arms singing a lullaby. The baby is quiet in her arms. They are all amazed to see it. Amu comes to take the baby but the lady shushes her. It is important to make him sleep. He is tired due to all the crying. Amu asks her how was she able to calm him. The lady says I don’t know but all the babies who cry go quiet when I pick them up in my arms. AA are confused whereas everyone else is surprised. The lady tells her not to worry….infants don’t know how to speak but they do talk. It does take time to understand their language. You too will understand it very soon. He is asleep now. She puts the baby back in the pram. The baby is very cute. Fallu asks for her name. She is Kajri. I came here looking for some work. I can assure you you wont find a better nanny than me. Nani compliments her indirectly for what they saw just now. Kajri asks them to keep her here. You have two little babies to look after. I will take fees for one and take care of both of them. Fallu says we anyways needed a nanny for the babies. Tina objects. We were to contact the agency as the people from there are verified. We don’t even know her (Kajri), where does she live. Kajri asks her if someone doesn’t have papers to verify then wont she be able to work. I don’t have any papers. I stay wherever I get work….till then that only is my place. You can do all the paper work from your end. I will sign wherever you want me to. Fallu likes it. Amu calls her MIL and Amit aside to talk. Kajri is tensed.


Amu is still not sure about this lady. Suddenly someone came…we don’t know her or anything about her. How can we just do it? Fallu calls it God’s blessings. Trust it. When I saw the baby with her I then only understood that she knows very well how to take care of babies. Amu is still doubtful. Fallu tells her not to worry. It will save our time too. We have got such a good nanny by kanha ji’s grace at home only. It is really difficult to find a good nanny in today’s times. Amit agrees with his mom. What’s the harm in trying for some days? We can change if we don’t like her. Amu nods reluctantly. Fallu tells her not to think anything wrong for now. Let us keep her for now. We can see the rest later. Amu agrees finally.

Tina too gives in. kajri is super happy. Thank you so much. Fallu wants to show her her room. Kajri remembers to fetch her stuff from outside. Amit offers to get it which shocks her. She stops him. I will get it. She goes outside to get her luggage. Some black cloth comes out and lands on the steps of the stairs. She is shocked and quickly hides it in her bag. Saved!

Fallu guides Kajri to her room. Amu is watching it intently. Kajri is looking around the house curiously and notices Amu so she smiles at her (a gritted teeth smile) but Amu doesn’t respond in any way. She is somewhat scared as she holds onto her baby to keep it safe.

Fallu shows Kajri her room. Kajri thanks her for the job and the room as well. May God bless you always. Fallu leaves from there. Amu comes there so Kajri smiles at her.


Kajri says you can tell me if you have any work. Amu declines. She leaves from there. Kajri’s demeanour changes…..from smiling to an angry one. She closes the door of her room and takes out the black cloth from her bag. She thinks of places to hide it and finally chooses the cupboard.

Pari and Amu’s baby are playing with each other. They are in Baa and Nani’s lap. Baa teases Riya. Pari has already started taking her brother’s stuff. Riya isn’t too comfy with the remark. She is collecting stuff for her dowry (seriously??) on her own. Everyone is smiling except Riya. Kirath says he is her brother. He will have ample money. He will get his sister married with all the pomp. Nani agrees with him. He will love her dearly. Rohan agrees with Kirath. Your (Amit’s) son will be very rich. Amit jokes this means my money is going to be his now. Baa tells him to keep his money to himself. Rohan is talking about that. Amit teases them to go get them then. They all get up to get the gifts.

Kajri comes there. She tells Amu she will start her work from today only. She wants to take the baby from Nani but Amu stops her. First go and wash the baby clothes kept in the bathroom. Kajri tells her not to be formal. You can talk to me like you talk to any other member of this family. Amu tells her to wash the clothes with hot water. Kajri nods….that is what I always do as they get clean easily. She leaves. Epi ends on Amu’s face.

Precap: Kajri takes out the black cloth from the cupboard. She goes out of her room quietly and reaches outside AA’s room. She takes out the lemon and green chilly that are tied in a thread.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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