Amita Ka Amit 5th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Amita Ka Amit 5th March 2013 Written Episode, Amita Ka Amit 5th March 2013 Written Update

An episode with celebrations of Gordhana with expected happiness and unaccepted reality…..

Amit agreed to change his sherwani because being colour coordination in off white with Amita can be given a chance… He has broken the rules by which he had governed his life strictly earlier… A try to live life withiot them.. I applaud the character’s thoughts… a new layer comes to the front… Amit is giving living life differently with Amita an honest try…The guy gets brownie point for this…

The effort for colour cordination didnot have the desired results…. Amita changed to a beautiful red dress and Amit changed from his previous maroon sherwni to an offwhite one.. The contrast was still evident between the two…But it did show too both that the other is willing to walk the road of adjustments in the relationship. Every action has a reaction too.. Phalguni was deeply hurt when she got to know the real reason for Amit’s decision to change the sherwani.. Her son was reducing the importance of “Mummy dearest ” in his life…Through out the function Phalguni was kept reminding the usuitability of Amita as her bahu…

Amita was unable to wear the khandani bangles properly, Amit’s chachi helped her with it. She dropped her dupatta while meeting with Amit’s relatives,Ria lent her helping hand to pin it up properly…

Tina and Ria did no leave an oppurtunity to remind Phalguni the short comings of Amita..
Ria harped Amita needed to lose weight…
Tina drove home the point Amit was too taken in by his would be bride…Amit would in future take care of not offendinf his wife’s wishes..

The elusive diary was seen by Atul and Amit’s mom but both failed to take it in their custody.

It landed into the hands of the mischeif creators Tina and Ria giving them another oppurtunity to score a resounding win
in their game of kitchen politics against Amit’s mom..


Update Credit to: sunshine99

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