Amita Ka Amit 5th August 2013 Written Episode Update

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Amita Ka Amit 5th August 2013 Written Episode, Amita Ka Amit 5th August 2013 Written Update

Ria makes it ladies first for women so Amita begins with Ajeeb Dastaan Hai Ye. Amit sings a romantic song from the letter M. Next one Ammu sings and Amit takes over for the men’s chance again (ummm are only AA playing 😛 ). Ammu is all shy hearing him sing romantic numbers. Ammu coughs as she sings another song. Amit looks worried. She is coming out of washroom when Amit takes her aside. She wants to go out back to playing antakshri but he holds her back. Who will you sing for when I am here? I don’t understand one thing as to what are you upset with me about (rightly said – the world is round 😀 ). She gets serious. You wont even understand it. He again insists wanting to know but she stays put with her things and is about to walk off when he holds her hand. I wont let you go out

of this room till you don’t tell me the whole thing. She says what I tell you….I was always alone whenever I needed you the most. You never try to understand me. You cannot understand me ever. He just all the more confused (ha ha ha ha look at his face). I still cant understand what you are trying to say. She recalls her MIL’w words. I couldn’t depend on anyone after whatever happened yesterday. I saw the result of depending on anyone. Another flashback with her MIL confirming with Amit if the Prasad is brought from outside or not and how Amit agreed with his mom. See, you still couldn’t understand it. And why would you as one need to have a heart for understanding stuff like that. Amit turns towards her. You mean I don’t have a heart I am insensitive? Wow I don’t understand you! I am becoming bad in the eyes of my parents still I understand your problem and support you. I don’t understand what are you upset with me on. I am trying to persuade you since morning but you don’t want to understand. She replies this isn’t the thing. But the point is whenever I need you I cannot trust you. He asks her what she is talking. She reminds him how he had told her that she is responsible for MIL’s bad health. You only asked me to make the sweets carefully. He says I wanted you to make it carefully only. She agrees saying I too knew this. This is the thing which hurt me badly. You too knew this yet you told this to me again. After that you asked me to make Basundi properly and how I make it nicely as it is easy to make. He tries telling her he just wanted to make things easy for her but she cuts him off. Why did you come in the kitchen? He wanted to help. She says by telling MIL that the Basundi has been brought from outside? I know there are a lot of things which I cannot do nicely I know I am reacting a lot more than I should but I am trying to make everyone happy. I don’t want any credit I only want you to understand how tough it is for me. He understands finally. I only want you to support me be with me give strength to me. He goes closer to her to make her understand he is there for her (awww moment <3). He nods as she tells him how a husband if the biggest support for a married woman. All the other relations are formed because of the husband only. If your husband is far from you even after being near to you then the love from the rest of the relations has no effect. I felt as if I was a useless stupid girl without you. I cannot do anything right. Whenever I want to do everything right it doesn't happen that way. Whenever I try to do something good something or the other bad happens. I am not upset / angry with you I am upset with myself. She cries but composes herself as they hear someone knock on their door. Nani calls her outside as her parents are waiting for her outside. Ammu leaves putting on a fake smile. Amit wants to talk to her but she leaves. Varsha gives a gift to AA. Amit asks her not to be formal by doing such things. Varhsa and Hemant call it a shagun as this is the first Jaya Parvati puja of Ammu. Kajal tells Ammu to keep it safe don't misplace it like the other things (uh-oh bad timing for a joke). Ammu’s face loses its smile which is noticed by Amit. She agrees with Kajal and tells her mother to take it back. I don't have the decency of handling expensive things. Varsha lightly tells Kajal not to say anything random. Kajal apologizes. She says I knew you were kidding but I am serious. Please take it back. Kajal wonders why she declined that dance first and now this as well. Amit is clueless about the dance. Hemant explains how Ammu takes part in their trader’s association dance program every year. Don't know whys he wont take part this year she dint even tell any of us and declined them directly. They only told us about it. He asks Ammu who says it wont be possible this year. Amit interrupts why wont it be…it will be for sure. He tells Ammu’s parents to tell the trader’s association people that Ammu will participate this year too. She will definitely perform in Gokulashtami. Everyone is happy