Amita Ka Amit 29th August 2013 Written Episode Update

Amita Ka Amit 29th August 2013 Written Episode, Amita Ka Amit 29th August 2013 Written Update

The epi begins with a lady asking Tushar Bhai (the organiser) as to when is the show going to start. He leaves after telling her it will be starting shortly. Shah family members are sitting upset / angry. Rohan comments (to Tina, Ria and Fallu) it doesn’t look like the show wont start till next year. Have we come here to just sit and wait here? All 3 enjoy the situation as they notice Fallu’s sullen face. Tina points out that Amu has made them ashamed in front of everyone. Ria too had called over her friends. I don’t know what to say to them now. fallu’s friends ask Fallu as to when will her daughter-in-law be reaching. The lady (who had taunted Fallu) again taunts her. What do I do with this camcorder now? Is she coming or not or shall I call my own daughter-in-law Surabhi? She will learn everything in 2 minutes. Tina, Ria and Rohan enjoy the situation. Every person present there is looking at the clock and exchanging worried / confusing glances.

Neeraj and Sid exchange helpless look. Tushar bhai shouts at Sid now what to do. Go and dance on stage. One person got angry and quit but the public wont stop. All the girls (gopi’s) are worried as well. Sid is standing sadly in front of the mirror. When he looks up he finds a smiling Amu standing behind him in the mirror. Everyone gets excited to see her. She asks for 5 minutes (to get ready :O) and he nods. Everyone jumps in excitement.

Fallu cannot take it anymore. She gets up to leave just when Amit is shown entering. Hemant, gets up looking at Amit. He asks about Amu. Tina, Ria too come there. Tina replies she would be at home where else. Ria says we have called the driver outside so now shall we leave. All the ladies turn to leave but Amit tells them to look at stage once before leaving for home. They stop in their tracks and everyone looks at the stage before going home. The dance performance begins on Radha Kaise na Jale. Everyone takes their seats. Everyone has a broad smile on their faces except Tina and family. Everyone’s eyes are glued to the dance floor. Fallu tells the same lady to record the dance who obliges smiling. Tina keeps looking at Fallu with pursed lips. The dance performance comes to an end and everyone starts clapping / applauding.

Every person present there wants to have a picture clicked with Amu who is more than happy to oblige. Varsha, Atul, Kajal and Amu’s Dada ji compliment her on her act one by one. Hemant and Dada ji take the praise for Amu being their daughter / granddaughter. Fallu remarks after all she is my daughter-in-law. She takes her from there as her friends want to click a picture with her.
Amit is very happy to see his wife getting clicked with his mom’s friends. Tina and Ria watch it dismayed. Amu and Amit look at each other and smile. The same lady with the camcorder asks him to join Amu. He goes and stands next to Amu happily. She compliments them for they look so good together. Amu cutely joins her hands in his. He is a little taken aback but smiles as she keeps looking at him. He tells her he wants to e-mail a photograph to Batuk. She asks where he is. Amit replies as the delivery is anytime expected so he stayed at home to take care of her. jigna comes and compliments her on her beauty and dance performance. She wants to talk about something with Amu so asks Amit to hold her daughter for some time. Amit is very apprehensive and his face is a must watch as he holds the baby girl in his arms. A photographer asks Amu to stand with Amit so that he can click a pic together. Amit tries to hand over Jigna’s daughter back to her but she insists that she too should be clicked with them. Amit nods seeing no other option left. They get a pic clicked together. Amit keeps making weird faces while holding the baby. The ladies compliment the couple….hope God blesses them with a child soon then their family will be complete. Baa and Nani are there only. Jigna takes Amu away with her leaving Amit with the baby girl. He is holding her awkwardly.

Jigna informs Fallu that it is her daughter’s anukaran sanskar something (dint understood what she said). It is just a small family affair you must come. She agrees to come. They turn to see Amit struggling awkwardly with the baby. Fallu gets talking to JIgna. Amu notices the awkwardness he is facing. Look at your face it looks like someone has given you a punishment in school. He equals handling a small kid to a punishment. She asks him to hand her the baby girl. He is about to but she pisses on his shirt. She starts laughing. He is upset as its his favourite shirt. She teases him he should have come wearing a raincoat instead. You cannot handle kids. She makes the girl smile. Jigna comes and is worried if the baby did anything. He tells her what she has done. Jigna apologizes and takes the baby in her arms. Amu laughs again as he looks at his shirt.

