Amita Ka Amit 3rd June 2013 Written Episode Update

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Amita Ka Amit 3rd June 2013 Written Episode, Amita Ka Amit 3rd June 2013 Written Update

episode starts with amit chillaofying at Amita why is she asking so many questions as there is another life too for him apart from Amita which is going to come in between tyen within no time. Ammus faces dulls out n she says for a small question why is he talking like that. Amit says sorry and they go inside the room. As they enters the room, room is fultoo sajaofied with rose petals as its a honeymoon suite. Amit babua starts sneezing and starts chillaoying again what’s all this looking at Amita. Ammu scared n says she doesn’t know anything. Amit about to go to manager to band bajaofy but bechara manager steps in greeting isz azeeb couple to check how r the preperations as its their special gift for couples.

manager thought their arrangements will be surprise jhatka for ammu n amit

but amit ne break kiya matka on the face of mgr asking him whether they can imagine what will be his state coz of this stupid arrangement??? And asks him whether did they check with him for which mgr answers as its surprise they didn’t ask. Amit asks for another room right away mgr says no rooms available n leaves them to sadaofy the ntire night.

amit goes to balcony stands with chahre PE barah bajake, I mean dull frustrated face… Amita cmes n asks him to chill n not to get frustrated. He asks her how can he be happy as he has no clue how he will sleep. Ammu asks him where will he sleep then?amit says he will sleep in the balcony on floor. Ammu asks him how will he be able to sleep… He says If she gets bedspread it will have rose petal fragrance… Amita feels no use talking to amit silently goes in opens her suitcase, takes out a bedspread n comes to balcony n spreads it on the floor. Looking at which amit face color changes from irritation to hayerabba eh kaha se aayi… Means oh god fromwhere did this come… She looks at him and saysthis is notthe hotel one but she bought it along with her luggage from home n adds that at times extra packing also helps and see now its solvig the purposen smiles. amit sleeps as amita goes inside to call room service to ask for pillow by the time the boy gets pillow amit slips into deep sleep. She caringly cutely looks at him and tries to place pillow case nder his neck but her hand gets fasaofied I mean stuck under hishead… And fails to fres her hand… Looking at him drooling… Drooling she too sleeps there only.

its in the morning both are sleeping on the floor and two kids keep laughing which will wake up amit n he is awestruck seeing Amita next to him… He looks at kids n tries to wake up but ammu turns to his side catching his shirt…m babuas heart dhadaks… N moves bit close to Amita… (I strongly feel he wanted to go close to her face n kisss yaaris) but ammu opens her eyes n is shocked to find amit so close to her..m amit manages saying that kids he was trying to wake her up since long as she is in deep sleep he was trying to wake her up by calling her name im her ears… N he gets up… Ammu as usual with shy shy smile n being and patake phoding heart gets up ges to a corner n both of them keep stealing glances open chupa chupi khel. Amit tries to break the awkwardness by askng ammu that y did she sleethere? N he him self says asks her now not to say that she too has got sme allergy with roses… Ammu nods her head in No No direction… Again he says ok so now not to say that as he was sleejg on the floor n she didn’t sleep on bed… Ammu again nods no no … N she says that it was he who slet on her hand when she bought pillow n placed it under her head… Amits awkwardness n again chupa chupi khel… Ammu says that she will go n freshen up n turns to leave but her leg plays game with bedspread n she trips n amit catches… Eyelock…kids laugh… Ammu says kids? What will they be thinking about them… N gets worried for which amit says what’s wrong..
. They aren’t doing anything wrong as they r hisvand n wife..
. Again ammu in her drool wala smile…

this time amit leaves to freshen up… Now both inside amit asks ammu to fresh up fast as he has got the list n they have to visit all those places in one day.ammu again confused what to wear …he asks her not to sajna sawarna too much as trees won’t see her beauty but ammu says there will be other tourists tooamit says is she getting ready for them?no na so she can wear anything. Also adds that whatever she wears she looks same with no change for him. Now scenes is st shivling point.

ammu prays thered looking at shivling point while amit asks her to rush to diff place… From there they go to some other location… Where ammu gets excted looking at pahads, I mean mountains waterfalls he again asks her to rush up she gets super pissed… But silently fllows him. They reach another where all couples njoy their victims sit by expressing love sharing joy like ice creams n so on… Amita requests amit that they will spend some time there…
when amit says that who knows next location may be more beautiful than this one… Ammu says in search of fulfilling our quench for beauty we fail to understand n enjoy the beauty of what we have got with us… Which leaves amit in deep thoguts… Amita looks at him and asks what is he thinking… As he is lost in thoughts he gets disturbed n comes out of thinking nsaysshe said it rightly… N says that, we will not realize the value of what we get easily and looks st her… Ammu shys they start leavng the place but both keep looking at couples enjoying… Ammu asks amit to get icecream… He doessome behas again but goesto get.mean while acouple asks ammu to take asnap of theirs…as n when she is about to fix focus ntake the snap she finds herself n amit in the mobile… Finally dream song ammu singing dancing behind amit n lastly amit is shown wooth ice cream n ammu dreaming… Ammu comes out of her dream episode e,ds.

Precap: ammu asking amit to have icecream n she trying to feed… Amit showing his akkad… N finalluy icecream spoils Amita shirt… Ammu saying sorry…

Update Credit to: Sreearabhi

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