Amita Ka Amit 25th June 2013 Written Episode Update

Amita Ka Amit 25th June 2013 Written Episode, Amita Ka Amit 25th June 2013 Written Update

Amita’s friends suggest her to follow Amit and find out the truth. Amita says, let’s go. Her friends refuse and tell her, you will have to go alone. Amita says, okay.

Amit reaches the session court and Amita comes after him. She says, so Amit wasn’t lying, you’re doubting on him for no reason. She is about to leave, and then sees Antra so she stops. Antra shakes hands with Amit. Amita wonders what they are doing outside session court. She gets down from the taxi and sees Amit talking with Antra with so much interest. They come toward her, and she hides.

Antra thanks Amit and says, I am very worried. Everything will be fine, right? Amit says, don’t worry. Everything will be alright. Antra says, we just need to get free from all this. Amita feels worried. Amit tells Antra, trust me you will get everything back with ease and everything will be like before, and you won’t even realize it. Amit asks her, so do you want to go in or just talk here? Antra says, of course I want to go in. I want to get free from this life of betrayal. Amita is crying. Amit and Antra are going inside the court. Amita follows them. Amit feels as if someone is following him. He stops and turns back, but Amita hides. He continues and goes inside divorce attorney’s office room. Amita sees it and cries in disbelief. She says to herself, Amit went to see the lawyer for divorce? read full updates daily only at Amita is walking on the road and recalling what she just saw and heard. She then recalls Amit saying his decision of going to US is correct. She says to herself, you really know how to fulfill your promises, Amit. It starts raining as Amita recalls their sweet memories. Background song – Lehrein from movie Aisha. She returns home wet, and with a sad face. Amit’s nani, Tina, Ria rush to her. Nani is worried for her. Amita says, auto stopped working in my way so. Tina says, that means Amit left you in mid way? Amita says in her mind, he left me in mid way. Dadi asks her to go and change. Amita leaves from there with a sad face. Nani also leaves. Tina and Ria are happy. Ria asks, what happened to her all of a sudden? She seemed so happy in the morning. Tina says, I told you she can’t stop Amit from going to US. Her surprise party got spoiled already and till how long one would act to be happy? And if it’s in her density to cry, then why wait for Amit to go US? They both laugh.

Amita comes to her room and she’s still crying. She says, why did I come here again? She starts packing her bag and suddenly falls unconscious.

Amit returns home and knocks the door. Nani tells Amit, you shouldn’t have left her alone. She came wet and seemed so tensed. Amit breaks the door and sees Amita on the floor.

Doctor does Amita’s check up and says, there is nothing to worry about. She got wet so got fever. She will be fine by the morning. Amit’s dad blames Amit and says, if you didn’t leave her alone, then this wouldn’t happen. Amit’s mother tells Amit, it’s your responsibility to take care of her now. Nani tells him, she seemed upset when she came. When I asked, she didn’t say anything. So talk to her. Amit says, as far as I know, there is nothing like that, but I will talk to her. He asks his mother to send his dinner to the room saying I will stay beside her whole night today.

Later in the night, Amita is sleeping. Amit takes her hand in his hand. Amita wakes up and sees him and takes her hand away. Amit asks her, why did you wake up? You should sleep more. Amita says, I slept enough. My eyes just opened. I can’t sleep more. Amit is confused and asks her, meaning? Amita says, I want to go my home.

Amit asks, why? Amita says, why not? You will leave in few days. We should start getting used to live without each other. Amita is getting up. Amit holds her shoulder and stops. Both have an eyelock. Amita again recalls Amit and Antra’s conversation outside the court. Amita glares at his hand and he takes them away. Amit says, if you want to go, then go.. I won’t stop you. But not today because doctor asked you to rest tonight. In few days, I will go to US and you will go to your house. Don’t you think we should spend time with each other till then? Amita says, no, I don’t think so. Amit is surprised. Amita says, I just want to rest. Amit says, sure. And then says, in morning, you were so happy and suddenly? Amita asks, what happened to me suddenly? Seeing Amita react that way, Amit says, nothing, you rest. He helps her in lying down. Amita starts crying after she lies down.


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