Amita Ka Amit 28th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Amita Ka Amit 28th March 2013 Written Episode, Amita Ka Amit 28th March 2013 Written Update

Tina and Riya deplorable act has caused some serious repercussions
.The Patels are very worried because Amit walked out and all the people started talking. Hemanth Bhai asks Amita whether she knows any thing or she faught. She is so upset for she has no ideas why he left the place. She leaves the room in tears. Hemanth Bhai is very upset that whenever something good is happening good for his daughter the apple cart overturns.

Kirat Bhai was so angry with the harkat of Amit. Phalguni tries to pacify him but he is having none of it. Tina and Riya the twin witches are enjoying the whole tamasha at the sidelines. Amit enters and as usual when asked where he went, he replies to his father that he does not in a mood to tell anything now. His father puts it down to nervousness as the wedding is coming close.
He informs the anxious Patels of the same and a visibly agitated girls father was pacified. The plight of the girls side is so shown very well here.

Amit is sitting in his room and thing about all his good moments with Amita. Then he is disturbed by the image of Amita telling those words. Naani comes to find out what was wrong. He tells her that he has to talk with Amita. She says talk with her for that he tells her he needs to make some preparations. He tells her to carry on with the weddings plans.

I wonder what he is thinking and why he needs time to make preparations.

Phalguni comes and tells him that nothing is lost and he can get married to Snehal. I just cant believe a mother can talk like this. She knows that he liked Snehal and she rejected him then why ask him to get married to her.

He really gets angry with her and tells her that he is getting married to Amita and there is no doubt about that. Just what is going through his mind is not known. The two witches are having a hearty laugh at what has happened.

At Amita’s house while talking she blurts out the SMS kaand. Then when she explains what happened then they all agree that Riya is the culprit. Then Amita is all out to confront her when Preeti stops her telling she has no proof.
Meanwhile Amit is up the whole night and is making preparations. Then he is ready to confront Amita at the mehandi function. The next morning Riya comes and asks him to get ready. Riya and Tina are upto something new. I really hope that whatever they have planned boomerangs on them. Amita and her friends will be wiser and will have an eye on Riya to catch her red handed.


Update Credit to: anurao

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