Amita Ka Amit 4th September 2013 Written Episode Update

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Amita Ka Amit 4th September 2013 Written Episode, Amita Ka Amit 4th September 2013 Written Update

Amit is searching for something in his cupboard when Amu walks in. Are you looking for something? He says I was planning a surprise for you but I cannot find anything. You have kept things so disorderly that I cannot find things on the right time when they are needed. She asks about his surprise. He rues she has kept things so unsystematically that I cannot even plan a surprise however much I would want to. She says ok if you have so many problems with me then plan this surprise for yourself. I don’t want any surprise. Amit smiles seeing her pout. It wont be fun going alone to Thailand. She gets very excited. We are going to Thailand? He affirms….that is why I was searching for your passport since so long. I have planned everything for us. Before planning a baby I want to roam around whole world with you. Thailand, Kerala, Manali, North East India and finally Europe. She is thrilled to hear the list but then her smile disappears. He notices the change in her behaviour. Here I am planning to see the whole world with you and you are acting as if I told you we would be going to jail today. You want to go to some other place? She nods back. He asks her to say it. She shakes her head. I was only thinking about our family. Everyone at home is so excited about baby planning especially MIL. I don’t think she would understand the 2 year thing. We are planning to travel while she is thinking of nappy, diapers, etc. Her every talk starts and ends with baby. I cannot understand anything. He asks her to tell her straightforwardly. It is our life and our baby and we aren’t ready yet. Only 2 people’s decision is needed while planning a baby – a wife and a husband. You go and tell her we have decided we don’t want a baby for next 2 years. She likes his idea and agrees to tell MIL the same way. He is sure she will agree. She cannot believe they will be going to all these places. Thailand is my fav place. She starts planning losing weight, shoes, makeover, buying clothes which people wear in Thailand and so much more. he interrupts her thoughts saying this way they will have no budget left to travel. We will have to sit in this very room and watch Thailand’s beaches on tv. In these 2 years I want to roam around whole world with you. I want to do everything I want to with you so that we don’t regret it later when we have a baby. Once we have baby we will take care of its every need. Amu hugs him happily….thanks!

Tina is pacing in the room worried. Fallu bhabhi is all after babies right now and Amu agrees to everything that she says. She will try her best to give a grandchild to Fallu bhabhi. But I want that the first baby of this house is yours. The first baby of a house is very much loved. I don’t want Amu;s child to get this right. Ria knows she is right but you know doc has told me not to try for next 3 months. Plus Rohan is not here. Amu comes there. She needs the weighing machine. Tina tells Ria to get it. Tina gets a chance to ask it around. it doesn’t look like you have gained weight. Amu says she is feeling she has gained some so just thougt to check. Ria comes back with the machine. Tina asks about her health regime and walk. This happens only when there is some good news. Amu doesn’t understand first then stops realising what she is hinting at. Ria and Tina are waiting for an answer. Amu explains that isn’t so. A baby is a very big responsibility and we aren’t ready for it yet. She is about to go but stops to request her not to say this to MIL. I myself will tell her in 2-3 days that we aren’t ready yet. Tina agrees. It is our secret. Amu leaves after thanking her. Tina and Ria high five. Tina comments that the issue is over now. By the time AA will plan it your kids will be everyone’s favourite.

Amu checks her weight while Amit is booking tickets. She checks it again shocked….5 kgs? She goes to Amit. I have gained 5 kgs. He tells her to relax. We have many days for our booking is of 23rd. You will reduce your weight don’t worry. He resumes his phone call. She asks for today’s date and is relieved they have 10 days. Amu confirms date with Amit. You sure? She gets worried how it came so soon. She counts it on her fingers and again asks him once more. He tells her to check in the calendar as I am busy in booking. She goes and checks in the calendars. She wonders how this can be. She comes to Amit still looking lost. He asks her if she would like garden view or poolside. She chooses poolside. He gets back on his call. After checking her calendar once again she takes her purse is leaving for somewhere when Amit stops her. Where are you going? She says she was going to get passport size photos. He tells her to come back fast.

