Amita Ka Amit 25th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Amita Ka Amit 25th March 2013 Written Episode, Amita Ka Amit 25th March 2013 Written Update

Episode starts with Amita getting a call from Suraj.the conversation between them is like this.
Suraj:-Amita i called you to wish you All the best for the sangeet ceremony.You just use Amit like a chair.
Amita:-Amita gets angry on listening Suraj’s words of using Amit as a chair.She says he is not a chair and he is a very good person in heart.I dont feel good if any one calls my husband as a chair.And she says hello as Suraj doesnot speak any thing.
Suraj:-Iam sorry Amita i didn’t know that my words hurts you that much.
Amita:-Iam sorry Suraj IAm nervous so i said this to you in angry.don’t mean it.
Suraj:-I have to say sorry Amita not you.I will be late as i have some work.
Amita:-please come in time.if i forgot any step you will help.
Suraj:-ok baba…
Suddenly a lady comes and asks is it Amit kumar ka phone and asks to give it to her.Amita suddenly turns and asks who is she?she says that she is her aunt from Surat etc;she irritates Amita and asks to phone to Amit kumar.

Scene shifts to Sangeet ceremony function.Amit’s father starts talking in mike and suddenly mike cuts off.(its funny ) all are very very busy in their respective works especially Amit.Then Amita’s aunt calls Amit and talks very embrassingly and she inaddition says about previous call(Suraj’s) thinking it was Amit’s.Amit gets get doubt.(he became too possessive)and enquires Amita about call.sne says that it was Suraj’s call and he called to say all the best.Amit asks itni galat feimi kaise hogi.amita replies patha nahi.
Tina and Ria enjoys listening this.

Scene shifts to Amita’s house.Bapuji and grand ma are rehalsing dialogues and there will be sweet fight between them of forgetting dialogues.Amita comes and asks what they are reharsing.Grand ma pretends but finally Amita will know about their preparation for sangeet ceremony.Bapuji says Amita shah.On listening her name as Amita Shah instead of Amita patel she will feel bad and asks why i should change my name to Amita Shah as Atul’s name will not be changed after marriage.All the members of family gets emotional.
Kajal comes in and asks Bapuji to send Amita with her as they have to go to beauty parlor for getting ready for sangeet ceremony.(Amita is beautiful naturally).

Scene shifts to Sangeet ceremony function.Sanjay and Batuk are waiting for Amit.Finally comes wears Shervani and comes(he is smart).He says that he can’t do dance,but Sanjay says you should do it.
Scene shifts to Phalguni and Girish welcoming the guests.Phalguni is not happy as usually.Nani comes and asks her to smile atleast infront of guests.She then gives an unpleasing and awkward smile.Then Amita and her family enters the house.Amita is very cute.Tina and Ria are happy thinking that she won’t wear dress selected by her.But Amita wears that dress and she is stunning,gorgeous,and cute.Every one is shocked especially Tina,Ria,Phalguni.Phallu is happy as she wore dress selected by Ria.Then Girish gives a gift to Hemant i.e a golden Ganesh idol.Tina is unhappy and her husband consoles her.
Amita is searching for Amit with her beautiful eyes and Girish notices it and says that Amit agayi.Amit and Amita looks at each other.
Amita says to Amit that she is very nervous,Amit says he should be nervous not she.she eplies that i have hope on you that you dances well.iam nervous as Suraj didn’t arrived yet.Amit is angry(possessiveness) and says he will manage.Amita says if teacher is present infront of us we don’t fell nervous but Amit is not present there.He is talking with her Baa.

Scene shifts to Tina and Ria who were very upset as Amita fitted into dress.She tells that Amita is looking like same fatty, football.Tina consoles Ria saying that think about future.she tells to take the phone then Ria says but how?she then gives Ria an idea.

Sangeet ceremony starts all are sitting.Phalguni says something bad and Hemant feels bad for that but Girish interrupts and cools the matter.Our Aarti comes to stage and says today Shah and Patel family will give a damdaar performance.Bapuji says about the first meeting of Amita and Amit and love at first sight.
Grand ma as Amit and Nani as Amita backgroud music is Tujhe dekha song from DDLJ Amit and Amita looks at each other and Amita is blushing.
Next Bapuji says about next step is Shaadi and Amita and Amit have their flash backs of thier meetings.Background song is Rab ne bana di jodi.(really its true)
Next Ria and Rohan performs a song and they dances well but Ria is not so good.Tina says how gracefully they performed AMita and AMit should dance very well to beat them.Then Phalguni goes near Amita and Amit to dace well at any cost.then Atul comes,next Ria comes and says all the best and she snatches her phone silently.
episode ends.

PRECAP: none

Update Credit to: nan6

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