Amita Ka Amit 27th August 2013 Written Episode Update

Amita Ka Amit 27th August 2013 Written Episode, Amita Ka Amit 27th August 2013 Written Update

Amu is sitting clutching a pillow in her hand when Amit enters. They both exchange a glance and he simply heads to the bathroom to change. She sits there crying. She thinks you remember Amit you had said once whatever happens we will talk and sort it out. What happened today Amit? Why are you not talking to me? He comes back after changing into his night suit, picks up his pillow and makes himself comfortable on the couch. She watches it all sadly.

Next morning, Amit wakes up. Amu is still asleep. He keeps looking at her. She too wakes up and notices him looking at her. He quickly looks away. They both get up. He comes and wishes her good morning. Can I drop you to the rehearsal hall? She declines. I will go in my own. She goes from there to get ready.

Amu is in the green room. A girl is talking to Amu about how Sid Sir is extra careful when it comes to her. Neeraj told us that we were supposed to practise till late night but as you were not well so he let us off. She mistakenly spills that Sid Sir is extra caring towards her plus it also shows in the way he scolded Amit yesterday. Amu gets up confused. Amit came here? The girl tries to divert the topic saying Neeraj might be mistaken but Amu doesn’t give up. Neeraj knows my husband very well and you as well. She insists so the girl tells her what all Sid told to Amit.

Sid is practising. Amu comes there. I want to talk to you. He tells her to talk afterwards but she insists. He tells her to focus on the rehearsal first. I wouldn’t like it if anyone disturbs my rehearsal. She doesn’t budge. I wouldn’t like it if anyone interferes in my personal life. He gets confused. She comes straight to the point. For you this dance / rehearsal is very important right. And to this extent that you can hamper anyone’s relation for that? He asks her to calm down. She says I wanted to tlak to you alone but if you want to talk here in front of everyone then its ok. Why did you insult Amit? He replies I dint. I just told him what the truth was. She says I too want to know it. He begins telling her Amit cannot see her moving ahead than him. I tried telling you before as well but you wont understand. She retorts you wont understand for you have made an artificial life for you where there are only 2 things – win or loss. But there is a whole world beyond that where there is trust, love, relations. But you wouldn’t understand. You are my teacher you can tell me anything but not to Amit. You or no one has a right to insult my husband. He is the best husband. I know he gets upset, angry at times. He has his flaws but who doesn’t. I too have yet he accepted me and I accepted him. He is perfect for me but I wont tolerate it if anyone says anything to my husband. He asks her what she would do. Amu says it was my dream to become Radha but Amit is my reality. Nothing is more important for me than my husband neither my dream nor myself. So you and your show can go to hell. I will not become Radha in this Gokulashtami. Sid looks at her unbelievingly.

Amu comes back home. Fallu is talking to someone on phone for address. Fallu wanted to give a surprise. We wanted to send invites to all our friends and relatives. I thought we will send a box of sweet along with it. Amu is confused. Tina clarifies they are talking about Gokulashtami function. Amu recalls her own words as to how she refused Sid that she wont participate in the function anymore. Fallu notices her looking lost. Everyone tells her to take care of herself. Amu asks for Amit. Nani tells her he is in their room only. She heads for their room. Fallu and all carry on with the invitee list.

Amu comes in her room. Amit is watching match. She tries to strike a convo but he gives vague answers. She says she wants to talk something important with him. he tells her straight forwardly he doesn’t want to hear it if its about dance. She hesitatingly says its about Sid Sir. He tells her to speak fast. She begins but his phone rings. He happily receives Batuk’s call. Batuk tells him he brought his wife (sorry misinterpreted yesterday) home. The delivery can be expected anytime. He is very nervous. Amit agrees to come over. He shares the same with Amu and leaves for Batuk’s place. Amu stands there worried.


Amu is pacing in her room trying to ring Amit. Its 2 am. I will have to tell him that I left the show. Her phone rings. Its Neeraj. She disconnects the call. Next morning, she wakes up and is startled as Amit is nowhere to be seen. She comes out hurriedly. She asks about Amit from Nani who tells her he has already left for home. He had some important work.

Fallu meets her. You are still here and why aren’t you ready yet? Amu asks why. Fallu reminds her it is Gokulashtami today. Amu nods back acknowledging. Fallu says I know you dance very well but today all my relatives and friends are coming over. Please don’t let any shortcoming or anything win over you. Give it your best shot. Think it like today it is the matter of your MIL’s prestige. Amu smiles back (pensively) and heads for her room.


Amu wonders what will happen next. Nani tells her to go and not stand there looking all lost. Amu moves ahead a little and stops again. This time Fallu notices her. amu tells her she is going only. Outside Amu is worried thinking what to do now. I told family members that I am going but what to do now. Kanha please help.

Jigna is at her home and her daughter is crying. Amu comes there. Jigna asks her what she is doing here. Amu takes her in her arms and plays with her. the girlie goes all quiet. Jigna praise her. jeej (Amit) would have been very happy to see this. Did you 2 fought again? Amu diverts the topic asking about Jigna’s husband. Jigna tells her the plus points of having kids. You both wont get time to fight after your kid comes. Amu gets thinking. Jigna asks her if all is well as she dint even call before coming. Amu assures her it is.

Amu’s phone rings. It is Neeraj again. She begins with saying I told you I wont (come back). Neeraj cuts her in between. We can talk all this later. Right now Sid Sir is on his way to your home. Amu gets shocked. He explains how Sid Sir tried so hard to find another Radha but it wasn’t possible in a day’s time. So he is on his way to your home to convince you.

Precap: Sid is at Shah House. I wanted to talk to Amita. Fallu tells him she has already left for the rehearsal hall. Sid asks them why she would go there. She declined being a Radha yesterday. Fallu is taken aback. She calls up Amit and shares it with him. He is astonished so she repeats it for him. Tina is walking next to Fallu only (probably enjoying the situation).


Update Credit to: pooja

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