Amita Ka Amit 5th June 2013 Written Episode Update

Amita Ka Amit 5th June 2013 Written Episode, Amita Ka Amit 5th June 2013 Written Update

The room service guy tells Amit that after they finish coffee a car will be waiting for them outside to take them to a surprise location. Amit checks with Amita if she will come. She nods in agreement.

They reach a place where a tent has been put for them to stay overnight. The manager calls it a five star tent. Ammu jumps with joy and goes inside to check. Amit watches with glee.

Ammu comes out and notices Amit working on the lappy. She complains him that they have come on vacation. He shouldn’t be working. He replies network is required to work. Her phone rings. Preeti and Jigna have called to know how her honeymoon is progressing. Ammu happily tells them that they are enjoying. Preeti teases her if Amit is being all romantic. She lies a lot. He is not leaving me alone for a second. Jigna and Preeti tease her. Where is he now? Hope he isn’t working. Ammu loudly replies (so that Amit can overhear) who works on a holiday? He folds his hands towards her. She says he is making arrangements for bonfire.
Jigna asks him if Amit is looking at her with love. Amit is gesturing her to go away so that he can concentrate. She lies again saying he is. Jigna asks did you wear that surprise dress. Ammu becomes shy and declines. Jigna tells her to wear it for he is already calling you near him. If you wear it then he will come running after you. Preeti and Jigna disconnect the call.

Ammu tries to make Amit come along with her. He denies. She insists to go to the waterfall. He replies in negative and gets back to working on the lappy. Ammu stands aside upset. He notices her finally, keeps the lappy aside and agrees to go with her. She becomes happy.

Both are walking searching for the waterfall. He wonders about it for he cannot hear the sound. She jokes maybe it wont be the one which makes less sound (hilarious). He looks at her surprised. Ammu tells him to enjoy the route for her father tells her to enjoy the moment and the destination will itself be achieved.
They reach by the forest. She excitedly goes to wander in. He doubts about the wild animals. She again makes fun of him. if they come then you discuss your share market with them. Amit goes speechless. She poses for a pic and tells Amit to click one. He obliges. Next she tells him to pose AND OMG HE MAKES AWESOME POSES (I was laughing like anything). She teases him about it. Finally she tells him to pose like Shah Rukh Khan. He does and looks upwards towards the sky. Ammu looks at him hinting he cannot do it. She starts taking picture of the stones. He notices this and questions her when he is posing then why is she clicking the pics of the stones. She replies that is so because they are posing better then you. She hands him the phone and starts going inside the forest. He tries to stop her but our sweet Ammu runs off before he starts posing questions about getting dark or rain.

Amit follows her. He looks for her and keeps shouting her name but to no use. Ultimately he finds her enjoying herself on a branch of tree enjoying swing. He stands behind her. He shouts for her once more but she is not reacting. Rain starts pouring.
Ammu gets very happy by the whole ambience. She enjoys rain. He starts talking to her. I have been calling you since so long why did you not reply? She says she did hear them. He shares he was worried for her as it was about to rain and it is soon going to be night. Answer me I am talking to you. In reply, she calls out his name loudly. His name echoes and Amit feels awkward. She smiles. I could hear you calling my name but I loved hearing my name in your voice. He again tells her to come along as wild animals roam here. She insists to wait for some more time but then suddenly they hear a roar. She gets scared and hugs him. He doesn’t hug her back though as he feels a little awkward. She wonders how they will go back now. He tells her not to get scared. Just hold my hand and run along with me. She smiles and gives her hand in his. They run from there.

Amit and Amita reach their tent all drenched. She is laughing non-stop. He asks for the reason behind her laughing so much. She dismisses it as nothing. Maybe the roar has affected your mind. We just reached back all safe and sound and here you are laughing like anything. She says if I tell you then you will scold me. He says if she doesn’t tell then he may have to call a doc.
She tells him finally. I remembered one song – hum tum ek jungle se guzrein aur sher aa jaye…..sher se main kahungi tujhe chode de aur mujhe kha jaaye. She again bursts into laughter. He looks at her with mesmerized. He calls her mad. She says she is for sure but she had so much fun running with him. They share an eye lock.
Amit tells her to change before she catches cold. She nods and goes to get clothes from her suitcase. The rain wets all their clothes. She wonders what to do now. Amit goes outside. He looks around to make sure that no one is around. He opens his hand to feel the rain and enjoys in thoroughly. She watches him from the entrance of the tent.

Ammu makes division in the tent so that they both can change. She tells Amit to change too. He goes to get his night suit but realises that all his clothes are wet. She apologizes for the same and tells him that she has kept clothes for him on the bed. He looks at the kurta pajama upset for he doesn’t like it. She tells him that there is no other option left. He acts stubborn like a kid saying he wont change. But the very next minute he starts sneezing. She tells him next you will have fever so please wear it today. He has no other option left. She asks him to hand her towel to her. He cannot find it. He offers to share his towel. She takes it. Light goes off as soon as he turns away from her. she immediately calls out to him. He assures her that he is here only. Should I light candle? She tells him to change first and continue talking so that she doesn’t feel scared. He nods ok but keeps mum. She again tells him to speak anything. He thinks for a second and then gets talking. (Awesome) You know gold prices are dropping they will be high in Diwali. My employees told me about this. Ammu shouts and falls down. He worriedly asks her what happened. She replies, I too fell (like the share market). He offers to help but she assures him that she will be alright.

Kirath is trying Amit’s number but its unreachable. He is really pissed off with his son for they lost 3 clients because of his tactics. Fallu tries to calm him down. Amit has gone to enjoy and will be back tomorrow. He will handle everything when he comes back. He angrily tells her that till he is alive Amit doesn’t need to take care of the business, he will. Fallu is tensed.

Amit is lighting the bonfire thinking about the problems like no network, no light or else they would have been stuck because of this campfire. Ammu calls out to him from inside the tent. I have made tea for you from the hot water in the flask. You were sneezing so have it before you catch cold. He tells her that he lit the fire after much trouble. It might go off. You come out we will have it together. She stutters so he goes inside to check what the problem is but is stunned to see her in the beautiful yellow full length dress. Ammu smiles as he watches her without blinking his eyes.

Precap: Amit tells Amita that they should stay back another day. She asks about his office work and his preps for US. He replies work will always be there. Let it be. They move closer to each other (for a kiss I hope) and romantic Hum Tum plays in the background.

Update Credit to: pooja

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