Amita Ka Amit 30th April 2013 Written Episode Update

Amita Ka Amit 30th April 2013 Written Episode, Amita Ka Amit 30th April 2013 Written Update

Fallu is standing at the door. She sees Amit standing with pillows in his hands and asks him about it. (MUST watch expressions and their glances at each other aww!!) Before Amit says something, Ammu manages the situation. The pillow got oil stain so he was taking them to change the covers. Amit smiles slightly.
Fallu says why outside. You have pillow covers in your cupboard. And Amita, you must take care. The oil stains wont go away now. Ammu says she will. Fallu tells them that pandit ji will be coming tomorrow for a grah shanti puja. Husband and wife need to sit together in the puja. You both too have to. Amit cites his office excuse that he has loads of work to do tomorrow.
Fallu doesn’t hear anything. Nothing would be considered. Plus I am not even forcing you to keep fast which normally the couple does. Ammu happily tells her she will keep the fast.
Amit straightaway denies. Fallu smiles don’t worry. Sleep now. nani will get fruits for you early morning. They bid each other good night and Fallu goes out.
Amit again starts going out when Ammu tells him not to go to guest room. Nani will be coming in the morning so he should sleep here only. Amit with a cute face goes to sleep on the couch.

Both lie down in their respective places. Ammu recalls Amit’a words. I wont come out with you ever. We haven’t had a normal day after marriage. We only married for the sake for our families’ happiness nothing else.
Amit too recalls Ammu’s words. You loved Snehal. That is why when she rejected you your ego got hurt. This is why you told everyone in your house that you love me. Only you are not hurt Amit, I too am. If I wasn’t right for you then why did you decide to marry me? He looks at Amita who too is lost in her own world.

Nani knocks at Amit’s room. Ammu looks around for Amit. She doesn’t spot him on the couch but realises he is lying next to her on bed. He looks at her and says, it would be Nani only. She would have come with fruits for you. Go and open it.
Amita goes and Nani comes with a tray full of fruits for her. She tells her to eat it all before sunrise. Ammu asks what the need is. It is just for one day. Nani says there is need. She isn’t completely well so should eat well. She calls out for Amit. He turns in bed.
Nani says you have to make her eat with your own hands. Amit gets up shocked. What? Why do I have to? Nani says it is a tradition. Amit defends himself saying she can eat with her own hands. Ammu too repeats she will eat on her own. But Nani again tells him that he has no other option. Make her eat it all then I have to do the preps for puja too. Amit with a cute face says he will. Nani tells him to do it now. He is left with no other option so feeds Ammu. Nani watches them happily and then tells him to make her eat everything. Both stare at each other. Nani leaves.
Amit tells her to eat the rest of the apples or Nani will… Amit’s phone rings. He excuses himself saying the call is from America. He goes aside to attend the call while Ammu eats.

Ammu comes out wearing a beautiful pink and yellow saree (pretty). Ammu asks Fallu if she can help her. Fallu tells her you dint ate anything since morning. You must be tired. Let it be.
Nani comes with a glass of juice for her. Ammu declines. Nani compliments her sometimes I think there is a very intelligent girl behind this sweet innocent face who knows everything. Ammu smiles.
Ammu comes across Amit. He is holding a tray with milk and something to eat. He says you can eat no one will get to know anything.
Ammu smiles she is fine. She doesn’t want anything. Amit questions her why not. She must be tired. He insists her to eat. Fallu comes there she asks Ammu, so you made him break the fast. Ammu looks at Amit.
Ammu smiles at him. You kept fast? Amit nods his head slightly in a yes. Fallu says you dint knew? He dint have a drop of water since morning. Fallu tells him to sit and then eat. Saying so, she leaves while a sweet background music plays in the background.
Ammu goes after him. You told me you wont then? He says what was there to tell. I dint keep it for you. Ammu goes quiet. He says he too respects traditions. If there is a puja then there are some rules too. He looks at her from the corner of his eye and leaves.
Ammu thinks did he really kept it for the sake of rituals or (brightens up) did he keep it for me?

Amit and Amita are doing aarti of Kanha idol. Tina looks at them. Ammu prays, Kanha, this puja is for grah shanti but real peace will be attained when everything gets fine in mine and Amit’s relation. I know I act stupid sometimes and get angry please forgive me. I promise you I will do everything to save / make this relation (work). Please stay with me.


Nani tells Ammu Fallu has made special food for them on fast. Ammu compliments Fallu that whatever mummy ji make is always special. Amit’s dad says yes as she adds loads of love with her food so everything becomes extra special. Fallu smiles.

Tina calls out to Rohan. Where were you we had a puja at home. He happily tells them that he got the fruit of the puja. They have got a business proposal from Parker Association from America. They had spoken with Amit and they were quiet impressed with him. All congratulate Amit. Ammu too is happy for Amit.
Rohan shares that there is one problem. They have to send someone who is very experienced to the USA for a month’s time. I cant go because of my prior commitments. I have declined on Amit’s behalf too as he has recently married. But then who will go?
Amit tells Rohan not to worry. He will go. Everyone is taken aback except Tina and Rohan. They are happy that their plan is working. They smirk. Ammu looks hurt.

Amit’s parents try to tell him that he cant decide alone for Ammu is there too. Amit says she can understand well how important this meeting is for him. He asks Ammu. She smiles a fake smile and nods in a yes. Fallu too tries to dissuade him but he stays put.
Nani tells them to let him go he can take Ammu along. Rohan points out that Amit can visa on the pretext of business but Ammu might not be able to. Plus he cant delay it for more than a month’s time. Amit tells him to relax he will speak with his agent regarding the visa. Tina, Rohan and Ria smile at their plan.

Ammu tries to get up but her foot hurts. She says aloud ouch. All asks her what happened. She says nothing. I thought the injury has healed but slowly slowly the pain is increasing. He speaks while looking at Amit.
Nani tells him to take Ammu inside. His father tells him that the decision hasn’t been taken yet. We will discuss it again. Amit stays firm with his decision. All 3 evil people exchange victory glances.


Amit helps Ammu in walking. He closes the door of their room. She tells him to leave her. She can walk on her own.
He asks but you said it was paining? She replies but the pain isn’t in the foot. He naively asks then where. She replies heart. He becomes confused. Tell clearly please. Outside you were telling you were having pain and now you are saying you are ok. I cant understand. She says that is your problem. Everyone has to explain everything to you in detail.
He again asks for the meaning. She says means the surprise, then corrects herself, sorry the shock that he gave her outside. And here you are asking for the meaning.
Amit asks because of my going to USA? Ammu says yes you are going to USA. You took such a big decision and dint even ask me.
Amit says why should I? This relation is for namesake. It isn’t real. Yesterday you only said that I married you because of my ego. We have only fought since our marriage. So according to me this is the right decision. I think this is the best relation that we stay away from each other for some time.
Ammu says Amit, that was yesterday. We fought yesterday but we both got hurt because of it. You are taking such a big decision because of the fight? Amit says you too know the reality. We aren’t exactly a couple. Our thoughts don’t even match. We are not made for each other. The line echoes in Ammu’s head. Its good that we got to know the truth about our relation. Now there isn’t any more misunderstanding. The relation wont go ahead. I know you will find it weird but now nothing will change between them. It will remain the same.
The episode ends on as Ammu looks hurtful thinking of Amit’s words.

Precap: Ammu is telling Hemant not only Amit but I too have made some mistakes. But now I will fully try to work out things between us. I will do everything I can to make things better in this one month’s time. If in this time things don’t change for good then I will agree to it that we aren’t made for each other.

Update Credit to: pooja

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