Amita Ka Amit 4th June 2013 Written Episode Update

Amita Ka Amit 4th June 2013 Written Episode, Amita Ka Amit 4th June 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Amit will be calling Amu who was in a daydream and she had had to return the phone to the couple who requested her to take a photo. Then Amit will tell her that he was waiting for such a long time with a Chocó bar and
then tells her that the Chocó melted and the bar is left. Then Amu tells she likes such a ice cream and they will fight as to who should have the second ice cream and with the fight the ice cream will end up on Amit’s shirt.

Then she apologizes and they share a laugh, he then asks her that they will go to Monkey point. Amu rejects the idea and tells that we should do what we want and not be guided by a tour guide. He asks her where and she informs that nearby that
was interesting. Then they land up in some kind of para military training camp
and he refuses to take part. Then Amita tells him that he is scared, and then
he refuses.

Amita will tell she is taking part. Then she meets the officer there and he tells he can’t go alone and she has to wait for another person. Then Amit appears and tells he is with her. He is asked by the officer that they have to fill a form that they will be responsible for any injury they get. They are asked to wear a uniform and they assemble with the other couples. The officer will then give a list of instructions for all th civilians and inform the couple who does the fastest and the best will be declared as the best couple.

Here starts the comedy of errors. Amu will take part actively and will make Amit who
was left behind come as fast as possible. She will be giving a list of instructions to him as o how to follow. They will reach a point when Amit is ahead of her. She is sacred to do a stunt and he encourages her that she can complete the task. Then he crosses over by holding the ropes and then asks her to have some belief in him and come. She follows him after great difficulty and then pushes him into a pond. He comes out in a really funny manner spluttering. Amu also ends up along with him and they share a light heated moment. He then slowly warms up to her.

At the office Rahul will inform Kirat Bhai that Mr.Chauhan has also refused to do work and this is the third person. Then on Kirat asking he will start telling that they are leaving the company because of the business tactics of Amit. Then he asks where the clients are going. Rahul will tell some new company called Wise Investments.
Then Kirat bhai is very sad about the loss of face among the public and the
press, clients. He will be shouting at Amit and decides to do something as soon
as Amit comes back.

At the Hotel Amita has a neck sprain and Amit will give her an ointment to use it.He will call room service to contact for some order. Then he finds that she is struggling to put the ointment on her back. Then he offers to do so.

Amit will be sitting on the bed behind Amita and he will be trying to rub the ointment on the back of her neck. Amu will be enjoying it. He will be very serious at his job and will be rubbing forever. Then he tells her that the dupatta is in the way and she very shyly removes it. He will be rubbing ion a shoulder and by mistake will remove the know to the Salwar. He apologizes to her and she tells it is okay.

They are interrupted by the room service. He quickly gets up and she asks him to tie the knot of theSalwar and he does it. Then he goes to open the door.

PRECAP:Amit is making a bon fire and he asks her to bring her chai and come out. She refuses and he will go inside to find out what the matter is and he sees her in a saree.

Update Credit to: anurao

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