Amita Ka Amit 6th August 2013 Written Episode Update

Amita Ka Amit 6th August 2013 Written Episode, Amita Ka Amit 6th August 2013 Written Update

Hemant is sad as he waits for this function every year. Ammu sweetly tells him that it would happen this year too he needn’t be sad. He says as if you don’t know that its not happening this year. Ammu is taken aback. Hemant rues that every girl wants to be Radha no one wants to be a gopi. You only tell me how can this function happen without the gopi’s? Varsha also laments how much they used to look forward to it. Ammu calls it kiddish. Not everyone can be Radha. If that would have been the case then this dance would never happen. Atul knowingly says what is wrong in everyone trying to be Radha. She retorts as if only Radha dances. Gopi’s grace the dance. Radha will look incomplete without the gopi’s. I will make them agree. Kajal asks her to make that gopi agree first who is here only. Ammu looks at everyone’s face and realizes the act. Kajal says but you want to be a Radha right so let it be. Varsha very sweetly tells her how each ray of the sun adds to its beauty. If they wont come together then how would it stand out? Ammu apologizes to her dad. I know how important it is for you. It was my biggest mistake to decline for this dance but I promise I will participate now. I will perform. Everyone looks on happily as the father daughter duo hug. She takes it on herself to make all the other gopi’s agree for the dance. Hemant says when you have agreed then the rest will agree too. Ammu understands it looking at their faces. How did my Patel family become so smart all of a sudden? Varsha and Ammu share a hug. She stops realizing that she took the album with her to Shah House after the wedding then how come it is here. Everyone smiles in answer.

Bell rings. Ammu opens the door for Amit. Ammu asks him if he has some work from her or forgot something. He asks her what she is talking. I was called here by my mother-in-law. I am very hungry and what are you saying about me forgetting something. She shows him the photo album. He quickly takes it from her. Let us go in but she stops him. He thinks of the dhokla made by his MIL for him. She shows him the packed bag with food. From behind Varsha and Hemant shows thumbs up to Amit. He leaves happily with Amit.

They are at an ice-cream parlour. She asks him if the workload in office is less these days. He agrees but then wants to know why she is asking. She compliments his planning. I was thinking how you thought of so much all of a sudden and that too so fast. First you rang up mummy then made her call me luring me for yummy food, don’t know how and when you took my album home created all this act and made me agree as well. She calls him Amit Shahtir (clever) Shah. Looking at your face I feel I am being fooled. He asks her to have ice cream to keep her mind cool. There comes a very sweet smile on your face when you eat one. Is the smile on your face right now is for real or angry one? I am just confirming for my sake. You don’t know how hard it is for your husband to make you smile. She comments her husband doesn’t know how to show love. He agrees with her. She remarks that she forgot her husband yearns for every other girls’ smile right? He tries explaining fumbling making her smile. I know I have hurt you a lot I dint intend to do so but still I am sorry. But next time don’t say it that you cannot do anything or you are not right. You are the best for me…and will always be. And when you will perform then both Shah family and Patel family will clap whereas I will whistle. He shows it to her but apologizes cutely to everyone else present in there. See I know how to whistle. She says I will be your Radha amongst all those gopi’s. He asks her if she couldn’t have thought of anything more filmy. She apologizes to him. I am happy being a gopi but I have a condition. Without listening to her he agrees to get an ice cream machine at home for her so that she can have it every day. She tells him she wants talk to Shah Family and MIL first. He agrees to talk with his mom for her though he is sure she wont decline.

Everyone is seated at the dining table. All compliment the dhokla and stuff sent by Patel Family. Amit asks Ammu to ask now. Baa notices them talking amongst themselves. Are you saying something bad about me? Amit declines while Ammu calls her sweet. Baa tells her not to butter her for it has become very expensive already. Fallu smiles at this. Amit again talks in whisper. If you think you will run away from the rehearsal then forget it. Shall I say it? She wants him to wait as she wants to talk to her MIL alone first. This time Fallu tells them not to talk this way when everyone is around. Tell it clearly. Amit agrees with his mom. That is what I have been asking her to do. Everyone will be proud of you. She looks at him hesitant so he tells everyone about the participation. Everyone is happy for Ammu and encourages her to take part. Only Fallu is sitting quietly which is observed by Tina. ria too wants to take part but Rohan reminds her this is Gokulashtami dance and not a western one. She still wishes to take part but Baa cuts her off this time. Everyone agrees to come. Ammu is waiting for her MIL’s verdict. All cajole her to give permission to take part. After a lot of suspense Fallu agrees to allow her as everyone has already agreed for it. Ammu smiles and so does everyone else. Amit tells her how he was sure mom will allow her. You were worried for no reason. He thanks his mother. Ammu notices that Fallu’s face has lost its smile.


Fallu is working in the kitchen when Tina comes to talk to her about Ammu participating in the dance program. She only looks simple but somehow makes everyone agree on everything she wants. You too don’t have any issue with her participating in that? It will look awkward she is Shah Family’s wife after all. Anyways when you don’t have any issue with it then I must not say anything. She leaves quietly. Fallu is affected somewhat.

Next morning, Ammu is looking for her matching earrings. Amit tells her to hurry up as it the first day of her dance rehearsal and not an ear festival. If you will take so much time daily then I wouldn’t drop you. I cannot go late to office every day. She wears another pair but then recalls she has a new pair in her bag. She runs off to find them while he stands helpless watching his wife run for an earring ( 😛 ). As they leave from her room she asks him to meet MIL once. He tries to stop her but she again rushes off to her mummy ji. She informs her that she is going for rehearsal. I have taken the morning session so that Amit can drop me while going to office. Fallu allows her to go but on 2 conditions. Ammu nods in acceptance. Fallu says, one, you can go whenever you want to but you mustn’t forget your household responsibilities. You should make the lunch before going. Ammu nods. For two, Fallu tells her to dance so well so that everyone who sees it feel there cannot be any Radha better than you. It is about Shah Family’s respect too. Ammu’s smile disappears….Radha? Fallu says why you are Radha aren’t you? Ammu stands speechless.


Ammu is busy making lunch while Amit is waiting for her outside by the car. She realizes she is very late. She calls Amit. He wonders why is she calling she is supposed to come out. She asks him to wait for five minutes. He says your 5 minutes means 15 minutes. She tells him she is making lunch. I want 5 minutes only. He tells her how he is waiting outside for her. She could have told him before. She mumbles I too dint knew it. She starts explaining but then asks him to wait for 5 minutes.
Amit comes in the kitchen telling her it is already 20 minutes since then. She asks him not to be angry. He offers to help. She shows him the burnt / not so round chapatti. You know how to make round chapati’s? I can make it fast but then they will turn out to be some kind of map instead of being round. He declines but then brings a round lid of some box. They both get down to making the lunch. He is busy shaping and baking chapattis as she makes the veggies. Finally the lunch has been made. He says shall we leave now. She notices that his shirt has been covered with flour and points out to him. The epi ends on their smiling faces.

Precap: AA are late for rehearsal and are stopped by the attendant. Ammu says it never used to happen before. The attendant tells him that there is a new choreographer now who is very strict. He has strictly told me not to allow any later comers inside. Amit notices Ammu’s sad face.


Update Credit to: pooja

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