AA meet Sid who compliments Amu’s dance. I am doing shows since years but neither saw a Radha like you nor a performance like this. Amit gives all the credit to him. But Sid thanks him instead. She did such a splendid performance all because of you. She maybe dancing with me but it was all for you. You are her real Kanha. AA smile. Sid takes their leave telling them to keep in touch. AA leaves.


Amu is laughing heartily as she comes in her room with Amit in tow. Amit doesn’t understand how the baby incident was funny. She continues laughing. Your face was a must watch. You too would have laughed looking at yourself. He tells her not to laugh anymore and she agrees. But the very next moment she cannot stop herself anymore. He doesn’t like it and they both run in their room with him chasing her. He back hugs her now run. She is very happy I still can but shouldn’t. Getting serious she tells him not to let anyone come between them like the misunderstandings they had because of Sid Sir. He promises her and get in to a romantic eye lock.

Fallu brings Amu’s favourite snacks for her. She is super happy because of Amu who tells her to put in so much efforts. Fallu declines doing anything. It is nothing in front of what you did for our family. Nani and Baa nod their head happily. fallu asks her to taste and tell how it is. Amit interrupts. With so many difficulties she lost weight. She will again gain weight if you will feed her all this. Fallu shoots her a stern look. Baa and Nani too tell him to let her eat as she has lost so much weight in last few days. Amu begins eating happily. If she doesn’t eat then how will she become strong….to handle when she becomes a mom. Amu’s smile disappears hearing this. Nani tells her to focus on herself. Baa nods. I too want a healthy granddaughter / grandson. If you will be thin then what will happen to them. Amu nods keeping a straight face while Amit keeps opening his mouth to say something but is unable to. AA exchange confused look. Amu turns to her MIL asking about the gift for Jigna’s baby Trisha. Fallu has decided upon giving a silver spoon and plate to her. She tells Amu to buy a gift as well if she wants to. Amit doesn’t understand the point of taking gifts for kids. They don’t understand anything. Baa tells him to tell it straight that he doesn’t know what to buy for kids. Nani takes his side. This is the time to learn after all plus Amu is with him. you both go and get something. She nods. Amit tells her to be a little fast in doing so.


AA come to a shop full of gifts for little children. She is awed by every little thing. he tells her to be quick in selecting the gift. We have 5 minutes buy it fast. She is surprised. It is for a small kid. It wont happen in such a short time. He generously shells out 10 minutes. amu likes a frock but it turns out that it is for a 4 year old. He teases her. You are buying something for a small kid for the first time and you were teasing me. You too don’t know it. She agrees she doesn’t know how to buy a gift but she can handle kids better than him. he tells her to select something on her own. She turns to shoes and finds them all pretty but some are big for the baby. She likes one which Amit too happens to like. He goes aside holding them and flipping over sees the price tag – Rs. 3000. This isn’t good. He calls for her attention and shows her the price. It is smaller than palm and the child who doesn’t even know how to walk will wear such expensive shoes? We wont buy it. She tells him not to think about money while buying a gift for a kid. He reasons that the shoes will be short for the baby in 2 months and wont be useful after that. We should buy something which can be useful for a longer period of time. She utters you only think about profit / usefulness. We have come to buy a gift for kid not for your business meeting. Do one thing, as you know so much then you only buy it. I will sit in the car. He agrees. She exits from the store. He heaves a sigh of relief and calls Amu someone who continuously keeps throwing tantrums. The shopkeeper is confused but he clears her doubt. Amit comes holding a gift in the car. I bought one see. If you would have been there you would have just continued complimenting everything there as cute. She points out he got it packed already. He replies a gift must be packed only. She wanted to see but he tells her to see it when Jigna will open it. Everyone will keep looking at it and you too. There is no label. He is sure everyone will like it and understand it you brought it when they see it. He doesn’t divulge what is inside. It is a surprise for you too.

Precap: Jigna has opened some gift. A lady says this one must be from our neighbour Priyanka. It is some fighting kind of game. They all react against it as it is not good for kids. Amit is all nerves seeing their reactions. He asks Amu shall we leave now but she denies. Jigna picks up Amu’s gift and on confirming it is from her begins unwrapping it. Amit is worried all the while.


Update Credit to: pooja

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