except Ammu. He nods at her but she calls him aside for a minute. She asks him why he had to promise in front of everyone on behalf of her. What did you think before doing this? He says I did it all for you. She tells him not to do anything for her. Leave me on my own. He asks her the reason of not participating. Have you seen your face in front of the mirror and why do you roam making this kind of face these days? (LOL) She asks for an explanation – angry face (oops angry birds 😉 ). My face is like that only. He repeats his question (ummm not about the face but dance). You love dance so much I am giving you an option and you are rejecting it? She stays firm with I don't have the mood. He very calmly asks her that is what I have been trying to ask. She tries going but is stopped by Amit. I wont let you go from here till you tell me the reason (second time same dialogue in same epi). You got a special invitation from them. She counters it saying they send it every year nothing new. They have so many gopi’s I too am one of them. It wont affect them if I dance or not. I tried to be Radha for 10 years but it only remained till attempts. You know why? Because there is nothing special in me. I am not meant for doing anything special….neither there nor here at my in-laws. I am a very simple girl. If you want to help me then do one thing let me be a simple girl. Don’t think that I can do anything and everything. That is not cup of tea. She leaves from there with a sad face. Next morning everyone is seated on floor to have food. Baa says the jagran went well by God’s grace. Like every year the eldest daughter-in-law of the house will break her fast. Fallu is told to open her fast by eating Basundi. Ammu is all nerves. Fallu asks everyone else to eat as well. AA are panic stricken as Fallu stops while eating the first bite. She confirms with Amit if it is from some Thakkar’s shop. He wonders if isn't nice. She rather compliments it making our Ammu smile. It doesn't feel like it is from that shop. I would say the person who has made it has magic in his / her hands. Amit begins saying Basundi….Ammu takes over saying it wasn’t brought from Thakkar’s shop but by another shop as that was closed. Fallu is still happy about it. Amit asks Ammu why not tell mom truth now? She declines. You have anyways proved me useless in front of her I don't want to my husband liar in front of everyone. He looks at her speechless. Amit is trying to sew button in his shirt (funny) while Ammu is ironing her clothes. He makes some noise as the pin pinches him. ammu tells him to give or he will continue trying his hand at it only. He declines. I only will do it today. You anyways don't trust me and have already declined for dance. I will roam wearing a shirt minus button. I can manage standing on my own feet. She tells him to give it. They both hold the ends of the shirt telling the other to leave it. In the end they each get a shirt….err half shirt ( 😛 ). He looks first at the shirt and then at her. What did you do? It was my favourite shirt! Ammu’s phone saves her. varsha is on call while Atul and Kajal are standing behind her. You and Amit must come today but Ammu cuts her off rather abruptly without listening to her mom. Kajal signals Varsha to think of something. Varsha tells Ammu she made her favourite dish. Ammu gets excited for a second but then declines. Varsha adds another thing. If you are not coming then we will send it to the shop. Ammu asks Amit if they can go to PH after his office. Mummy has made lots of food which shouldn’t go waste. He agrees will eat everything and then come back. He taunts her about the shirt again. She confirms her mother about their coming. Atul and Kajal jump in excitement. Ammu overhears it. Varsha tells her to come asap. Amit can directly come from office. At PH, everyone is looking at albums (of the dance program). Hemant asks when everyone went wearing the dress of gopi then why did Ammu go wearing a princess’ dress. Ammu is right there only. Varsha calls her beautiful and reminds him how Atul burnt this dress when she returned home. She takes the album from her dad excitedly and gets lost in them. But why are you all looking at it right now? no one answers. She gets back to the album. Another incident is recalled. She sees a picture of a girl she dint used to like. Atul narrates how Ammu had tied that girl’s hairs with chair. Another picture, another memory. She recalls how Paresh Uncle had said next year only Ammu will be Radha. She goes quiet as someone else did. She puts the album aside and looks up. Everyone is looking at her. she wonders why are they looking at her like that. Precap: Ammu asks Amit if he has some work from her or forgot something. He asks her what she is talking. I was called here by my mother-in-law. I am very hungry and what are you saying about me forgetting something. She shows him something (a card I guess). He quickly takes it from her. let us go in but she stops him.

Update Credit to: pooja

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