She calls Kajal. How can one know how to check if someone is pregnant or not? Kajal gets all excited. I will just come over with sweets. Amu puts it on a friend. Kajal tells her there are many but the easiest one is to get the pregnancy kit from the chemist and check for herself. Amu thanks her and disconnects.

Amu goes to one chemist shop but doesn’t know how to say it. Before she can gather the courage to say it some acquaintance shopkeeper turns up. She ends up buying Amit’s medicine. In the next shop she buys another set of medicines. Finally in the third shop she scribbles it down on a piece of paper and gets it. She gets Amit’s call asking her where she is. She tells him she is on her way only. I am going to Batuk’s place you will come right. She tells him to go she wont be able to join them this time. He tells her to start packing as soon as she is back. Everything has been booked.


Amit comes back home after meeting Batuk. Fallu greets him. How is the baby? Amit says the baby is well only Batuk is not well. Fallu smiles. Everyone loves their kid however much they trouble. He agrees with her. How was the function? She loved it and shares the kid’s name’s alphabet was from letter P. I had a few names in my mind but I kept quiet thinking if your kid too got that letter then I will use it there. Amit gets serious while she continues sharing how no one was letting go of the baby for even a second. A baby binds the whole family so nicely. He nods but she asks him if he is even listening. He retorts I am listening and can very well understand what you are hinting at. You want to know if we are ready for kids or not? She nods. If not now then when will you think of it? Amu has come there by now and stops to listen to their convo. Amit tells Fallu they will think after 2 years. She is taken aback while Amu stands worried. I don’t like such jokes. He tells her he isn’t joking. Amu interrupts in the middle. I need to talk to you please. Fallu turns to Amu. You both are not planning for kids for 2 years? Amu says I will make you understand in a little while. She takes Amit along with her in their room and closes the door.
He doesn’t understand why she dint let him make mom understand that they wont be thinking about kids for next 2 years and….She announces while he continues speaking….I am pregnant! He is stunned into silence.


He asks her what she said. She repeats it for him….you are going to become a father. He is at a loss of words. You are really pregnant? She confirms it. I have tested it while crying. I am pregnant. I knew it you would react this way. He fumbles what is there to cry. She asks him if he is happy. He says if you are then I too am. She says the kid who was about to be born after 2 years is about to come in 9 months. You are happy hearing this? He isn’t sure but agrees. She is happy if he is. You have no problem with it? They both continue with if you don’t have problem with it then I don’t have it. He cannot think of anything so suggests sleeping as it is late. She starts saying something but he asks her if she said something. She denies. You said MIL that we wont be thinking about kids for next 2 years. He replies they cannot do anything now for what was to happen has happened already. We will tell everyone in the morning. She nods. He goes to change.

Fallu is sitting worried in her room. AA will wait for 2 years for real? But mom said this trip is the first step towards growing their family. Maybe I couldn’t understand it correctly.

Scene shifts to AA’s room. Neither of them has sleep in their eyes.

Next morning, Amit is all set to leave for office. AA glance at each other awkwardly. Fallu comes there with the tickets for Thailand. Have fun. Once you get responsibilities then you both wont be able to spend quality time with each other. Amu turns to her. fallu says I know I was after you for family planning but yester night I thought it over. I agree with what you said. You haven’t spent much time together after your wedding. Spend this time with each other now. We can wait for the kid. Amit denies going to Thailand. She wonders why they booked tickets then. Amit doesn’t disclose anything and leaves for office. She stands clueless. Amu tries to explain but she doesn’t hear her anything. My own kids have grown so much that they don’t even listen to me or neglect it altogether. Do what you want. Book and then cancel whatever. Plus no need to tell me as who I am to interfere in your lives. She leaves in a huff meanwhile Ria outside is delighted to hear all this.

Precap: Amit says (to Amu) we are about to become parents. But I am more nervous than happy. She is relieved as he is thinking on the same lines like her. He was worried that he alone was worried about it. She too felt the same. He tells her everything will change with this. It will take us 1-2 weeks to come out of this shock. I think we must tell everyone after that only. Amu agrees with him.

Update Credit to: pooja

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