Amita Ka Amit 4th April 2013 Written Episode Update

Amita Ka Amit 4th April 2013 Written Episode, Amita Ka Amit 4th April 2013 Written Update

-Amita comes down to the hall where everybody is present. Amit’s dad ask her if Amit said anything, to which Amita says no. Amita thanks Falguni and Amit’s dad for letting her to talk to Amit at this hour. She says I told Amit whatever was in my heart, now it will be Amit’s decision. Saying this she leaves with Preeti and Sanjay.

-In the car, Preeti is asking Amita how much more time Amit needs and what does it mean it will be his decision? You guys are getting married tomorrow and still we don’t know if the wedding is on or not. Sanjay ask her if Amit said anything at all, Amita says nothing. I don’t even know if he heard me or not properly. Preeti says so that means we’ll just wait for the baraat tomorrow without knowing if they are coming or not. Amita answers I don’t know about the baraat, that is not in my hands. I’ll do whatever I can do, whatever is in my hands. I’ll just wait for him in my wedding dress.

-At Amita’s house, everyone is having fun. All the relatives and family are singing and teasing each other. Suddenly the lights go off and everyone wonders why. Amita’s mom says this light can come back, but the real light of the house that is going tomorrow (referring to Amita) will not come back. Everyone gets sad. Atul says Amita is scared of the dark, I’ll go and put a candle there. Amita’s dad tells him to hurry up and go. Atul hands him a candle too for the hall and goes to Amita’s room. He sees Amita is not in her bed and starts calling her name. He comes out and informs everyone about it, they are shocked and starts worrying about her.

-Everyone is looking for her but in vain. Amita’s mom says Ammu is not at home. Amita’s dad goes to look out and when he opens the door, there Amita is standing. They ask her where she went at this hour of night ? Amita says i was just disturbed so went out to have some fresh air. Her mom ask her whats wrong ? Before she answers, her dad says its simple she’s getting married tomorrow so there are so many questions in her mind. Once again everyone gets sad. Her mom tells her not to worry, leave everything on kanha ji and listen to her heart. She shares a hug with her mom.

-In the morning, Amita’s dad enters into her room quietly and signals Atul to come.Who comes with a dholki (i don’t what it is called) behind him his mom, kajal and grandparents come. They stand around Amita’s bed who is sleeping. They start singing and playing. Amita is having a nightmare about whatever Amit told her. She suddenly wakes up shouting ‘NAHI AMIT’. Everyone is shocked. Her annoying relative says what did Amit do in the dream that you are saying ‘nahi, nahi’. Atul besides her and starts singing ‘meri pyaari behna banegi dulhaniya…’. Amita is still sad.

-Scene shifts to Amit’s house, where Ria gives the haldi thaali to Falguni and says i’ll put so much haldi on him, nobody will be able to recognize him. Tina is making faces while helping Amit’s dadi. Nani tells Falguni to look happy. All the ladies proceed towards Amit’s room. Falguni knocks on the door and keeps calling him. Some relatives start teasing Amit-Amita saying he would be up all night talking to Amita. Falguni knocks again and realizes the door is open. They go in and starts calling him. Tina says what if Amit ran away from his wedding, Falguni is shocked and drops the haldi thal from her hands.

-Amita is looking at her and Amit’s sangeet picture, when the annoying relative comes there. She ask her what is she thinking, everyone is waiting for her to apply haldi on her. Amita’s mom starts the ceremony and gets emotional. Her dadi tells her to control herself, this is not Amita’s bidaai. Everyone does the rasam one by one. Preeti and Aarti apply haldi on Amita and tells her to leave everything on kanha ji and soon Amit will realize Amita is the best wife. They tell her to enjoy the moments. Just then Jigna comes, and says all the rona-dhona (crying) without me. She comes and all shares a hug, kajal too joins in (cute scene). They applied haldi all over Atul’s face, and applying on each other’s face.

-Amita’s mom and dadi are packing Amita’s stuff, when her dad comes in with a teddy, hair clip and tiffin box. He gets emotional while sharing her childhood details (such a emotional scene). Her mom goes to see her but Preeti tells Amita’s mom to get ready and she’ll bring Amita. At Amit’s house, everyone is worried about him being missing. Amit’s dad tells falguni to find out from his friends. She answers what should i tell them? My son is getting married today and i don’t know where he went that too coz his dad didn’t bother to ask him about his will. This is meant to happen if you force him. Amit’s dad gets mad saying we fixed this alliance on his saying. While talking they both get into a big argument when Rohan’s dad comes and stops them. Falguni cant call Sanjay, coz then Preeti will find out and from there Amita and her parents will get to know about it.

-Amita is with couple of mobile phones, She’s trying to do something when Preeti comes in. She tells her to call Amit. Amita says she doesn’t want to force him but i have a feeling he will come coz otherwise comebody would’ve called from his house, i checked all the phones. Preeti and Amita have such an emotional talk where Amita talks about her dreams that she used to see and here I stand today thinking if my dulha will come or not. Preeti tells her to stop crying and he will come. Amita hugs her. Episode ends…

PRECAP: Amita ask her mom why is she worried ? She says baraat hasn’t come yet and nobody called from his house either.

Update Credit to: mehak

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